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  1. Canadian Gp - Race

    Hamilton is a boob.
  2. Does Anyone Ride A Motorbike?

    Anybody still riding? the weather's been cooling down around here and it's about perfect today and tomorrow.
  3. Does Anyone Ride A Motorbike?

    Thanks for the compliments, people. The pictures doen't even do it justice. Dribbler, you mentioned a Compulsory course. In the States ( at least I know for sure in Delaware and Virginia) the basic rider's course (BRC) by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is not mandatory, the Department of Motor vehicles of either state waives the state road test if you take the BRC. The two states have such difficult courses they are designed to make people fail and/or dissuade them from taking the road test without taking the BRC. I honestly don't see how anybody got their licenses without taking the BRC.
  4. Does Anyone Ride A Motorbike?

    That's good. I just picked up my Honda CBR1000RR this morning, loaded it in the van and brought it home since it was an out-of-state purchase and I'm not licensed yet (just a permit). I think overseas/outside the US yall refer to it as the Fireblade. Sweet bike, I only had a chance to get a few practice starts on it around the yard, I don't have frame sliders yet. If you don't have frame sliders/bar ends/spools on your bike, they are an excellent option if you're a new rider.You guys asking about the R6/R1, my brother has an R1, it is sick. I decided to go straight for a litrebike rather than the 600 if you are a new rider (what I and my brother did for out first bikes and I am still a newb, too) because the 600s are so close to race bikes and are far less forgiving than their larger siblings. Besides, you'll eventually end up getting the litrebike later on. Pics:
  5. Bellissima!

    Cars are feminine in italiano, therefore the adjectives describing a car must use feminine form hence the "-a" substituting for "-o". L'automobile
  6. Takuma Sato Brings His Mini To Media Day At Monaco

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING THAT! I'm glad someone else has seen through the waterfall of BS the non-Euro car companies are putting out. The only reason some of the Euro makers are putting out the gasoline-electric hybrids only recently is because the US offers a lot of incentives and tax breaks on the hybrids that diesels do not get. That and the hybrids are "hip" and trendy, and how the shallow, existential pr1cks who buy and drive them communicate to everyone else how eco-minded they are. The other thing about hybrids is they hardly ever attain the reated/advertised mileage because you have to drive as if there is an egg under the throttle pedal. If one does attain advertised mileage, one would also have to drive the car for 15 years to make up the added price premium over the a diesel car. Hydrogen cars aren't any better, the most prolific current source for hydrogen is FOSSIL FUELS such as coal. Until electrohydrolysis using solar, geothermal, or wind energy is made feasible/popular, hydrogen cars will not be "green" either. Don't let the marketers and politicians pull the wool over your eyes.
  7. Takuma Sato Brings His Mini To Media Day At Monaco

    It looks like a vintage MINI, nothing to do with BMW. Maybe it has the Type R front clip, like the guys in a 2005 issue of Car and Driver who put a supercharged K22 into a MINI.
  8. Alonso's Team Cheating Again

    That would seem so, but what if the struts were spread far apart and were flexible enough to allow the middle part of the lower plane to bend upward?
  9. Pics Of U!

    What's up with all the "hate speech". Did I miss Hate Week? j/k, Ben.
  10. Alonso's Team Cheating Again

    Perhaps McLaren came up with the idea ex post facto since they had the precedent from last year along with definitive testing procedures outlined by FIA and now exploited the rules they incited FIA to create. That's how they play the game. After they called out Ferrari last year, FIA came up with definitive load testing procedures for testing wing flexure which were not already in place. Using that procedure as a baseline, McLaren designed a wing that passes the rigidity test under simulated load while still being able to flex/move under actual load. Every wing flexes under load. Ever been on an airplane (or aeroplane)? The big planes have wings that move a lot, even though they are aluminum and full of fuel (I used the fact to scare the crap out of my friend's girlfriend when we were taking off an a trip one time since she's scared of flying). The dowel wings on the F2006 achieved the same goal as these McLaren wings, with the exception that the endplates on the Ferrari angled outward under load. The overall outcome is the same, that the lower planes of the wing are closer to the ground and more air is directed upward and less air goes under the car. Simple. Bravo, Ron. You figured out a way to exploit your own rules.
  11. Pics Of U!

    I like Ferrari and I like guns (especially Berettas). These aren't all mine: Ixnay on option A. Nice to e-meet all the ppl who've newly posted on here.
  12. F1 Night Race

    I thought FOM had said Singapore and Malaysia were going to be tested for night racing. Aren't they permanent tracks? That's another reason they should have it at Indy. Anyway, here's a pic from last year's Grand Prix of Miami about an hour after the sun had set: This was at night time at the Richmond International Raceway, Indy SunTrust Challenge last year:
  13. F1 Night Race

    Nextel Cup Stockers don't have headlights, the tracks are extremely well-lit for night races, I've been to Daytona at night and even though the Rolex cars have headlights, the oval portion of the track gets well-lit. The lights got installed for the first Pepsi 400 about ten years ago and there were no lights at the track until then. That's 4 km, if they can do it there, it can be done at any other track.
  14. Jesus The Musical

    I'm going to have to pray off my a## for laughing so hard at that. Stephen Lynch does some great routines.
  15. Jesus The Musical

    AMEN, Brother BradSpeedMan! I have seen what God can give, and God can take away. Don't kid yourself, any irreverent depiction of God The Father or God The Son, is pure blasphemy. Perhaps Christians are not so radical because the societies of the Muslim world are far more hegemonic. I'd rather pray for a lost or misguided soul than blow up myself and go to Hell. To depict Jesus or God or The Holy Spirit in an irreverent manner is blasphemous. Just because it's not spelt out for you doesn't mean it is right.I did find the video to be in very poor taste and very offensive. I will not trample your rights to post whatever you want, however.