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  1. What's up with all the "hate speech". Did I miss Hate Week? j/k, Ben.
  2. I like Ferrari and I like guns (especially Berettas). These aren't all mine: Ixnay on option A. Nice to e-meet all the ppl who've newly posted on here.
  3. Hear, hear. The ladies look very nice. You're presence here greatly increases the "beauty factor" of the forum.
  4. doesn't mean she's not blind...
  5. I think they are all alligators, not crocs.
  6. You aint kidding, riding my bike in FL (I'm in the process of moving down here) is like riding in a velodrome without curves or banking. No real fun like in VA where there are hills and something of a challenge on my track bike. Incidentally, it is also the longest, lamest, most boring state to drive through as the scenery doesn't change and the leaves don't turn colour in the fall, and the highways are completely flat and straight.
  7. LMAO! "Look, it's like a little bansai tree..." (Harold and Kumar go to White Castle)
  8. Your rifles look to be in great shape if those are original stocks! I don't know about Kalifornistan, but over here in the Old Dominion, milsurp rifles are dirt cheap. I need to get a Mauser 98 followed by an Enfield, then a 1903 if I can find one. I fired a friend's Enfield, it was a surprisingly easy shooter. I'm not a fan of semi-auto rifles, kinda takes the fun out of them. Not to mention the cost of ammo, when you have a semi-auto, you run through ammo like nothing.
  9. [quote name='UrKo' post='162283' date='Dec 17 2006, 01:41 AM']7,62 Nato is 7,62x51...mostly used for sniper rifles up to 300m....then we have .338 Lapua Mag. up to 600-800m and of course a lovely toy named .50BMG [/quote] I stand corrected.
  10. You're thinking of 7,62 x 39 (aka 7,62 NATO), the M91/30 uses 7,62 x 54 (aka 7,62 Russian). The Russian round is a lot more powerful than the NATO round. .50BMG is the real big boy.
  11. I have just read all the replies from the last two months, this is one funny thread. Here I am, ecstatic to be at the 2006 Rolex 24 at Daytona: Ben, my boy, you've got to get a larger selection: It's really funny, when my brother went to Europe this fall, people he met had the impression that every American carries a gun and there are gunfights in the middle of the street every day. I am the sweaty bastid on the left in this shot from a GTG I organized this past August: My newest toy: Here I am test firing it. Man, that 7,62 Russian round has some kick!
  12. Hey, gurrrl. How do you feel about half Italians? They are right about Brazilians being hotties...For correcting pictures, you could get a photo editor to do it, like photoshop or impresario. Or use the flash. Sorry, I don't have any recent pics of myself except from the range (pistol competition). Oh, my newest pistol came from Brasil. Forjas Taurus just came out with a 1911 pattern pistol that is quite righteous.
  13. I know all about making it handle before making it fast. Solo II is too rough on my car and wallet, dem 150 treadwear AA tires are expensive!
  14. You should contact MRT (Mustang Racing Technologies) and ask about the supercharger kit for your car. C/D did a review of their car last year and all I can say is- Wild.
  15. The first time I googled Portsmouth (where I work), I didn't include the "Virginia" part, and I was looking at the map thinking to myself, "Why does it look like it's upside down and what is A3?" Then I zoomed out and it turned out to be Portsmouth, UK.
  16. haha. I sent you a friend request. Guess what? I live in Chesterfield, VA: that's ironic.,+VA
  17. That's a negative. Sort of an inside joke about the "poker face" I started with green shirt guy back in 3rd year of college- we don't smile for anything. I was smiling in the pic I posted back in April. As for shaving, I have some badass sideburns now, and a full "southern" goatee. The long, unkempt hair along with the goatee keep people from mistaking me for somebody in the Navy, Portsmouth/ Newport News/ Hampton / Norfolk (collectively referred to as Hampton Roads, though I don't know why, there are a lot of rivers here) is a big Naval center on the East Coast.
  18. How far/long a drive is that? That's really funny, of course you know the Brits who came to the New World brought names of towns from England along with them. I work in Porstmouth, Virginia, the geography of that area actually looks kind of like Portsmouth, England except upside-down. A drive from Portsmouth to Bristol, Virginia is about 8.5 hours. Here's a pic of my friends and me from back in feb. just before we left for a night of bowling. look at what's on the counter in front of us and on top of the shelf behind us. edit: I don't carry a purse, that is the green shirt guy's girlfriend's (she took the pict)
  19. Every piece of furniture in Chuck Norris's house is TotalGym. Later I'll post a pic of me from today when my team won "Best in Class" in our engineering senior design showcase. For now, this one was taken in the paddock at Homestead-Miami Speedway the day of the Rolex Grand Prix of Miami: guess which one I am
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