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  1. Fernando So Not Full Of Grace

    Or Adelaide 94 and Jerez 97 to see how a "real racing driver" pushes his opponent off track so he can win WDC!!!
  2. @cavallino I bet u dream about FA. :lol:
  3. Congrats Vettel

    COngrats to Vettel...Would rather see Webber on top, but hey, as long as Mclaren is out im happy ....Ferrari and the strategy?? wtf??? my god, even I could think of a better strategy. They lost the title not because FA couldnt pass Petrov (congrats to Petrov btw), but because he pitted so early..stupid, stupid, stupid...
  4. Hungarian Gp

    Still "good" old Schumi. Would do anything to keep the position. All that was said about him in the past is true. And he shouldnt come back. F1 is better without him. Vettel...what can i say about him.. kid complains too much and makes stupid mistakes. he wont win wdc like this.imho he doesnt even deserve the wdc. Not this year. Webber..Awesome race and well deserved win. Hope he will continue like this and win the wdc. at the moment he's the only driver that deserves the wdc. RBR should really focus more on Webber. Nando...good race. holding Webber and then vettel behind. but thats about it, regarding the ferrari. DOD: Webber
  5. The Look On Vettel'S Face Was Priceless

    @KoolMonkey ...read this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/andrewbenson/2010/07/team_orders_rule_ties_f1_in_kn.html stop complaining about Alonso..all drivers are the same and have done the same Sh#t in the past and they'll do it in the future too. all to win a WDC!!!!
  6. German Gp Of Deutschlandenhausen

    U sure about that??? :naughty:
  7. German Gp Of Deutschlandenhausen

    so, there was no problem with FM car, yet he let FA through coz team said if he understands that he's slower than FA!!! Couldnt they think something more interesting..
  8. Football World Cup '10

    True. England played much better last night, but still far from what they're are capable to do. I think this tradition will end. my money is on england. Not sure why, but i dont think germany will beat them. For sure it will be The game of the tournament. Can't wait Keeps getting better and better for england
  9. Football World Cup '10

    well what can i say, sad day for us but this is football...congrats to england and usa. hope england goes all the way, would love to see them winning the cup. But they will need to show a lot more!
  10. Football World Cup '10

    well as a slovenian of course im happy we got a point, but as a football fan im dissapointed how poor the refs are. FIFA should do something about it. As yesterday we were lucky maybe next time we will be the one who will lose valued points. That said, i think game was awesome, we might not have the skills but we proven we can play football. I realy enjoyed the game and i believe that this was the best game in WC till now. Game was very dynamic, lots of opportunities for both sides. To see England play 0-0 it's kinda scary..I dont know what to expect when we play against them. But then again, Algeria's appetite has grown. A tie against England is huge so USA will have lot of work with their defence. Who would have think that group C will be so interesting??
  11. Football World Cup '10

    Anyone else can't stand the awful vuvuzela noise??? :thbdn: :thbdn: Im so angry that i just send an email to FIFA thanking them for ruin the world cup. :angry: :angry:
  12. Sh1T Happens!

    24 races would be awesome. the emptiness between races is too long. im sure drivers think the same. have to say RBR "solved the problem" in a very diplomatic way. honestly, i didn't expect that.
  13. Sh1T Happens!

    who cares...lets go racing... :beer22:
  14. Kubica'S Form Is Bothering Me...

    I really don't see any reason why would we argue about FA and KR. Sad thing is that Kimi has left F1..he has been fun to watch. like JP.. Kimi on vodka and JP on burgers..a perfect duo. As for Kubica..he already got one more fan..ME! Hope he can make good result with reno and if he does move to Ferrari, believe it or not, but i would rather see him winning the title and not alonso.
  15. Hermann Tilke, Dear Lord Not Again...

    i guess there is a special love between Hermann and Bernie.