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2014 Regulations

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I was just reading this article about the 2014 regulations, and found the part about the turbos very interesting, and very easy to understand:

I'd love to know what people's thoughts are on 2014. I'm admittedly not very well-versed in the technical stuff, though I'm finally making an effort to learn a little more.

Are the 2014 regulations just PR, or will they have applications? Any anticipated impact on the racing? What other changes are going to be needed to accommodate smaller engines and lighter fuel loads? I believe I read that less drag will be required for cornering grip due to the cars carrying less fuel, but I'm too simple to be able to process the things I read and evaluate them fully. :lol:

I'm personally of the opinion that more than just one type of engine should be allowed, as I find that makes for more interesting racing, but I'd be interested in some more technically-inclined perspectives on that next generation of F1 cars.

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