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Important Dutch box

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The Start will B important on Sunday.
It appears it will NOT B just a run and hide by Max.
Now do Mclaren Stay with Max - bad move, hopin 4 somethin 2 happen?
Mclaren and Lando SHOULD box EARLY - tryin the under cut.
It depends on the start and what kind of launch Lando gets by lap 3 things WILL settle to dictate the race.
Lando and Mclaren SHOULD use THIS window AND box early - laps 3-5.  DON`T allow Max 2 run and hide.
That IS what RedBull WANT - it IS how THEY perform.
Box EARLY 2 make RedBull REACT B4 they CAN sit back comfortably.
Get them doin calculations.

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Lap 5 IS the optimum time 2 BOX
B4 the race and teams HAVE got in2 a rhythm
DON`T let RedBull PULL away - that IS how RedBull WIN - they start on pole 
and just KEEP goin - the Honda is MORE reliable THAN the Renault WITH the aero of Newey 
Mclaren Mercedes do NOT NEED 2 win - just DON`T fall OFF the track - DNF
Second WILL B good enough 4 Lando  - his time WILL come, just NOT yet 
POINTS in the bag - on the board ANOTHER P2 4 Lando will B good enough
Do NOT go backwards - it IS a LONG race - KEEP position

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