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Hi Guys,

  Am I the only one who finds the television productions boring, monotonous and sickening ?

The morons at Sky Sports don't seem to have any idea of how to cover an F1 race because all they do is


Where's the wide shots so we can see more cars???

If this is your idea of an exciting Formula One race than you're as big of an a##hole as the director at Sky Sports.

This stupid idiot has no idea how to set up exciting shots like the one I've attached of Turn 13 at Baku.

Mark my words, you will NEVER SEE THIS SHOT during the race because that mindless director has no creativity for new camera shots.

This goon thinks that moving the camera makes the cars look fast...what imbecile thinks like that?

Also watch the starts as he invariably cuts away from all 20 cars to follow one car around with in 5 laps.

When was the last time you saw all 20 cars rotate through a turn, one after the other, nose to tail, without cutting to the next camera ? NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!

This guy should be locked up and made to watch his pathetic productions until he passes out.

There are so many moving camera shots that I get vertigo !!!!! and I can't watch it anymore because I get dizzy !!!

Thanks a lot Mr. Director for ruining every Formula One race, you brainless idiot.

You will also never see a static wide shot across the Esses so we can see ALL THE CARS turn in at speed and rotate through the turns,

instead,  all we get is a blurry shot of part of the car ?????  WTF?  We have no idea what turn the car is in OR if anyone is chasing them ???

I'd prefer to see the whole car, or cars,  going through the corners. If they ever stay on a wide shot you might even get to see more then one car in every shot.

I hope you guys like the "one car races" because that's all you're gonna get from these goons at sky sports after lap 5...

To bad for me and God help us.

Peter Carbone


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