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Speed To Run Full ARCA Schedule

Thank you non-existant God.

There is no doubt open wheel drivers are very talented, but I am glad to see they aren't getting shipped over to Cup. JPM could do it because he's world class and proven to be versatile. Scott, not so much. Much as I like the lad and think he deserved a place on the F1 grid, he isn't a proven world class driver. Also, I think it's a huge transition to stock cars for any driver, so it'll be a good way to get experience and make a name for himself. Furthermore, I give credit to Scott for not being a big-headed jackass and being like "NO I WANNA RACE CUP!!" and actually realizing he could use a year in ARCA.

The end.

Oh, and another thing: JUST WHO THE HELL WOULD'VE THOUGHT TO THEMSELVES 5 YEARS AGO THAT AN F1 REJECT WOULD BE DRIVING A RED BULL-SPONSORED TOYOTA IN ARCA?!?! We've come quite a long way, indeed. Some of it good, and some of it bad.

Okay, that's all for now...time to get psyched...the most excited over a pro race I've been for many years for this race at'd be a dream to have Santos, Speed, and Dario banging fenders 3-wide to the finish. With my luck, they'll all crash out on the first lap...

And sorry mods for becoming what FUSchumi and cristiano84 are to creating anti-Ferrari threads, just replacing anti-Ferrari with ARCA.

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