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  1. is Melbourne bound on Thursday morning!!!

  2. Hey, good to have you back on the forum full time
  3. Wecome Milly Enjoy your time here. So tell us about yourself, what drivers of the nineties did you favour?? What driver out of the current line up are you a fan??
  4. Chupa Chups remind me of Jorge Lorenzo's helmet.
  5. Welcome Karen my dear lady. Hope you enjoy the forum and find that love of everything F1 again in your heart.
  6. Sure has been a long time between drinks for Peter Sauber.
  7. Welcome to the forum Wojtek Lets hope Roberts podium run continues in Catalunya
  8. Welcome Fernando Are you the real Fernando from Spain I'm the real aussief1 from Australia incase your wondering
  9. Welcome back schumi13, just in time for the 08 season.
  10. We can only live in hope By the looks of things the RB4 has been reliable thus far, so fingers crossed. Welcome Magus Perde
  11. Welcome to the forum Erico - Good to have another Webber fan
  12. Welcome Lexie, TF1 official youngest member!!!!
  13. Welcome. So tell us about yourself and the teams / drivers you support and why. Great to have you here
  14. Welcome to the forum massaikonnen, pleasure to have you on board
  15. Welcome to the forum Meatball You will have a great time here I'm sure.
  16. Welcome to the "Mad House" Hawkeye
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