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  1. Brazil

    Well done Vettel, well done Redbull. They really deserved it, Redbull deserves it for the hardwork they put in to develop the car, and Vettel for doing the rest of the job very well....Just 25! Well matter what people say, Vettel, you deserve it! Have a good winter break every one.... Cheers.
  2. Lewis Hamilton

    Bold move by Lewis. Time will tell if it one board meeting is enough for Merc to pull out of F1..... wise move by Mclaren to replace Lewis with Perez. I think his driving style is close to Button's. Everyone says that the Sauber has been gentle on tyres, but they needed a driver like Perez to prove it because with Koba, they didn't get the desired results so far. But i do think that the Sauber had the potential to win few races this year....there are few more races up for the grab....
  3. Does Maclaren Favor Button Over Hamilton?

    What we saw during last race was more of JB getting on with his job...regardless of what position he qualified or won, and Lewis displaying his pussy catness once in a while. We all know on raw pace Lewis is better, but these days it is also important to be calm regardless of what situation is like. Lewis was just so damn desperate to find an excuse for being that slow. I still think Lewis is a better driver, but the only thing that has stopped him from being the best is his ocassional stupidity. Which has cost him atleast one world title. Just stupidity alone.
  4. Hamilton Unlapping Controversy Thread

    Just that Vettel is being a bad loser....its part of his character or the ultra competitive nature....he is not perfect and he is young. He will be more wise with his choice of words in a couple of years.
  5. Future F1 Calendar

  6. Has Hamilton Become As Good As Alonso?

    I am trying to arrange some time in open wheelers in Germany. I can't afford to take my own car, due to many bureaucratic reasons in Italy, where I currently based. So, when I get sometime, I would love to do it.. thanks for the tips, that was Handy!
  7. Official Mclaren Wtf Thread

  8. Official Mclaren Wtf Thread

    Whats so amazing is how people can lynch a guy just because some armchair expert tweeted on bucket load of crap and the media picked it. This thing reminds me of the time when Badoer was sacked and replaced by Fifi, due to the media pressure, and it didn't work.I wonder if Todt (the real version of me) would have allowed it if he continued till the end of 2008...Fortunately for Sam, Mclaren would give a rats arse about a tweet....
  9. Has Hamilton Become As Good As Alonso?

    Would love to do a track-day in less powerful cars for longer periods....those short outbursts are just damn expensive. But then, I don't see myself owning a ferrari in the near future, which is why I didn't mind doing it once... Waiting to get my hands on an Aston.
  10. Today In F1

    I don't know about Merc...but I hope Bernie survives.
  11. Has Hamilton Become As Good As Alonso?

    Ah, thanks Ale...
  12. Happy Birthday To Me!

    Haha...Happy bday Pabloh aka Paul aka Paolo.
  13. Has Hamilton Become As Good As Alonso?

    I had gone just for a visit...was hungry to drive something fast and I decided to treat myself with christmas bonus...Met, 458, 430 spyder, 355 and a lovely girl.