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  1. I live in a really odd town. I swear I'm not drunk and I'm not making this up, the Easter Bunny went by our house this morning on a bicycle. I know, it sounds crazy and we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw him either. It sure made us smile I can tell you and I'm guessing that was the point. On Thursday when we did our 'clap for the NHS' to show them our appreciation for all they're doing, the guy down the road got his karaoke machine out and gave us a rendition of three songs, including Simply The Best. I've never seen my neighbours out in the street dancing (spaced out appropriately of course), it was s sight to behold I can tell you.
  2. In sad news (as if we don't have enough already) it was announced that Sir Stirling Moss passed away this morning. RIP to a legend of the sport and from what I saw of him, a lovely man.
  3. Well I just want you to know, we're all going to be okay. How do I know this? Superman was spotted in our town this morning. I kid you not, I saw him run across the end of our road and my daughter had popped out today to get some fresh bread and he smiled then said hello to her. She was very pleased about that So there you go, Superman is on the case, all will be well. (I wish it were that simple)
  4. They're quoting Helmut Marko as saying he said that to the drivers. Here's the link, I'm not sure if you can read it in other countries. It was an insane idea, dangerous too. What was he thinking? I mean was he even thinking at all?
  5. On the BBC F1 site they're running a story that says Helmut Marko suggested that during the hiatus 'all the Red Bull drivers and reserve drivers should get together and get the virus, then when this is over and the season begins again they'd be fit and raring to go'. Can you think of anything more ridiculous? His argument was, they're all fit young men, they should be fine. He was literally asking them to risk their lives for sport. Seemingly fit and healthy young people can still die of this virus, it's happened unfortunately. Apparently the rest of the team didn't share his enthusiasm for doing that and it was shelved. So should he be after suggesting something like that I'd say. What is wrong with him?
  6. You're lucky, we have to stay 2 metres apart here. We're supposed to be on lockdown here, someone needs to tell that to the people around here because a lot of them aren't taking it seriously yet. Maybe they will if the police start fining them! Sorry Brad and radical, the cake is all gone now. You weren't here so I had to eat your slices for you, you're welcome
  7. Hello my sweet, I'm okay thanks. About to eat some chocolate birthday cake (my daughter's birthday) so don't feel to bad for me Stay safe radical
  8. Just a quick one to let you know, Publius has replied to my mail. He and his family are doing okay thankfully but he told me he's not going online much, plus there is nothing much to say about F1 right now. He will drop by at some point perhaps though. I hope that puts your mind at rest.
  9. I've mailed Publius and passed on your best wishes guys. We just got the list from the supermarket of what is not coming on grocery order later this morning, it's truly scary
  10. I did email Publius early last week and he told me that things were difficult for him and his family but that at that time he was doing okay. I can't say if that situation has changed since then of course as things are changing fast in his country as they are everywhere. I hope he's still okay and I will advise him that this place would welcome him being here if/when he has the time and inclination to post.
  11. Just read that the Dutch gp, Spain and Monaco have all been postponed as well. According to Andrew Benson of BBC F1 anyway.
  12. I got into this old account!! I'm back :)

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