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  1. Race 4 - F1 2018 AZERBAIJAN GRAND PRIX

    He's not the only one! What the hell? Let's face it, those Red Bull boys were revving up for what happened all race, no one can have been that shocked when they ended up doing what they did. I felt bad for Seb, after the safety car he had to try and get by Bottas the way he did. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, Perez getting by him only added insult to injury for me. Though as I type this Perez is under investigation for illegal DRS use earlier in the race, so who knows what will happen. I'm not a fan of Bottas but that puncture was cruel for him. Raikkonen was almost plum last after his first lap incident and he finished second, it's crazy I tell you, crazy!!! I'm just glad I saw this one live and didn't just get highlights!
  2. Verstappen is a good driver for the most part, but his young age shows him up sometimes in my experience. I've been defending him to a friend of mine saying how he's young and he'll settle down etc. So far this season he looks to be out to prove me wrong. That move yesterday was stupid. Oh and if you haven't seen it, you should try and find the clip of film where in the drivers room before the podium, after the race, Hamilton tells Bottas that Verstappen drove like a 'richardhead' (that's the polite version) and watch Vettel's face as he turns to camera, it's a picture Hey Publius As always I agree with pretty much everything you say, especially the Vettel part As for Marquez, I didn't watch the motogp yesterday to know the move he made that annoyed you, but when I was following it I never liked him. He's both rash and dangerous, talented too I grant you, but he rides like a moron and makes stupid moves that is going to get himself or someone else seriously hurt one of these days!! If they don't stop him from doing that it will be the stewards fault when he does it again and does some serious damage out there.
  3. Sakae, I don't know about you but I was more than holding my breath those last few laps as Bottas bore down on Vettel. How he held on I don't know but I am so happy that he did!! Felt bad for the Ferrari mechanic who ended up with a broken leg, mind you it's happened before, I remember Nigel Stepney having almost the exact same thing happen to him, also at Ferrari, years ago. Great drive by Gasly, Honda must be so glad they moved their engines to Toro Rosso! Quite a good race all in all. A day to forget for Red Bull and Verstappen in particular.
  4. Under New Management

    Ruslan, I saw the things Liberty are planning to do and I thought of you. They're bringing in a spending cap, though not until 2021. It's not ideal but you're finally going to get your way
  5. Just a very quick comment. Sakae my friend, I so thought of you when I saw Seb come out in front of Hamilton after that stop. I knew you'd be as happy as I was and believe me I was happy! A great start to the season for our boy
  6. 2017 Ferrari

    Aww thanks guys, that is so sweet of you all. I knew you were all sweethearts Sadly I am not staying though, it's more of a flying visit. Due to health reasons and other things I'm not online as much these days so keeping up with a forum isn't going to happen. I just wanted to let you all know I haven't forgotten you though. Maybe I'll drop by now and again to make sure you're all behaving if I get a chance
  7. Under New Management

    Simple, the new rules make it easier for other teams to catch up to them. Why would they vote for that? It's like turkeys voting for Christmas!
  8. 2017 Ferrari

    Hello boys, remember me? Ruslan begged me to drop by and say hello, so here I am. Not a wonderful season of F1 as far as I was concerned, but I do think Vettel did well to get second in the championship with a Ferrari that wasn't as good as the Mercedes. Bottas wasn't as fast as he should have been and Vettel capitalised on that. Saying that, Ferrari sqaundered some chances this year and you can't afford to do that. Seb had a couple of times when he let his temper get the better of him and sadly it cost him dearly in terms of points. In Abu Dhabi he didn't get close to the Mercs, that's ominous for next year but we can hope for better I guess, even if we don't get it. I hope you're all well
  9. Verstappen Vs Ricciardo

    Maybe I'm getting cynical in my old age, but I can't shake the feeling that Red Bull (who let's face it love their stats and records) might have put Ricciardo onto the 3 stop strategy on purpose knowing that Ferrari and Vettel would follow suit, which then allowed Max Verstappen to win. It's got them way more headlines than a Ricciardo win would have that's for sure. I could be wrong, but I'm not sure I am.
  10. 2016 Spain - Race. No. 5

    This is a live race for me I want a good race and a three foot exclusion zone around Vettel for at least the first lap okay? Seriously, I want to see Vettel get a decent start and a clean first few corners after the last two races just to see how good the Ferrari really can be and how close he can get to challenging the Mercs. I'm guessing not that close if truth be told, but I'd like him to have a decent race at least.
  11. Kvyat Is A Dead Man

    I can confirm this is the case and I agree too.
  12. Massa Jr Vs Ricciardo

    I didn't know they were close either. Then again there's probably lots we don't know about the relationships between drivers off track until things like this come out.
  13. The Swap

    I remember Jos Verstappen, mostly I remember that awful pitstop when his car was engulfed in flames but that's another story. This swap wasn't based on Russia, that was probably just the final nail in the coffin of Kvyat's career at Red Bull though. They've been looking for an excuse/way to get Verstappen into the 'top team' and Kvyat handed them one on a platter. How this will work out now I'm not sure, but I don't see Verstappen being any better than the man he's replacing. He has made some very good moves, that I will grant him, he's also made some stupid errors and been a whiny brat over the radio. To really enjoy a driver on track I personally have to like and respect them, believe me I've tried with Verstappen but the more I see of him, the less I like him. I can't see this swap changing that, in fact it's likely to push me into disliking him more as I think his ego is going to balloon and make him almost unbearable now.
  14. Massa Jr Vs Ricciardo

    Ricciardo claims Massa Jnr. had home advantage
  15. Kvyat Is A Dead Man

    There is talk that Red Bull could swap Kvyat and Verstappen over as early as Spain. If they do, that shows how angry they are at Kvyat for his behaviour!