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  1. From what I just read, Seb is already at home in Switzerland and isolating there. Hopefully he'll be okay.
  2. See, I told you that I didn't like how close to Ricciardo he was standing in those pictures last week. He wasn't the only one either, so were Bottas, Russell and Sainz....... I mean it's good news for Hulkenberg, not good news for Seb fans.
  3. Daniel Ricciardo has provided some negative covid tests, so he's free to race this weekend. That's good news for him and McLaren, but of course he missed out on some of the testing so he's going to be slightly on the back foot.
  4. They keep telling us how easily these latest variations are passed on and it got me wondering is all. I hope I'm very wrong and they will all be fine, but at the time of the pictures Ricciardo was testing negative for the virus, so I assume they wouldn't see it as being a problem.
  5. Hey guys 😀 Well you could be right about MB but for me Hamilton has cried Wolff once too often, I simply don't believe him anymore. The other question is, well Ricciardo be fit to drive by next Sunday? When they took those anti war pictures, was he standing too close to the others? He was very close to Vettel, Bottas, Sainz and Russell. Let's hope none of them go down with covid as well!
  6. Hamilton claims they don't have the fastest car this year. Funny, he's said that for the last few years. I don't believe him I'll only believe it, when I see it at the first race!
  7. I got into this old account!! I'm back :)

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