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  1. That's a Very, Veryyy big if .. when there is no dry line / heavy inters graining / sun showing up all of a sudden. The fact is, he did NOT find the grip on mediums coz it was not logical in the conditions he was in... I would blame the team to offer offer him dry tyres as the first option, they should have just asked him to pit for another set of inters.
  2. Why, why Sebastian? Why? 😧
  3. Hamilton over the years has tried to act to innocent about running people out of racing room.. and pushing them to a point where they would spin or make a fatal error.. What a splending defense by checo.. .. bravo 👏
  4. Mildly interesting race overall. Varstappen is back in the lead.. Ham for once, didn't cry for tyre degradation, infact it was quite the opposite that he cried for this time around.. Bottas finally with a win in 2021.. that Merc car can make a huge difference. They clearly have better equipment to fight for the rest of the season. It's just another championship where merc turned up the engines in the second half of the championship.. hopefully a resilient max would hold off the pressure..
  5. Hmm I kinda agree.. not leaving more room for Gasly,, was not very Fernando like on an opening part of the race.. I think he should have used a little more of the run off to avoide a contact.. it's hard to blame him, coz he did not know where Perez and Gasly were, so he kept that line thinking Gasly would keep on the left, which Gasly couldn't to avoid contact with checo. He pretty much got the penalty that was deserved by a driver for his shunt with mick.. I guess he got frustrated on almost being 3rd,, and then being at the end of the grid.. Though day at the office..
  6. The Difference that Adrian Newey can make in building a car around a driver at any team, let alone Redbull, is some times underestimated. The Heroic Danny Ric that we all admired needs a car suited to his style. This car McLaren have built was around Norris and Sainz, and they were making use of it well. Having said that, Danny Ric has won a race for his current team to display some hope of adjusting his driving style to his current team, and that not bad. Lets hope he is rejuvenated for next year with a package better suited to his style..
  7. Ouch, that's Spitting hard facts, I'm sure the reporter bit his tongue after Alonso threw his bulls##t back at him 🤣 It's interesting, coz he's showing the hippocracy of the system with actions and not just words..
  8. Samurai move!!
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