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  1. Mmm.. Those are actually words written on Fernando's bicycle if i'm not wrong.
  2. Hell yeahhhhh!!! Form. Is. Temporary. Class. Is. Permanent!
  3. Lewis deserves an oscar for his performance in Azerbaijan! Jesus! Such a cry baby!.. he's been shown his place by Russell quite comprehensively! And to counter that, he has to do all this to have the FIA change the regulations! Hope FIA mandate a higher ride hight for Lewis!
  5. And this just popped up on the internet 😛
  6. Here: 😆
  7. Monaco Thunder? Monaco has been pretty dull, and probably the least thunderous (if not the most) of all tracks on the grid year after year. Its a weird situation with Monaco, Its a challenge that has become a ritual every year, no matter how boring the procession is. I personally think these cars deserve more breathing space on a race track in order for the drivers to be creative with their race craft. So far the new regulations this year have brought in good racing on other tracks, so lets just give Monaco another chance. Reverse grid anyone? 😉
  8. Welcome back to the principality folks.
  9. Hmm 👍
  10. Ok.. I see your point..
  11. That's sad.. Mick had no part in that.. it was his clearly his corner... Goes on to show Vettel would be blindly defended by his fans.. regardless of him making a mistake and then admitting to it..
  12. Vettel admitted that he didn't see Mick, so it is kinda his fault (to which he admitted).
  13. New track seemed more about glamour. Racing was Ok. Max again proving he's special with that race start and the move he pulled on Charles. Russell, WOW. Someway of predicting things! I feel bad for Mick.. Both the Old hags Vet and Alo are downbeat. Albon!! 👏👏👏
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