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  1. Vettels points and position could be reinstated..
  2. Hell yeah bro!!! Whatttt Ann amazing race!! Wooofff.. I loved it!! Whaaaoooo!!!
  3. I would remember the heroics of the vettels and the Alonso's and the buttons and the raikonnens as the golden time for hard-fair racing..
  4. If Lewis go away with this title, from here.. (I'm rather rooting for Verstappen honestly)... I wonder.. does Lewis have a LOT of hollow wins that were backed by unfair competition towards other drivers??
  5. Here is one thing I hate about the 'game' of racing that Merc has played with everyone since the start of the turbo hybrid era.. they have become masters of camaflauging there true pace till mid season.. so now it looks like they have made 'progress'. When all they have truly done, is turn up the engine. Such is reality!!
  6. One of the most revered and fierce guy behind the wheel of racing car! To an absolute samurai behind the wheel! To a legend who continues to enthrall the spectators and competitors alike, even towards the last few years of his career! Infact better now than before.. To an absolute GOAT! Happy birthday! 🔥
  7. Alpines strength is our fighting spirit
  8. That crash... There was enough room max left..
  9. James Key on 2022 Rules: Better Racing
  10. Round 11 There is some intense battle up top,, And I'm already excited for the red lights to go off on Sunday. Yes, this year's championship is That epic. Sir Hamilton with his 8 wins knows his way around this track pretty well, and Max... Well he's Max. Proper David vs Goliath s##t I tell you. ---- The race can get processional and boring at times, but it has also given some absolute crazys as well.. that 2006 race was one of the craziest ever! Apart from this, there is still a lot that is happening in the mid field that is going to be fun to look at. McLaren could spring up a surprise or atleast be the best of the rest behind Merc and Redbull. Alpine seems to be getting into top 10 more often, and Ferrari is bringing in a balanced performance race after race. Can't rule out the AM's who are fight hard. Hungary has given a handfull of racers their first win.. Maybe a new winner this time? Maybe?
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