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  1. "There are drivers, like Fernando and Max, who drive these high-speed, high-downforce Formula 1 cars like go-karts. "It seems absolutely extraordinary to me that they can treat a car as sophisticated and as fast as a Formula 1 car in the same way as they do a go-kart, but they do."
  2. Can't believe it has come to this point that there is a discussion page on it. Seems like this topic will keep getting new updates from race to race.
  3. Ferrari pit crew are really coming across as clowns after all the goof up. They brought Leclerc in to help him get the fastest lap, which he could not, and ended up shooting themselves in the foot. They have not done the right thing for quite some time now.. Even during the time for Vettel and Alonso they were really bad. It took the likes of Schumacher, Ross brown and Jean todt (all non-italians) to keep things on track.
  4. who would like to have a live video forum for GPtoday?
  5. The new factory seems to be coming up good for AM. I'm not sure if lance or Alonso will reap benefits of it, but AM sure is on its way to be a powerhouse in F1.
  6. "'Not a word; not only was that a sure giveaway that Alpine had lost control over its third driver, but smacked of egoistic desperation to salvage management 'face'."
  7. We will surely miss seb talk ♥️
  8. Alpine seems to have shot them selves in the foot over a period of 48 hours! They failed to sign Alonso, and he took up a contract with AM. While Alpine was confident Oscar will take up the other seat, and put out a post sayin that!! It seems like Oscar had already signed somewhere else! Laurent Rossi is banging his head by now!
  11. He has been a champion, on the track and off it. He has won a lot of hearts by being himself. You will be missed seb. ❤️
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