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  1. blackpebel


    @KoolMonkey Hell to the +1 bro...
  2. Seb din have many valid options left after Ferrari chose not to renew. It was either this or a retirement. And this, let's not forget, came at the price of cutting perez off...Stroll would have used all these facts to leverage some points on negotiations. Considering that AM has offered Seb a life line, in a machine that could possibly be relavant on the field next year, Papa stroll too would have added a pinch of his own salt into the contract negotiations. Probably something on the lines of supporting The other team driver if he is not able to beat him after a certain point in the championship..
  3. Y thank you love. Who says he isn't with me, or you, already 😉 Didn't know you were a fan of skinners.. he is colorful ain't he..
  4. Hmm.. aNd its obvious 2 mE thAt U miss out on reaDing, OR ReMemBering UR own comMents or thE resPonseSes U haVe receiVed. I aknoLedgEdedded thAt U wroTe whAt U wrOte, aNd said..
  5. None Personally. No. I'm quite positive that generally the majority of Italians are quite jolly-good and happy-ho in there lives, as are the people in other parts of the world... I was specifically talking about the ones at the helm of a certain Italian motor sports team, you know.. the ones who would treat a 4 time champion like s##t... I was talking about THOSE guys in particular...
  6. Yet he is there... Wanting to Race. Lets say fortune (Lord) favors the brave. So bring it onn...
  7. corrected Only time will tell. I can definitely say one thing for sure with time and experience. Ferrari are too selfish to put any driver under the bus when it comes to defending their self-inflated Italian Ego. They are not the best at offering a green pasture for drivers to thrive.
  8. There is no guarantee that the AM car will suit him better. But the AM environment definitely would.
  9. Proof that good times are ahead for him...
  10. I'm happy that he won't be sitting in that s##t Ferrari, and would have his hands on a competitive AM. He deserves a good machine that would help showcase his talent.
  11. Seems like vettle will be sitting in a good car next year...
  12. I guess JV is hugely underestimating the severity of a medical condition such as Diarrhoea. It can cause extensive loss of fluids from the body. This is the sole reason electrolytes are administered to someone suffering from the condition. In a sport where loosing 2-3 kgs within 1 n a half hour is common. Someone suffering from stomach upset would be prone to nausea. THAT'S not safe for the racer himself or the other competitors. Its not Jr who gets to have a call on this... A doctor aware of the physical strains F1 brings, would not allow an athlete to race, period. JV is s##tting from his mouth as he does a lot of the times.
  13. He's bloody schrodingers cat ain't he.. 😹
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