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  1. Vettel WHO Sorry to say, or NOT, Vettel was Never really the best on the field. He got lucky with having a genius in Newey on his side. I still respect that he won those titles, but honestly that was not BECAUSE of pure driving talent! Alonso never really had an issue with Ferrari, and Ferrari Never had an issue with Alonso. It was brought about by Marco Mattiacci who played to his ego, more then logic, to oust Alonso from Ferrari. He affected sergio marchionne's judgment in getting Vettle over, because Vettle wanted to Whimsically emulate Schumacher. It was a bad decision to let go of Alonso, And NOW, almost the whole of Italy (and not just Baldisserri) realizes this! If you ask me, They can use having Alonso Back in Ferrari. For the sake of F1, For the sake of some good racing. For gods sake even Anthony Hamilton thinks it would be good to have Alonso back!
  2. Alonso

    That Journalist that @maure Spoke about... That Is you @radical-one
  3. Us Gp

    Vettle ftw
  4. Us Gp

    Good racing,, atleast in the first half so far
  5. Honestly, How You Rate Alonso?

  6. Alonso To Mclaren: A Possibility Or Mere Mind Games?

    I actually see him opting not to race for Ferrari after a couple of races in 2014,,, probably why montezemolo had a meeting with him in bahrain,,, to calm him down an not leave this soon.... > he may follow Massa to williams out of not being able to digest the fact that - massa is faster than him,, in a williams!! But they may not prove to be good at developing the car after mid season.. > or go to force india to have a better car to fight with and besides hulk... force india... why not!! a team with high potential but limited resources.. > or maybe he can trick vettle in believing how much fun it is to wear and sit and be surrounded in red and switch places with him... interesting.. but Mr newey uses a special glue on the seats of a RB which could keep vettle there.. ,,, i can imagine a few more probabilities Ferrari will not be able to make the car competitive this year or for a few more years to come by the looks of it.. He has raced a renault a mercedes, and a ferrari engine in his career ... I guess i would like to see him race a honda too... lets see, now who has a honda engine next year....
  7. Germany

    Fernando pulled of a Giancarlo
  8. Germany

    Got to find the ape in that ferrari garage,,, and give him a tight wack on his monkey a##... Edit: Typo
  9. Germany

    Hope to see it again before the end
  10. Mark And Fernando

    Dont know bout webber and alonso,,, but i sure would like to see jenson come to ferrari
  11. Australian Gp Official Thread

    One question, minimum car weight considered by FIA is with or without kers???
  12. Australian Gp Official Thread

    And how will you accept your award, sir?
  13. Australian Gp Official Thread

    *Lap sorry
  14. Australian Gp Official Thread

    Keep that change ready mate,,, he just went a sec faster in the last sector... :/
  15. Australian Gp Official Thread

    $2 for Alonso