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  1. Indeed Brad. I guess almost all, Including me, are sometimes surprised as to why we don't absolutely hate him or absolutely respect him. He has been one of the most difficult/irritating Sports personalities to manage and understand. At the same time he has been close to perfection behind a Throttle, brake and a steering wheel with anything on 4 wheels. Agreed. Id rather him win a Dakar if you ask me..
  2. So even if you're not an alonso fan, you're an alonso fan?
  3. Mine too. Russell deserves to be in that car. If Hamilton cant respect Mercedes for all they have given him, Its best they get a new driver onboard.
  4. We did, in a huge way, About 7 years ago mate.. these small things don't even compare to the undue advantage one team has received. With a Better gearbox, Williams should, at best, be able to regularly stay ahead of the Haas in both qualy and Race, so no qualms over there..
  5. Williams has a plan to simplify things for themselves by simply taking over the gearbox, instead of putting a lot of money and time in making their own, which makes sense.. McLaren choose to have their own, because they can afford to.. seems fair enough..
  6. 🤘 This looks like a good start for both the team and sabastian.. Mercedes is the only team with a decent engine, and this team has one behind them.. they should be doing well in 2021!
  7. Annhhh.. it's working well for them, whatever it is.. seems good to me...
  8. Its is going to be a dog fight between Mclaren Redbull and Aston Martin for that 2nd place.. WOW!! Hope Alpine and Ferrari could join the party, But I'm pretty sure they will be stuck to s##t unfortunately.
  9. It has been an uphill task for just about everyone that is competing against Mercedes. I think that is one team that has been happy-go-lucky throughout all its business within F1 recently, and that's McLaren. From appointing seidl to getting new sponsorships, to letting go of Alonso, to changing over to Mercedes PU, and making the whole grid stick to the budget CAP and creating a harmonious atmosphere for everyone around to thrive in... all these have contributed to McLaren bring in good results. And I see Zak going about his business with a certain sense of ease that enthusiasm.. I still don't understand the flak against Zak, the team bonding within McLaren is really good, and progressive. Its time for people to take a step away from all the perceptions we have built up and look at the current state of McLaren, and decide for ourselves if it looks like a healthy outfit. Zak deserves some credit for the strength this team has built up lately. Mclaren for 2nd in constructors in 2021! 🤘
  10. McLaren looks good. I personally think Zak Brown has been a healthy addition to McLarens recent past, the present and the foreseeable future.
  11. This year's Dakar Rally is going to fun...
  12. I cant deny, I like Arrivabene more. He should have stayed on.
  13. I would probably be baffled with facts (truth) if it is new to me...
  14. I happened to add this line later, as I thought it was important to the discussion:
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