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  1. His other interest includes being adventurous in the kitchen,, like literally, in a professional kinda way.. Grosjean was a really promising prospect when he came to F1 with all the gold he got in the lower series. I think he needs someone to put fire up his butt to help him get his act together. This last race, those 2 incidences of careless defense (one of them got him a black and white flag) , they were really dodgy. His general demeanor in an F1 car seems, very off,,, as compared to the others, as if he doesn't have his head in the game. Plus all those silly errors.. I guess it was baku once under the safty car he ran into the wall coz he mis-braked there are a lot of such silly incidences that have pilled up against him..
  2. If Stiener forces Grosjean to pursues a full time career as a chef... Possibly Chico could give a fair evaluation to that Hass Car. Solves the Musical chairs happening within the paddock, interesting prospect...
  3. Yepp.. As they say... When they are not Positive or Negative......... they are Relative.
  4. This is how... πŸ‘‡ + Honda is showing a clear edge on pure performance... A PU that performs good, gets you to a position where you get more points,,,, with reliability, you stay at that position... In that regards, Honda seems to be doing a far better job then Renault.
  5. Wow, what a last few laps... Really good performance by Leclerc and both the Renaults and the Mclarens, although it was unlucky for Sainz at the end... The Renault PU's do seems to be doing a fair job on race days with such results, although they are marginally behind Honda. Forgive me, but Its come to a point where I find Mercedes in dire trouble as exciting...
  6. blackpebel


    I still take offense on you saying something like... And I would like to claim that you owe me a beer for saying that... 😎 🍺🍻 Alright then... on it!
  7. blackpebel


    Coz that was My Question to You. You, who is probably a Vettle Fan, and would want to see his Fav driver use his skills to get through the 2nd or the 3rd guy on the podium to win a race.. That was my question to you about how you would feel on realizing that probably Vettle was part of a deal that was not Fair... Thank you! Part of a deal that is Not fair to 90% of the drivers on the field mate.. All im saying is Its not a coincidence. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Honestly, I tried to defend my take on the core Issue faced by F1 for the last half a Decade, and I know it comes through a lot of years of keeping a tight eye on F1 happening-abouts, and I know I brought some info to this forum, that this forum may not have discussed in such detail before. The original question was, is someone like Binotto insufficient, He's just another pawn in the game. You think it is just a coincidence, I guess you feel Mercedes simply outsmarted others with their PU development and played fair, you are entitled to your outlook. I would say you have a rosy picture of the politics behind the scene, In which case I would not blame you, a fan, to have faith in the system, and I wouldn't push you any more on believing otherwise. Having said that ...........
  8. blackpebel


    So you are Ok with the fact that Vettle probably was fighting in an Unequal machinery all this while, and that the inequality of his machinery was probably a part of a sleazy conspiracy?
  9. blackpebel


    OK let me try to explain.. I hope everyone here has played Monopoly... 4 of us, you me Brad and let's say KoolMonkey, like playing monopoly with each other, but our practice of having a physical board is redundant.. Now we plan to make a new hybrid monopoly which can be played over smartphones and is more future proof.. The caveat is that the money and the cards will be distributed BEFORE the new game comes into existence and the distribution will remain the same and CAN'T be changed once the game starts. All the distribution is equal, and everyone gets 4 get out of jail free cards.. Brad is adamant on every one finalizing the deal and coaxes us to consider putting money in the app before we waist more time, coz playing the game is important... We all get in touch with the app developer (FIA) to help make the app we need. Brad has a small trick up his sleeve In the new digital monopoly, he is able to split his get out of the jail free card into 2, and use Each of these splits as one whole.. So now, effectively brad has 8 getoutofjailfree cards. But he does not want others to know this, and keeps talking to everyone as if he has 4 cards AND that this small glitch can be used only BEFORE the distribution. Brad You devil you... Its only once the game starts that brad reveals that although he has 4 cards he has split it into 2 halves, and the rule book never said anything about splitting cards being an issue when discussing with the app developer... KoolMonkey says he is ready to give up some of his money to split his getoutofjailfree card.. He is loosing extra money while doing this. For splitting his card NOW, cool monkey has to stay in the jail for 1 round for splitting each card, that's him giving up on 4 rounds for 4 cards(mclaren honda years) AND additionally give money.. We both get stuck each time we go around coz we are short of the said card.. Have I made some sense @Sakae
  10. blackpebel


    Why Sure... Based on 2 Simple facts that I am making this deduction out of... 1) Mercedes were already aware of - a) The Split Turbo Design + b) The frame of upcoming regulation they wanted others to sign on. They just had to ensure that everyone's interpretation of a Turbo, during conversations and discussions, Was that of a Combined Turbo. Here, they knew exactly what Clause other engine Manufacturers would miss out on .... the one that doesn't talk ANYTHING about the Middle rod within the Split Turbo that is , so in conversations they would only discuss ANYTHING as if they were talking about a Conventional Turbo... Here, I'll give you a VERY simple pictorial explanation of what I said, and I'm hoping we all are on the same page about HOW a regular turbo works, so wont get into those details: Conventional: Turbo Split: Tur-----------Bo the Tur in BOTH the above is HOT, and the Bo in BOTH the above is Not. keeping tur close to the bo, hugely complicates the cooling dynamics. Keeping the BO Cool, is the 1 sole distinguishing Factor that Makes up the thing that we now call a POWER-UNIT > to the engine performance+battery output (eventually higher straight-line speed)> to the gearbox > to the suspensions > to the aerodynamics > to the breaking+handling. 2) When Ferrari, Renault and Finally Honda came to the Field, they ALL had a conventional Turbo incorporated in there PU, because everyone one was on the notion that this is what was agreed on. Ferrari as I remember had the biggest issue, because their Turbo was actually an internal part of engine, and this is Still the biggest Achilles heel. NOW ...... So each component within a PU that Merc designs is lenient on cooling issues, because the BO is kept away from anything that would cause cooling concerns. Whereas each component that Ferrari and Renault designs HAS to keep cooling in mind becuase BO is right in the center of it all. PLUS they don't have tokens to solve these cooling issues. This is why I made a Topic to separately discuss if Ferrari and Renault should be given some leniency... Oh Yes, now I remember, this is where @BradSpeedMan claimed Renault was pushing for the Engine Regs's Honda was Smart to realize this, and McLaren, without Ron's guidance, failed to see the benefits. No wonder why they wanted everyone to sign before anyone realized this!
  11. blackpebel


    Ferrari, just like Renault and Honda, got tricked into accepting the new Regs under false pretexts. Luca admitted that Merc were pushing them (and others) to accept the new reg's. And No @brad, it was Not Renault, it was Never Renault, I'm not even sure where you got that info from, I was surprised when you claimed it somewhere else recently on this Forum, but passed on rebutting it back then. This 'Signing of Reg's' was based on the knowledge that Merc already had about Turbo Splitting, they just din want others to know it, but they definitely wanted others to sign the dotted line which ensured others were left, and Kept behind in the new Era. They made Ferrari and others feel that they would be left behind in their approach towards the future of F1, while having their own selfish, brand conscious interest in mind, Today, it has completely screwed the sport, which is considered as the Pinnacle of Motorsports. Its a Farce. Now, if it comes to it, Merc will throw FIA under the bus stating that 'they seeked clarification' , which, in all honestly, they didn't, coz FIA would have clarified both the Do's AND the Dont's with the ALL teams.... Which FIA didn't,,, coz FIA only clarified the Dont's, that Merc wanted everyone's Sign on, NOT the Do's. Was FIA conspiring along with Merc, I Don't know, And I don't think so, which leads me to think that even FIA got tricked in claiming to the other teams, that their job of safekeeping Racing, was being done in its entirety, which it was NOT.
  12. blackpebel


    No, But now I would like to know who this Cav from gp247 is I see everything wrong about it ... I feel there is probably a need for a lobby of other F1 teams, and Fans to call out Merc and FIA for conniving the who sport for all these years. Maybe this is my whimsical outburst against the injustice, but it sure does beg a question. Year after year that Merc and Hamilton have kept ahead in the championship, it was because they took a certain position about the PU (all the while keeping in mind how they would be handling things), and then technically and emotionally forced other to sign on certain regulations, which they knew would later work against all these teams.. and now they would legally force others to obey by these rules that everyone signed on. This was a deceit in its purest form... a Deceit against to the whole Racing + F1 community, the drivers, the media, the Gentlemen's agreement, the Law the fans overall, the sport itself.
  13. blackpebel


    I guess you typed this Before reading the whole article.. Let me help you..... SO... They DID Play with our beloved Sport! They DID Hold a Poker face during those Negotiations.. That's not clever, that's Fiendish against everything that MOTOR SPORTS should be about!
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