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  1. Cant. Their respective performance against their team mate in recent years is the determining factor for whether they qualify for this exception or no.
  2. To put it in a nutshell .. Stroll is a business man.. and he probably has some sortofa deal with wolff to help the AM project perform better (then it would under natural circumstances of building an F1 team). To make sure Wolff is accountable, Wolff too has been made to invest in the company. FIA was probably upset that RP got away with cheating while copying Merc cars, and they could not do Anything about it.. so they figured out a way to help level the performance for the whole field by chopping of a part of the floor that gave Merc and AM the added advantage.. Stroll has paid top dollar for the making sure last years RP and this years AM car was competitive, but this year its not paying off, and Stroll ain't happy about that.. They have invested in Vettel too, and if it does not pay off, there would be some tough questions to answer..
  3. And about that Russell Vs Bottas incidence, difficult to point a finger.. Remember Spain 2016 with Ham Vs Rosberg? it was similar where Bottas moved a little too right to defend hard.. and Russell didn't care to wait for another lap to try is overtaking maneuver while putting the car on grass and losing is..
  4. Hmm.. You're right.. Nothing really.. It was a mighty race with David vs Goliath at the front, this is going to probably be the mood throughout 2021. Finally a championship in 8 years that all the fans Deserve. Here is to All that flak that was thrown at Liberty for not putting a foot on boring championships, they have served an amazing dish on our table this year. And all it took was taking a piece of the Floor off, Brilliant. Thank you! End of round 2: Ham 44 | Max 43 ,, WoW and How.. Ham getting that 1 extra point out of sheer brit-grit behind all the adversity thrown at him.. There are days when Ham forces me to offer respect for what he does, this was one of them.. The way he fought from P9 back to P2,, Phew ,, some of those moves made my gut crumble, especially the one on Ric.. That is exaclty what is expected out of him, and he delivers.. Max deserved that Win after the gutsy start he made.. He would deserve the championship if he gets it.. he's going up against the best in history, and it would take iron to cut through iron if that's what this is... I always had huge respect for Norris, and fighting for the podium, he deserved to be the driver of the day.. McLaren have all the right ingredients they need to finish 3rd once Ric gets his s##t together.. Surprisingly, Ferrari too have a lot of pace to fight for the 3rd, but the overall package is still behind McLaren, the composure and stability that Leclerc and Sainz bring to the team are commendable. A Strong P4 and P5 reassures the decision to put Sainz in that seat. Tifosi's have a reason to keep their head up this year.. Bellisimo. Alpha Tauri and Alpine are pushing all their luck to be in points, good for them, they didn't get enough of screen time because of what was happening in front, but that's that.. Alpine finally opened there score with Raikonens bad luck but this group is pretty well bunched up together to bring some mid field action.. AM had a mixed race with a lot of Technical issues for both the cars, they are better then what is at display by both the drivers.. Maze-Spin is the reason why they have that Penalty-Points system in place for drivers... Money can buy you a seat, and he got there, his luck.. 2021 is here.. and HOW .. Get your popcorn buckets ready folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. What is the procedure to get the name of this forum updated to 'we only like to talk about Sebastian Vettel in here' ... Coz that's all that really happens around here.. DAY AFTER DAY! What a race with racing brilliance up and down the field.. and all I get to see when I come to this forum is a lot of sob stories about only 1 driver.. please people.. for the SAKE of this forum... take off you Seb tainted glasses when you view a bloody race ya... there is a lot more to F1 then JUST 1 DRIVER!!!!!
  6. Judgements are just perceptions. Not only of those who write such columns with their own perspective, but also of those who read and approve/disapprove of them with their own pre-judgements. The choice of categorizing a certain news as worthy or unworthy also comes with its own set of preferences. And in today's world, you can simply get away with blaming the tailor if a pant does not fit your own waist, regardless of whether it was made for you or not..
  7. Agree with Norris on the fact that Max deserved to keep his lead.. he had already overtaken Lewis before the corner.. FIA is under the radar next time around to manage the 'going over the limit' rule clearly.
  8. On the contrary, the old dog thinks that he still has a lot of new tricks to learn..
  9. Wow.. this is a good article Sakae.. good read.. This further gives a proof of how relentlessly sharp Alonso is at adjusting his driving style with the need of the moment.. I'm assuming this trait of his comes probably from not having the right finances since childhood to get a well settled kart to practice on.. where he has somehow adjusted himself over and over with every new machine he got on his way to f1.. but in all the series up to F1, there is minimal difference between the equipment everyone uses.. it's just F1 where the difference between cars from one constructor to the other is huge, and ultimately the car makes a difference on who wins the championship, no matter how good driving skills could be.. ..For the same reason.. I personally think Seb outperformed everyone in 2009 and Ham in 2012.. without reaching the top of the championship.. unfortunate, but THAT is F1.
  10. Hmm. I can't deny that completely to be honest.. he's been a demanding diva.. But this notion that the whole car is built FOR him, is kinda exaggerated by how well he has always adapted to the cars compared to his teammates. It's come to a point that people relate this to him having Built BOTH the cars to his liking, THAT is not accurate, that's not how a design philosophy for a car works.. This year's car was built around Ricciardo and Ocon. In the Abu Dhabi test, he was almost equal to both of them, maybe a few Milliseconds better infact..
  11. Its hard to point a finger at someone,, who has not given you an opportunity to point a finger at them. Plus he has had a decent outing in his first race after 2 years away from the sport, and a month after having a chunk of his jaw replaced, and sitting at home for 10 days to recover... On and off he has paid a lot of efforts to keep his skills sharp.. Its evident that he still has that hunger to compete.. Form is temporary, class is permanent.. Apart from being difficult at times outside the car, and not managing his professional relations well (The reason he gets the flak all around), its hard to point a finger at the relentless commitment alonso bring to racing when he's inside the car.. I guess that's the same narrative that a section of the fans hold to defend Vettel today.. we keep forgetting during our assessments, how F1 has never really been fair to the Drivers championship, we all know that.. Actually, you can say that about almost 80% of the drivers who have raced in F1 over the last 20 Years, given a better car, they would have been better.. Apart from 05,06,07 and 08.. Each year had a constructor that was more dominant as compared to its rivals.. As Vettel once said, if you are a good driver, you should not have a problem adjusting to the car that has been given to you.. This notion that Alonso has had cars built to his liking is kinda misplaced. Its unfortunate that its difficult for some people to accept how good Alonso is at adapting to the equipment given to him. All those years that he has faired well against his teammates, and excelled in other categories, it was not just because the car was made to his liking, it had a lot to do with how he was able to better adapt to the car compared to his teammate.. This trait of his is completely overlooked, at-least by this section of the internet, for whatever reasons.. Yep.. I agree... it would not be fair to judge the whole Vettel situation this soon.. and some comments are very surprising indeed. But honestly, the rust that vettel shows to have built up seems too thick, to a point that some are suggesting it is unrecoverable. Its unfortunate, but Its upto vettel to shake it off, and get on with it... I would personally wait for a few more races to gage Vettel, and how he gets through this..
  12. This guy is stuck in a rut like since ever.. >2014 - Ferrari not the best PU; Mclaren Honda years - The worst PU in probably the history of the sport... Mclaren Renault - Not the Best PU on the Grid.,, and Now Alpine - Seems like the worst of all the PU's if not better than Ferrari.,,, 'Equal engines for everyone' He said...
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