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  1. Messages to Moderators leave in here

    Well, I don’t mind content outside of F1, in fact I used to coach kids baseball teams. But his is clearly spam.
  2. Messages to Moderators leave in here

    It appears that the new member Maton is simply here to spam the forum with very long baseball posts for the purposes of selling jerseys. Probably time to ban him.
  3. Messages to Moderators leave in here

    Yea, our situation is not near as bad as the UK and I gather Japan. Part of it is that a lot America is rural and suburban, so it is actually pretty easy to isolate. It also helps that we grow our own food.
  4. Messages to Moderators leave in here

    There is no "like" button on this forum.....but.....yea.....LIKE.
  5. Messages to Moderators leave in here

    Yea, not too many problems here other than a certain amount of stir craziness. So far the only thing we have not been able to get is paper towels. Damn hoarders !!!
  6. F1 General discussion

    Oh Bernie understood his customer.....he wanted 70-year old guys with Rolexes (to paraphrase an actual quote from him). The problem is that it is hard to grow a business built upon 70-year old customers. Anyhow, Bernie was a case of a guy who had been on the job too long....and had calcified in his thinking.
  7. My wife said

    Besides it is off topic. It has nothing to do with oranges.
  8. F1 General discussion

    Well there is not much real F1 news, Eccelstone has lots of free time, so who else are you going to interview? They also interviewed Briatore. That was actually interesting.
  9. F1 General discussion

    Well, Ecclestone tends to talk a lot, so who knows how real that is.
  10. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    Well, it is not going to start before then.....and I would be surprised if the Canadians allow this.
  11. Event 02 Bahrain

    It was entertaining. Something to fill the gap. It is not super witnessed by Johnny Herbert's driving on the first lap.
  12. Event 02 Bahrain

    Well, watched the virtual Bahrain Grand Prix. It was better than I expected.
  13. F1 General discussion

    So there is a virtual F1 race using some/most of the F1 drivers on Sunday at the time of the old Bahrain Grand Prix. I gather it is being shown on Youtube. Is it being shown on Sky or regular TV. Does anyone have the youtube link?
  14. Messages to Moderators leave in here

    Well, I am not ready to become a moderator again. Have some business efforts going on that I probably need to give priority to. Also, I am kind of still have a foot in both forums. In general though, I think a working forum does need: 1. To be tied to a news site to constantly attract new members. 2. Needs to be open to new members. As older members invariably post less over is the constant influx of new members that keep forums going. This has been the challenge for all of them. 3. Needs to moderate only lightly. 4. Needs to draw an international crowd. 5. Needs to have a several people regularly starting new threads. 6. Needs to avoid the tendency for two or three people to dominate the discussion and direction of a forum (for example, mostly pro-Ferrari or mostly anti-Ferrari, or mostly pro-Hamilton or mostly anti-Hamilton). These "group think" tendencies ends up creating half a forum as people with opposite views leave. Not sure how one patrols that or controls that, but this has been a problem on several forums I have seen.
  15. Messages to Moderators leave in here

    Who are the moderators?