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  1. Strategy

    Oh no.....I remember the days of the Goodyear/Michelin wars, where some teams would be more competitive at some tracks and other teams would be more competitive at others, depending on the tires. It gave lots of people a chance to shine. Good stuff. Of course, the argument you give could also be made for engines....or for chassis....or for aerodynamic improvements. Sounds like an argument for a spec series.
  2. Strategy

    I like multiple tire manufacturers. If we have multiple engine manufacturers and multiple chassis manufacturers, why restrict the tires? If the goal is "driver's skills" then F1 should be a spec series.
  3. Strategy

    Yes, if it only tasted as good as a coke or pepsi.
  4. Customer > Works

    Only if they have the budget that Mercedes has.

    Interesting topic. What should we ignore? Perhaps Binotto's explanations of Ferrari's sudden lack of pace?
  6. 2021 Rule Changes

    I like the racing in the days when you could have 7 different teams and 11 different drivers win in a season....when you went to a race and you actually did not know who the only one or two drivers were that could win. The last 20 years have been an abomination: 1999-2008: Ferrari wins constructors championship 8 out of 10 seasons. Schumacher piles up the records. 2009: Brawn wins it with a clever cheat that gives him an advantage for a half-season. 2010-2013: Red Bull wins it four seasons in a row. Vettel piles up the records. 2014-2019: Mercedes wins it six seasons in a row. Hamilton piles up the records. Really.....this is a good racing series?
  7. 2021 Rule Changes

    Well, if I was in charge....I could "promise" stuff.....but they have not put me in charge. If I was, I would do things a little different. That said, they also have to read a compromise with the ten teams, which I gather they did. I suspect the changes you have proposed over the years would not be supported by more than three teams, if that.
  8. 2021 Rule Changes

    Well, now that they have a budget cap, I also think they should have unlimited testing. For some reason, they still don't grasp the idea that putting in the budget cap allows you to free up restrictions elsewhere. These rules are incremental changes. I would have done something far more than what they have done...but at least they are now heading in the right direction, as it is clear that the F1 has been heading in the wrong direction for the last two decades.
  9. Greatest

    Well, being the "greatest driver" is more than accruing statistics as a result of being with the right team at the right time. It is why Schumacher and Hamilton (and Vettel) have such impressive records. Now, I do consider that Hamilton is probably the best F1 driver since the days of Senna and Prost. I am not sure I rate him higher than Senna and Prost.
  10. 2021 Rule Changes

    Well, Liberty, with approval from FIA, has issued out the new 2021 regulations. It includes a $175 budget cap (not including engines, principles salaries, driver salaries and marketing costs) and aerodynamic rule tweaks by Ross Brawn. I gather the teams have to approve them. I am assuming that Liberty has done their leg work and that will not be an issue. So, looks like we got something new for 2021. It is a step forward, although not entirely all the steps I would have taken. Still, looks like progress. We shall see how this all plays out.
  11. Strategy

    Well, pretty certain everyone is planning to continue. As for tire strategies, I think it should be set up so that no pit stop is a valid strategy as often as not. This would require changing the rules forcing you to make a pit stop. The teams should always have the option not to make one. Unfortunately, this is one of the several ways they have changed the rules to try to create drama....because the series did not have enough drama or passing.
  12. Strategy

    You want airtime....hit a Mercedes or a Ferrari !!!
  13. Renault critical of Japanese GP disqualification

    Well clearly the timing of it was to maximize the point haul for Racing Point. Strategic use of the rules.
  14. Renault critical of Japanese GP disqualification

    Well, it clearly contravenes the rules and they have been doing it for years. Probably best to be quiet....because otherwise the penalties could be worse if they appealed.
  15. Most boring race ever

    Well, Sneva may have been on the same lap (or worked back up to it).....but......he was no competition. They were all short shifting like crazy down the main straight to preserve their engines. It was the most extreme cruise to the end of a race I have ever seen. Of course, being the dedicate fan that I was at the time, I sat there in the 100+ degree heat to watch the whole thing.