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  1. Thanks. It does seem that Wolff is up to something. He is part owner of the Mercedes team, part owner of Aston Martin and apparently just optioned some Shares with Williams, So maybe looking to buy himself a management slot elsewhere or even buy himself a team. The new Wolff team? Anyhow, welcome to the forum IsabelleP.
  2. 1. What Is Binotto to say. that a rookie has equal status within the team. that would not go well with the media would it.... Most team managers say that the drivers have equal equipment and equal opportunity, and things like that, even if it is not true. It was unusual enough for Binotto to say that, that I commented on it a couple of times on CTA forum. It struck me as odd and inappropriate. I am sure Leclerc has some interesting questions from the press about that. But, I have said for a while that I was not convinced that Binotto was the right guy to lead Ferrari, and so far how 2019 season was run has backed up my point far too well.
  3. Ruslan


    Actually, I have been having my doubts about Abiteboul for a while, but don't know enough to have a strongly informed opinion.
  4. This could be part of it. We have seen in the past some very lackluster seasons (2014 comes to mind) and we have seen periods of uneven performances even during good seasons (including some of the ones he won). He has always been a strange driver. He is clearly very talented, and I suspect when everything is good, and his head is fully in it, he is as good as anyone. What he does not appear to be is relentless and on pace all the time. I mean for Ricciardo and Leclerc to outperform him like they did means that they are either the second coming of Christ or Vettel was underperforming. But, in the end, if you are getting paid $40 million a year, no one is going to be particularly interested is watching you throw a season away. As I suspect this is his last half-season in F1, he is probably going to leave F1 with a checkered reputation.
  5. This is going to be painful...but let me address your comments apparently you are starting to try to hard to defend Vettel (and vilify anyone and anything that says otherwise). 1. Binotto openly said so at the beginning of the season. I think it was a stupid thing to say, and made that comment on another forum, but Binotto was quite clear at the start of the season that Vettel was #1. Do I really need to find the quotes for this? 2. The first team orders of the season were given to favor Vettel. 3. On what planet would you suddenly decide that your 4-time world champion who had been with the team for 4 years was not the #1 compared to the new guy who was in his second year in F1. Really....I have not seen that. Care to delineate the incidents? We have already argued over Canada, which I do consider was Vettel's fault and a perfectly fair judgment. I know you disagree...but to date I do not know of a single penalty that Vettel has taken in his career that you agree with...and there are a lot of examples to work from. More so than most drivers. I don't understand why Hamilton suddenly gets slammed here or what for. What has Hamilton "actually done" that you are blaming him for. Again, I suspect your dislike of Hamilton is closely related to the fact that he is beating Vettel, and the dislike is far in excess of any deeds or mis-deeds that he has done. OK...I will bite...this is a new one to me. What did British mechanic Stepney do to Schumacher's car? There are sometimes minor differences between various cars on the same team. No argument there. Prost complained for a half a season at one point at McLaren that his car chassis was flexing (and he was being beaten by Senna). He got a new chassis have was through the season....and suddenly he was back to being competitive to Senna.... But.....this is not an argument for 2019 as far as I know. I have heard no complaints from Vettel or rumors that his car was in anyway inferior to LeClercs. Yes....but regardless you can be close. There were times last season that Vettel was really not close to Leclerc. One was a four-time world champion with 12 years of experience and 4 years already at Ferrari, and the other was in his second year and had just arrived at Ferrari.
  6. Well Vettel can make a statement if he wants to or is able to. He does have the same equipment as Leclerc, I am pretty certain that is in his contract. It is just a matter of whether he can do it. There was no question that Vettel was the #1 driver last year and he was resoundly outperformed by Leclerc. So Leclerc was able to beat the #1 when he was #2. Why can’t Vettel do the same?
  7. Well, for starters he could out-qualify him.
  8. Actually, I think it will be a pretty cool season. More intense, as everything is packed together. It will be Vettel's last chance to prove his value, as he will certainly not be constrained. Of course, it is going to be a Mercedes romp, with Red Bull brining up the #2 slot, but it will be interesting to see how McLaren, Renault and Aston Martin do.
  9. Ruslan


    I am guessing they made him an offer they knew he would refuse. They may have even been in discussion with Sainz before they made the offer to him. There are rumors that there were some other clauses in the offer beyond reduced money (12M) and a 1-year term. I think Vettel himself has hinted at that. That Vettel called it a joke indicates that the offer probably had the expected effect. It kind of looks like a dismissal.
  10. I gather the season is starting to assemble. Here is what I have so far: 1. Austria I - 5 July 2. Austria II - 12 July 3. Silverstone I - 26 July 4. Silverstone II - 2 August 5. Then I gather they will go to Spa, possibly for two races.
  11. Ruslan


    Well, I gather the dismissal of Vettel took a few weeks also. The first I heard about it was a couple of weeks ago when Vettel dismissed the offer of a one year contract for 12M as a joke. I gather that offer had been made a least a week earlier. So mosl likely this process was dragging out a month before hand, if not much longer. Now things can happen in a couple of days in F1 (like Watson’s replacement by Prost) but this clearly was going on for.a month or two. What else do they have to do at the moment.
  12. Ruslan


    Who are you quoting?
  13. Ruslan


    Zak Brown made it pretty clear in an interview today that Seb was never considered. Apparently the DR deal had been in work for a while (these things usually takes weeks, if not months) and they were pretty far down the pike when the news about Seb came out. Of course, this does open the question as to whether Zak Brown had known for a while that Sainz was going to Ferrari.
  14. It is a great combination, Zak Brown’s calm level-headed management and two plucky and fun drivers. Ricciardo is a very good driver and quite the personality, and Norris appears to be the same. By the second half of the season, Norris was looking as strong as Sainz. I love his attitude. I think it will be a fun team, which we have not had in a while. I am guessing they will be allowed to race. Don’t know what your issues are with these three guys.
  15. Hamilton probably knows exactly what is going on with Mercedes. So, I assume he will be back next year. The only person who may be leaving is Toto Wolff.
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