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  1. Ruslan

    Ferrari 2021

    I am guessing they made him an offer they knew he would refuse. They may have even been in discussion with Sainz before they made the offer to him. There are rumors that there were some other clauses in the offer beyond reduced money (12M) and a 1-year term. I think Vettel himself has hinted at that. That Vettel called it a joke indicates that the offer probably had the expected effect. It kind of looks like a dismissal.
  2. Ruslan

    Ferrari 2021

    Well, I gather the dismissal of Vettel took a few weeks also. The first I heard about it was a couple of weeks ago when Vettel dismissed the offer of a one year contract for 12M as a joke. I gather that offer had been made a least a week earlier. So mosl likely this process was dragging out a month before hand, if not much longer. Now things can happen in a couple of days in F1 (like Watson’s replacement by Prost) but this clearly was going on for.a month or two. What else do they have to do at the moment.
  3. Ruslan

    Ferrari 2021

    Who are you quoting?
  4. Ruslan


    Zak Brown made it pretty clear in an interview today that Seb was never considered. Apparently the DR deal had been in work for a while (these things usually takes weeks, if not months) and they were pretty far down the pike when the news about Seb came out. Of course, this does open the question as to whether Zak Brown had known for a while that Sainz was going to Ferrari.
  5. One of the true greats and a class act.
  6. Just testing to see if this works: http://@Sakae Not sure how you are linking people's names into the thread.
  7. Well, there are probably going to be more incidences like that the longer people are cooped up. At least he wasn't streaking.
  8. Oh Bernie understood his customer.....he wanted 70-year old guys with Rolexes (to paraphrase an actual quote from him). The problem is that it is hard to grow a business built upon 70-year old customers. Anyhow, Bernie was a case of a guy who had been on the job too long....and had calcified in his thinking.
  9. Well there is not much real F1 news, Eccelstone has lots of free time, so who else are you going to interview? They also interviewed Briatore. That was actually interesting.
  10. Well, Ecclestone tends to talk a lot, so who knows how real that is.
  11. Well, it is not going to start before then.....and I would be surprised if the Canadians allow this.
  12. So there is a virtual F1 race using some/most of the F1 drivers on Sunday at the time of the old Bahrain Grand Prix. I gather it is being shown on Youtube. Is it being shown on Sky or regular TV. Does anyone have the youtube link?
  13. It is clearly F1 related and it is going to affect everything from: 1. The racing calendar 2. Number of F1 races run. 3. The Championship. 4. Team productivity. 5. The ability of Ferrari to correct their lackluster car (this is probably helping them). 6. Sponsorship. 7. F1 finances. 8. The funding for some teams. 9. and so forth. Furthermore, the economic impact is going to drag on for a couple of years. This is an outside factor that is clearly going to have a significant impact on F1.
  14. Yea, I read that some people in Germany would have something ready for test in June or July. Of course, it has to be tested, it has to work, then it has to be manufactured, and then it had to be distributed. Still, it would mean a lot if this was available in the next 6-12 months. Meanwhile, China is reporting less than 25 new cases a day, so they might be getting it under control (if the reports are correct).
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