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  1. Thanks. It does seem that Wolff is up to something. He is part owner of the Mercedes team, part owner of Aston Martin and apparently just optioned some Shares with Williams, So maybe looking to buy himself a management slot elsewhere or even buy himself a team. The new Wolff team? Anyhow, welcome to the forum IsabelleP.
  2. Ruslan


    I am guessing they made him an offer they knew he would refuse. They may have even been in discussion with Sainz before they made the offer to him. There are rumors that there were some other clauses in the offer beyond reduced money (12M) and a 1-year term. I think Vettel himself has hinted at that. That Vettel called it a joke indicates that the offer probably had the expected effect. It kind of looks like a dismissal.
  3. Ruslan


    Well, I gather the dismissal of Vettel took a few weeks also. The first I heard about it was a couple of weeks ago when Vettel dismissed the offer of a one year contract for 12M as a joke. I gather that offer had been made a least a week earlier. So mosl likely this process was dragging out a month before hand, if not much longer. Now things can happen in a couple of days in F1 (like Watson’s replacement by Prost) but this clearly was going on for.a month or two. What else do they have to do at the moment.
  4. Ruslan


    Who are you quoting?
  5. Ruslan


    Zak Brown made it pretty clear in an interview today that Seb was never considered. Apparently the DR deal had been in work for a while (these things usually takes weeks, if not months) and they were pretty far down the pike when the news about Seb came out. Of course, this does open the question as to whether Zak Brown had known for a while that Sainz was going to Ferrari.
  6. It is a great combination, Zak Brown’s calm level-headed management and two plucky and fun drivers. Ricciardo is a very good driver and quite the personality, and Norris appears to be the same. By the second half of the season, Norris was looking as strong as Sainz. I love his attitude. I think it will be a fun team, which we have not had in a while. I am guessing they will be allowed to race. Don’t know what your issues are with these three guys.
  7. Hamilton probably knows exactly what is going on with Mercedes. So, I assume he will be back next year. The only person who may be leaving is Toto Wolff.
  8. And some comments: 1. Sainz and Ferrari: Sainz is clearly a #2. Seems like a really good guy but not completely sold on him as a driver. Hulkenberg clearly buried him when they were teammates...yet Hulkenberg is without a ride and Sainz is driving for Ferrari. Maybe I believe to much in comparative statistics and don't quite understand the zen of driver talent. 2. Ricciardo/Norris/Zak Brown: What a great group of people/drivers. Might become my new favorites, even though I have always disliked the McLaren team. But....d#ckish Ron Dennis is not longer there, so maybe it is time to embrace the Bahraini team. 3. Vettel to Mercedes: Why would they do this? Last season, Vettel ignored team orders, even though he benefitted in at least two races from team orders, got demotivated for several races in the middle of the season after the conflict with Hamilton at Canada, and then crashed into his teammate on a straight-away in the last race of the season. Are they really going to hire this guy to race beside Hamilton, who he has deliberately ran into before? The guy is s##t to work with, why would they hire them? Expensive, moody, difficult, fights with teammates, and unreliable. At some point, these guys are employees, and an employer needs to take into account their past behavior. 4. Alonso to Renault: It would be nice to have him back. We shall see if that happens. Can't imagine that there won't be fireworks through between the very charming and aggressive Ocon and the sometimes very dark Alonso.
  9. Well, F1 continues to surprise and entertain me, even though they are not racing. I understand it: 1. Sainz just signed a two-year contract with Ferrari. 2. Ricciardo just signed a multi-year contract with McLaren. 3. Leclerc is on a contract with Ferrari through 2024. 4. Vettel is hinting Mercedes or retirement. 5. Rumors are connecting Alonso to return with Renault. Not sure how good those rumors are. Current grid for 2021: 1. Mercedes: Hamilton (?), Bottas or Vettel (???) 2. Ferrari (confirmed): Leclerc, Sainz 3. Red Bull: Verstappen (confirmed), Albon 4. Mercedes (confirmed): Ricciardo, Norris 5. Renault: Ocon (confirmed), Alonso ??? 6. Aston Martin: Perez, Stroll 7. Alfa: Raikkonen, Giovanazzi 8. Toro Russo: Kvyat, Gasly 9. Haas: Grosjean, Magnussen 10: Williams: Russell, Latifi
  10. Well, I have heard no denials of it, or statements released from Ferrari and Vettel further "clarifying" the situation. does appear that there is some basis to the rumor.
  11. Well, he has already turned down Ferrari. They knew what they were doing when they made that offer to him. P.S. How many times have you predicted that Ferrari/Mercedes/Red Bull would leave F1? How many times have they left?
  12. So we are back to Vettel to McLaren?
  13. Well, lets speculate then...... Wolf takes over the newly rebadged Aston Martin team and brings Vettel with him....Sainz or Ricciardo goes to Ferrari and Perez goes to the other open seat.
  14. I had not heard he was thinking about going to college. Good for him. Very few F1 drivers now are college grads.
  15. Yes, I am not sure who would take Alonso back. You clearly don't want him on a team with a top driver....because you know how that it going to end. So that rules out Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari. McLaren? Maybe. Alonso is probably most marketable to a team that needs the visibility and results. One of his talents is the ability to race in top form no matter how bad the car is. So, he could take one of the backmarkers and put it in the points. This certainly makes him of considerable value to someone like Haas or Alfa. Would he really want to go back to such a team? I doubt it. I suspect the only two likely landing spots for Alonso is McLaren or Renault. They are good enough he might want to race there, and probably have a need for him. I do think he is a better driver than Vettel, but he is not young. They both have had issues with their teammates and teams. It is distinctly possible that neither Vettel or Alonso will be racing F1 in 2021.
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