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  1. has not set their status (not)

  2. Oh and welcome to the forums gos27 !!
  3. Just saw this discussion and got confused! So you are a minor and George aka Rainmaster came to your town to meet you saying he was your friend from the internet, while dressed in a "Tails" (googled it just now, looks pretty good!!) costume!! Sounds like fun (and police work) !!!
  4. Yes you are a lucky girl!!I use to have some friends there too!Typical Pelloponisioi characters!!"Kato apo to avlaki"* etc * Star indicates Greek expressions that are untranslatable and incomprehensible to the rest of the world!!
  5. Been there many times!!I like it a lot!!
  6. He he!Where are you from(peripou) by the way??
  7. Well perhaps its better for the others to know what we are talking about!I'm in Cyprus!! Καλωσορισες (welcome for you other guys) by the way!!!I 've been the only Greek here for a long time!Exempt that one time when Autumnpuma was posting as Socrates but that was a fraud!!
  8. Well well, another Greek in here finally !!!And its a giiirrlll!!!! Stand back Quiet One She is an Alonso fan though...
  9. That subject was thoroughly discussed here back then and I urge you to look up the relevant threads.Anyway this was a "welcome" thread for the newcomers here and once gain it was blown off topic... You have a tendency to derail threads!No offence but I noticed it recently (before this one got off course, of course!) !
  10. You know that you can't prove any of these Besides why did you brought this up now??I don't suppose you were on Youtube watching F1 videos... ...watching Schumi's past triumphs Yes I guess I got that from you!!It does sound cooler though...
  11. So you guys were 3, the 2 of which disappeared... Sorry Shane that means you are the only Alonso fan here!!! The Quiet One is still an Alonso fan I wonder ?? Surely his intellect must have led him to other paths...He is probably on Youtube watching Schumi's past triumphs By the way welcome to the forums that-john-kydd
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