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  1. A Hungorian Special

    The "chosen" Ricciardo -who was beaten by Guerrieri and Petrov before he arrive to F1- is still 2 points behind Vergne and despite started the race 6 positions ahead quilified behind his teammate. Ok, Vergne is not spectacular but Ricciardo? Is in the same Buemi, Algersuari, Vergne league.
  2. Grand Prix Du Canada

    The problem with Canadian people is they are so tiddy they wash the track almost every year during the GP!!!! Another rain qualy lotto? It seems...
  3. Sergio Perez - Hero Or Villain ?

    The people who success is those who took risks and delivers! Not the ones to park the car after destroying the tyres and the brakes!!!!! Sergio must understand every kind of race is about results, and he got zero point at Monaco!!! His fault. Period. His is trying to race faster than his car and his skills; and every single driver in the F1 history to tried this way of racing ended dead or out of the F1 circus! He has the rest of the season to find balance... if he doesn´t find it, even with a huge sponsor, the main teams will shut their doors to him.
  4. It's All About You

    A little bit shy, Angie? Whatever I spent my entire life waiting for girls.... when my wife says "I´m ready" i know she needs another hour for make up!!! So what´s the problem to wait for a couple of years for your pic?
  5. Monaco Gp - Pearl Of F1

    My worst envy to you!!!!
  6. It's All About You

    I didn´finish... tall blonde girls, brunettes tall and no so tall, red ones... err... all lovely women in the world!!!! And regarding of you, "my" Angie... there is another topic called Pics of U, where almost every old user posted some pics... I´m waiting for yours!
  7. It's All About You

    1. Tech Director... e.g. Adrain Newey... errr... I´m engineer and bald too!!!! 2. Coffee and milk + 1 banana + 1 toast with honey + 1 yoghurt 3. The Godfather; Amadeus 4. Celebration Day / Led Zeppelin 5. Noop! 6. Sex? 7.Margherita 8. 3 cats 9. Espresso lungo (e.g. nespresso arpeggio) 10. Red wine, Champagne, Scotch 11. I like tall, blond girls with blue ey.... errr sorry, i think it was another topic!!!
  8. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    Welcome, all of you! many of us are watching F1 since the 70s, and trust me, some lost our hair watching!!!!
  9. 4 Pit Stops Too Many?

    Thanks for the welcome Andrés!!
  10. Today In F1

    Mexicans has different ways to use family name than we... but Gutierrez is a so popular family name that´s possible his parents has the same surname and are not related! perhaps... who knwos?... who cares?
  11. 4 Pit Stops Too Many?

    If you like flat out race all the way, go and watch Drag races!!! Imposible to race during almost 2 hours without strategy!!! 4 pit stops too much? Noop. I think the problem is "4 pit stops + nursing the tyres all the race to avoid 6 or 7 pit stops!!!!!"
  12. Hello Guys...

    Hi Eduardo! You know, I´m not posting as in 2011 but I´m still here. Happy 2013!
  13. So, What Did You Do This Year?

    I´ll do my best but I´m far away from the january+Rio+trip.
  14. So, What Did You Do This Year?

    Nop! I´ll never forgive myself if I ever go to Rio and don´t meet you!
  15. So, What Did You Do This Year?

    June, 10th. You´re welcome to the caribean!!!