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  1. Pumpdoc

    You've all said it well: a first-rate, knowledgeable gent who - as you say, Jay - has finally stopped suffering. We should take a quiet moment in our own way to show our respect and appreciation for the man.
  2. Happy B'day, Graham Cracker

    Congrats, Graham. 30, hmm? Really? So based on current economic outlook and perpetually sliding pension adjustments you only have another 60 years before retirement. Now, there's a reason for celebration...
  3. Brazilian Wax

    Intermittent rain showers tomorrow would, perhaps, add some spice to the proceedings. However, irrespective of the weather most of us will watch because it's F1, because it's Brazil (cue up the soundtrack, please) and because it's the final race of the season. And Andres is right to remind us that we'll be parched by four months of off-season, no racing and limited testing come the beginning of the 2012 season. But I must concur with our down-under friend: there are no ZZZZ in "Suckers" although agreeing with someone who ZZZZ with sheep is morally reprehensible to me.
  4. Happy Birthday Steph!!

    “Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye, in every gesture dignity and love.” Have a grand day, my dear friend.
  5. Nipon

    Finally someone here has the balls to say what we've all been thinking. If post count is any indication, almost no one watched and/or almost no one cared. I rather enjoyed the race, always love to see this circuit come up on the calendar and Button and Alonso finished ahead of Vettel. This season you can't ask for much more.
  6. Another Birthday??!!

    Limburger I suspect... ...and Happy Birthday to you as well, Tommy.
  7. Racing Of The United States Variety

    Well done; well said.
  8. Another Birthday??!!

    A very happy birthday to our very favorite Labrador. All the best to you, Jay.
  9. I Am Just Singaporing In The Rain

    While he has typically shown intelligence behind the wheel it seems to me that this season, more than ever, Button exercises a crafty guile come race day. Irrespective of practice and even qualifying results his usual smooth, skillful - if somewhat unspectacular - approach yields rewards; and opportunities, as they develop, are rarely ignored. He has simply figured out that you don't need to have the fastest car to win. Failing that, he will snatch points away from others who are faster. Re-imagine the season to date with him in a Red Bull and think how he would, at the very least, keep Vettel honest.
  10. Ah, Kimi. All this time removed from the F1 circus and he still gets more posts than today's qualifying. That certainly says something... but what, I've no idea. Prost in an HRT - cute.
  11. Where The Hell Aren'T You?

    Life in the Bat Cave - I call it that because it's littered with major bat guano - has been good. Solitude, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, is a desirable state for anyone who is giving serious consideration to same. Stephy - I fear you are submerging yourself in Middle America to such a degree you'll be voting Republican the first chance you get. More precisely, and given your present location, voting early and voting often. Tanita - People have been known to never return from Bulgaria. Be careful, eh. Chris - You are still the funniest old man on the Forum.
  12. Happy Birthday Grab...Grub...Grope...

    An only slightly belated Happy Birthday to a fellow duffer and cross dresser. Did that come out right?
  13. Would You Go To Monaco Gp?

    I, too, suffer from seasickness... and airsickness; claustrophobia, OCD and obvious jokes haunt me as well. Surely that qualifies me for a discount on Monaco.
  14. Agreed, gentlemen: should be a great race top to bottom through the field. "...Bourdais, quick as he can be, just can't win Le Mans, whether it's his own fault or someone else's or no one's." I agree with this as well but putting the statement into print now vastly improves his odds.
  15. Happy Birthday Andres

    A much belated Happy Birthday to you, Andres. Ever since I lost the Tardis I'm never certain what month it is. Oh, and by the way, Susan Boyd is taken but I believe her older sister is still open to offers. PM me and I'll send you her email address... not that I would actually have it, of course.