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  1. Austin Qualifying

    I was on holiday so missed most of the coverage and the race. What did Nico do?
  2. Hamilton's Bling

    Well, I am not sure how you got any of that from what I said, I don't think I have actually stated what I deem to be acceptable or unacceptable, as such. What I said was I don't think it's right to insinuate that society deems people who are not as mentally proficient as others to be morally unacceptable. If it is your opinion, that is fine, it's your opinion, but I think it is wrong to suggest that society as a whole thinks it is morally unacceptable too.
  3. Hamilton's Bling

    Was this in response to my post or Jem's?
  4. Hamilton's Bling

    Hang on there, since when is being not as mentally developed as others become morally unacceptable in today's society? I thought today's society was supposed to be more tolerant and more learned with regards to such issues? I remember one of Rick Gervais' stand up routines where he says it annoys him that everyone talks about how supposedly stupid David Beckham is, yet nobody questions how well Stephen Hawking plays football. Crude, but you get the point. Just because somebody has a talent for sport, doesn't automatically make them socially and mentally adept in the spotlight, quite often, the opposite is true.
  5. Hamilton's Bling

    Yes, that is what I am saying and that's fair enough. However, there is no 'aren't like the pictures show', because everybody sees things differently, so there is not one predominant opinion for the person to change. Also, there is no point, because people will see and believe what they want based on the their own pre-conceived subjective opinions. For example, what could Lewis do that would change your opinion now?
  6. Hamilton's Bling

    It's actually 62 pictures before there is a topless one of Lewis and even then it's side on, showing the tattoo on his arm. Fernando Alonso - 64 pictures, posing on a yacht with some gorgeous bikini clad girl. He probably bought the yacht just to rub our noses in it, ungrateful F1 driver that he is. Mark Webber - 27 pictures and that's not even to show a tattoo. Man he really is one attention grabbing show off. So google conclusively shows that Webber is the worst of the whole lot of them and he is not even in F1 anymore! By the way, that's if you ignore the headings on the top of google's image search for the recommended suggestions, like tattoo, for example, if not, then Alonso is exactly the same as Lewis, as in the 4th picture in. I say it in jest, but the point is, you will interpret stuff like that the way you want to and people see things differently, at the end of the day.
  7. Hamilton's Bling

    Not at all, doesn't bother me in the slightest if you are hating on Lewis, you can hate whoever you feel like hating, the person is irrelevant, the actions are the relevant point. It just makes me laugh that people spend so much time following people they supposedly hate. I don't spend that much time following people I like, let alone people I don't like. It seems like a complete waste of time to me and seems to fuel your hate even more.
  8. Hamilton's Bling

    It seems like a lot of people spend a lot of time looking at Sh#te about people they don't like I could even make that into a rap. I can't afford the 1kg chain, though
  9. F1 2014 Video Game

    Yep, I played GP2, GP3 and GP4, they are on the shelf in front of me, in fact, but I never got into any of the sequels as much as I did the first Grand Prix game he did. I think possibly the first Crammond game I played, though, was Stunt Car Racer, but I don't think I got into that very much.
  10. F1 2014 Video Game

    Pole Position on the Atari 400. I have no idea what you will make of that if you think the graphics are ancient on GP2! I was pretty good at Geoff Crammond's first Grand Prix game. I used to have to mod it just to make it harder for me to beat the computer, I used to play it that much. Not really played too many racing games since then, but Grand Prix Legends was pretty good, although I never spent the same time on it.
  11. Hamilton's Bling

    I have never seen a picture of Lewis with his shirt off. Then again, I don't go looking for them, either
  12. Closed Seaters.

    Yep indeed. I quite like the idea of this virtual safety car if they can manage to sort that out, though.
  13. Russian Grand Prix

    I suspect that was part of the contract for the race, even if it had been exciting
  14. Closed Seaters.

    Exactly. And therein lies the problem, motor racing, especially open c#ckpit racing, is just inherently dangerous.
  15. Closed Seaters.

    Yes, I know about the 1dx. However, the reviews I have read have suggested an ev range of about 11 or 12, whereas the human eye has up to 14, but due to the way the eye works, it is more complicated than that, which is why we can register stars, for example, without needing a longer exposure, like a camera. Also, the reviews I have read about it still suggests iso 25,600 is just about usable, but anything after that requires cleaning up, which is what I said about noise in high iso pictures. Nobody on any photography forums I have been on has posted pix from the 1dx in complete darkness, then again, there are not so many of them about in the amateur/semi pro world, I would guess. So, as I said, we will agree to disagree.