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  1. Ah, I thought I hadn't recognised your name in the F1 discussions. Welcome.
  2. I can't argue with that as my youngest keeps saying 'Daddy, stop singing' which point I send her to bed.
  3. Presumably you started with your guitar then ???
  4. You know what happens to Homer when someone mentions doughnuts?? That's what happens to me when St Trinians school uniforms are mentioned
  5. Sexual morals?? It's more fun for us if you never find out Did your virginal innocent schoolgirl look turn out something like ST Trinians by any chance??
  6. While I would like to basquebask in your elevated opinion of me, alas I cannot lie. It was just too easy and I never like too easy..........except when it's in used in relation to a woman's sexual morals and coupled with severe myopia That's so true! Wait a minute........
  7. So many comments. Must resist!!!
  8. Exsqueeze me!!! I'll have you know I am THE dirty pervert. None of the 2nd rate bollocks of those listed above me And sorry, I forgot to say welcome
  9. No never. On the wife's moobs, maybe. No wait.......
  10. I know. I shall have to redress the balance
  11. Bollock me, I must be doing something wrong lately. At one time I would have headed that list
  12. Excellent Not if she knew what had been on her kitchen table
  13. Excuse me for being picky, but I don't think that's very hygienic. That's the last time I'm eating yours......I mean at yours
  14. You think we should change the name from Senior to Big ??
  15. Strangely, I quite like being a senior member.
  16. That means Ihave to do all the work..............again Excellent. Like my working day
  17. Admittedly, I do need to get my protein intake from other sources compared to you folk 'the other side of the Mersey'
  18. It's only safer for the women with all you gay prancers about.
  19. Honestly, Paul, it's no good coming up with that old chestnut, you'll soon get found out...........................oh bollocks, who am I kidding Not yet, but you haven't got much time. Go now, run like the wind, before it is too late
  20. Oh yeah, forgot to warn Karen about Paul. Mind you she'll soon pick him out
  21. Welcome, Karen. I do have to question your sanity, though, after admitting you read the forums first and still joined ???? Yes, you're right
  22. And you said 'Hi' in the right place!!! Way to go, you're the first person in ages to do that Welcome, enjoy your stay, disregard anything Muzza says regarding F1 and you should be fine Edit: Ooops, Muzza = Murray Walker
  23. A bad virgin always blames his tool..........................or something like that, anyway
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