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  1. P P P Picks

    Heres the thread for anyone wanting to pick early. I'll be leaving my tips to later as usual Good luck for this round.
  2. Rubens is an amuater

    From its good that he will speak out when he feels sumfin is wrong, but Sato this one looks more to be ur fault, so cool it :wink: although each time i look at it i see that it was never as bad as i thought. Or as alot of others do
  3. Live Timing

    It's not just you, they've ruined it. I emailed them on their support email after about ten minutes and asked them to change it back, as it's lost 95% of it's use. I have the feeling they just want everyone to buy that stupid phone app - but I don't want to look at my phone during races, I want to be able to look at my much bigger screen and the TV right next to it!
  4. Is It Me Or Is Vettel Looking Ordinary....?

    He's looked much less impressive, and I think it's partially down to no blown diffuser, which seemed to be practically fact that he loved while Webber didn't. Another reasoning is that now he knows he doesn't have the fastest car, he's getting stuck in traffic and having to burn his tyres more than usual and not be able to be in control, which isn't his strong point, as has been seen in previous races. Not only was he out qualified both races thus far, he was out qualified by a teammate missing KERS in Australia. Then in Malaysia, he was over ten seconds behind Webber before the Safety car which was only 6 or 7 laps. He's been off the road more in the first two weekends then he probably was in 2011, and he's absolutely raging about an incident that was at least 50% his fault, where as in 2011 he would have likely brushed it off a lot easier. Doesn't mean he won't bounce back, doesn't mean he's not a good driver, but he is looking worse than last year, and his teammate has looked quicker, and only been behind him due to a poor start, and a Sh#thouse pit stop from RBR.
  5. Bigger God Complex?

    Who, out of Vettel and Hamilton, has the bigger God complex? I've thought Vettel got it when he joined Red Bull, and it was massively confirmed in Turkey, and at the same time Hamilton's seems to have come down in the last year or so. I'm going to have to go with Vettel for sure at the moment. If we were talking all drivers I guess the 3rd biggest option would have to be Alonso as well.
  6. Bigger God Complex?

    I'm not on the options, sorry
  7. Dod Turkey

    His steering wheel clearly moves towards Webber... He wasn't correcting for bumps he flat out admitted in one of the quotes I read that he was moving over to brake on a better line.
  8. Dod Turkey

    Anyone who thinks the crash was anything but Vettel's fault needs their head examined, IMO. Webber doesn't have to jump out of anyones way, where were the blue flags? HE'S RACING VETTEL FOR A RACE WIN AND WDC. Webber went straight, Vettel turns into him, 100% Vettel's fault, and the kid needs to learn the world doesn't revolve around him. He's as big of a tosser as Hamilton was.
  9. Ppp

    I missed it, but I'd have put Hamilton on for pole anyway.
  10. Boring-Gate

    This is what 2010 looks set to be remembered as. Overtaking is harder, there is one strategy for the top 10, and one for the rest. It's going to be a procession of a season. Did anyone see any cars up the sharp end even attempt a pass? The highest on up I saw was Webber on a toro rosso. Webber was stuck behind Schumacher and button all race, and got within half a second a bunch of times, but never made even an attempt. Button was close to Schumacher for about 10-15 laps, never had a look. Hamilton never made an attempt on Rosberg in the first stint either.. The new points system isn't enough to make drivers drive off the track in hope of fluking a pass.
  11. Ppp

    Pole: Massa 1st: Massa 2nd: Alonso 3rd: Vettel FL: Alonso
  12. Boring-Gate

    It's what many people said would happen, how do the people who make the rules not see it?
  13. Caption Competition

    Trulli: "Lucky I'm not driving with you this year, I'd be close to being the 40 year old virgin"
  14. Sorry didn't realise this was posted prior to the practice sessions... On other forums and site I use people have been talking about it during and after though, so I guess it made it easier for me just to assume you had too
  15. Why the talk about the 107% rule? HRT are the only team who weren't within 107% in the first two practices, and they'd barely done a lap. Virgin and Lotus are well inside it. EDIT: HRT might have got into it actually.
  16. Ppp

    Pole: Hamilton 1st: Rosberg 2nd: Alonso 3rd: Massa FL: Hamilton
  17. Winter Testing 2010 Season

    Massa is still overrated, much like he has been since mid 2006. He's not a bad driver, but he isn't as good as people started making out either. Do we know who tests at Silverstone today and tomorrow? I noticed have space for times from it.
  18. 2010 Poll

    From memory the rules didn't change heaps from 06 to 07, but Honda went from point scorers to back of the midfield over that offseason.
  19. 2010 Poll

    0. Mercedes will be like Honda were (since it's basically still Honda...). They haven't had as much time to work on the 2010 car asthey did for the 09, or as much resources, so I can just see them slipping back into the midfield where they belong. That plus Schumacher won't be as fast as he used to be anyway, I expect Rosberg to show him up a bit at times.
  20. Pay for my airfare from Sydney and accommodation and tickets and I'll come
  21. Who Would You Hire

    Drivers: Alonso & Webber Team name: Panthers Racing Colours: Black, Teal, Purple Test driver: Who cares, they don't do anything anymore.
  22. Congrats Kova

    Lotus, much like Kova, will fail.
  23. Dod Nurburgring Gp

    Rosberg did better than Alonso, IMO. Alonso started ahead of him, and finished someway behind him...
  24. Dod Nurburgring Gp

    I got a could laugh after I read your post, and looked at your username. DOD: Webber - easy. 1.1 seconds a lap faster for a few laps from Vettel when both were in clear air on same tyres and one/two laps fuel different, and Vettel needed to push to get by Massa when he pitted then too.
  25. Ze Nurburgring Gp

    Glad to know I wasn't only one singing it.