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  1. Ah, hello all. Alonso was good. Palmer was shocking. Lewis will win. Kimi will be second. Enjoy the race. Something about a 2008 spec rear wing. etc.
  2. Cafe Or Morgue ;-P

    Sorry, I think I dialled the wrong number.
  3. Adrian Newey Now Part Time?

    This has all been designed to stop other teams employing his services.
  4. Is Dan As Quick As Vettel?

    Hang on. I think I'm leaving this forum again.
  5. Hamilton Is A Brat Who Thinks He's Senna

    Hamilton's sulky disposition is clearly down to everyone hating him for being black, the racist black flag, the racist black tyres and Mobil; for not having invented white oil.
  6. Hamilton Is A Brat Who Thinks He's Senna

    You need to take away humans to discover that?
  7. Is Dan As Quick As Vettel?

    I'm not down with this concept of Vettel requiring car perfection and an inability to extract the most from a car that isn't perfect. This suggests that Dan would be slower than him if the car was better. Read that again. That does not make sense. What makes more sense is that right now, Dan is quicker than Vettel. This is because he is.
  8. Discussion of Sebastian Vettel's Season

    There's too much emotion, that's all. It clouds people's ability to make a sound judgement.
  9. Discussion of Sebastian Vettel's Season

    Only in 2008 spec.
  10. Monaco Grand Prix

    May your peaches be ripe and juicy, so to speak.
  11. Discussion of Sebastian Vettel's Season

    Well then it's up to you to be objective, have your view and not get stressed if someone else believes different. All of this incessant need to compare and have a definitive answer as to who's best is tiresome, pointless and because of spurious, immature waffle, the main reason why this forum resembles a ghost town.
  12. Monaco Grand Prix

    Parenthood is serving me just fine, thank you my friend. I trust you and yours are all good too, I hope?
  13. Discussion of Sebastian Vettel's Season

    Because they have exceptional team mates. It's really that simple.