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  1. I can't prove it, but the race stewards can, and seeing as the FIA are normally on Ferrari's side, for them to send cheatmacher to the back of the grid, it had to have been deliberate
  2. Yeah, Quiet One couldn't win figure out how to win something fairly, so he thought he would learn from the Cappo di tutti cappi of cheaters
  3. Hey I am not the only Alonso fan here, the others like Wez and Player (1) have disappeared
  4. Good man. Don't let these unholy heathens from the church of Raikkonen or Lewis convert you
  5. While we are at it lets make Red Rum race against Linford Christie! They where 2 totally different types of runner, but we could compare them by Eric's logic right? 1 on a horse track, 1 on a 100M sprint, and one at another random event.
  6. I don't really know, I would expect Alonso to beat him quiet easily in an F1 car, but the transition from F1 to bikes is a lot harder than going the other way round, so it wouldn't really prove much. IMO both men are pretty much evenly skilled in their respective areas, and making a direct comparison simply doesn't work.
  7. That doesn't sound to me like the kind of thing Alonso would say, he is not that disrespectful, it is most likely to be something the media have blown out of proportion.
  8. Welcome, always good to get another Alonso fan
  9. I like your photography. Welcome to the forum. Where is your driver/team alliegance?
  10. Shane2

    F1 Videos

    Some interesting stuff there off the record, the MP4-21 is the best looking car ever produced
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