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  1. Caption Contest

    How it works: Every 24 hours or so i will post an image. You all try and come up with the whittiest caption to fit the image. The winner then posts the next image, and so on Have fun First Image: CLARIFICATION...MULTIPLE ENTRIES ARE ALLOWED. HOWEVER A PERSON WILL ONLY WIN A MAX OF 1 POSITION WITH THEIR FUNNIEST ENTRY
  2. Kittens!!!

    Yep my cat gave birth to 5 kittens heres a pic
  3. Pick your WORST of the modern circuits. Note I have added Imola and Hockenheim as they haven't completely been scrubbed off. My vote is for Hungary, it is just a boring circuit, closely followed by Barcelona and Magny-Cours
  4. Predict The Champions

    Well we are well into the season, so I feel another round of predictions is due, who do you now think will take the WCC and WDC WDC I have voted for Lewis, WCC McLaren
  5. The FIA is pushing ahead with plans to radically shake up Formula 1’s technical regulations from 2011, by publishing proposals that include the introduction of electronically-controlled moveable wings. The governing body’s plans are designed to make F1 more road-relevant, environmentally friendly and cost-effective while at the same time improve the spectacle by encouraging overtaking. Following a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council in Paris on Wednesday, the FIA published a framework document which has been put together to prompt discussion with the teams and manufacturers with the aim of producing a concrete proposal by September. The most radical aspects of the document concern the chassis regulations. The FIA proposes to introduce moveable or active aerodynamic devices that would reduce the amount of drag generated by the wings on the straights while maximising it during cornering. Such plans would be used to reduce drag, thereby saving energy, as well as improve overtaking. Significantly advanced aerodynamic devices such as plasma generation, MEMS turbulators and shape-morphing are all under consideration within the document that could spearhead a revolution in F1 technology. The FIA expects to revise plans to introduce 2.2-litre 6-cylinder engines which in conjunction with these chassis reforms would lead to unacceptable straightline speeds. It is now estimated that engine capacity will be reduced to around 1.3-1.5 litre 4-cylinder engines, though no RPM or boost limits would be set. Energy consumption will be capped, however. In the interests of the sport as well as cost cuts, the FIA also proposes to abandon flat-bottomed undertrays and introduce a standardised floor with underbody aerodynamics. The undertrays would produce the majority of the car’s downforce, lessening the problem of turbulence which is currently the main obstacle to overtaking. Winglets, bargeboards and other appendages will also be banned. Finally a number of standardised and homologated components are expected to be introduced, including chassis and fuel cells that last the season and standard wheels, brakes and uprights. These proposals have been set out to prompt discussion between the teams, but the objective is to have a definitive set of 2011 technical regulations by the end this year. Key proposals are: Engine efficiency Limit engine power by imposing a maximum energy flow rate. There will be few restrictions on the engine cycle, which can include turbo-charging and energy recovery. This could lead to a gain of at least 20% in thermal efficiency. Drag Allow moving aerodynamic devices, which will reduce drag by more than 50% and allow a 40% reduction in the power required to maintain current speeds. Energy recovery Energy will be recovered during braking and returned to both front and rear axles when accelerating. The amount of energy returned on each straight will be limited in order to prevent top speeds exceeding circuit safety criteria. Fuel The total amount of fuel energy to be consumed during a race will be regulated, encouraging further overall efficiency. The CO2 emitted will be further reduced by the introduction of gasoline which is partly derived from sustainable, non-food bio sources but complies fully with pump fuel legislation. Overtaking New aerodynamic rules will halve the downforce, and de-sensitise the car to the influence of the wake of the car ahead. It is also proposed to eliminate automatically the downforce deficit of the following car. Regulations The best estimates of what these measures will mean in terms of regulations are currently as follows: • 1.3-1.5 litre, 4-cylinder engine; • no RPM or boost limit; • energy flow rate to generate 300kW, including energy recovery from the exhaust; • 200kW brake energy recovery, front and rear axle; • 400-600kJ energy return per straight; • pump-legal bio-fuel; • FIA specified and supplied undertray and possibly other aerodynamic components; • 50% 2007 downforce; • adjustable, regulated wings and cooling; • automatic downforce adjustment when following another car; • lap times and top speeds maintained at 2009 levels; • over 50% reduction in fuel consumed. Costs A number of measures to constrain costs are proposed, including: • standardisation of components (including wheels, brakes, brake ducts and uprights); • homologation of components and assemblies; • material restrictions; • extended life of assemblies; • restrictions on personnel and work at races; • restrictions on the use of certain facilities (eg wind tunnels). All these measures will be developed into detailed regulations in close collaboration with the teams and manufacturers, prior to a full proposal being produced in September. You can read a detailed description and the full proposals for the future of Formula 1 on the FIA's official website by clicking here. Source:
  6. Rekindle Your Love For Tf1

    Retarded threats? give me a break. The only thing that was retarded was that post. I do not go out looking to start arguments. If people decide they want to wind me up that is their problem.
  7. Rekindle Your Love For Tf1

    Don't you start digging in as well, I have done nothing to you. You honestly think going around making posts like that is going to change my frame of mind and make me post more positively? A small piece of advice. Stay out of things that don't concern you.
  8. Dc: I Am Driving As Well As Lewis

    I really don't care, and no I dont start on everyone so kindly quit twisting things. I really don't care what the members say about Alonso any more, that does not bother me. I have tried using the ignore system, I have tried being nice, and none of it works, so members will get back from me whatever they try and give me, and for that I make no apologies
  9. France Practice And Qualifying

    Wow. that was horrendus
  10. Dc: I Am Driving As Well As Lewis

    How about you pull your head from whence it is stuck. I am not trying to bait anyone, I just hate your guts. Beer anyone?
  11. Kittens!!!

    Rocky is now 10 weeks old, here are a few more pics of him Here he is curled up on my bed: Here is a closeup of him: Here is a pic of him asleep: Here is a pic of him with the mother cat, Ember: And here is another pic of him asleep:
  12. Dc: I Am Driving As Well As Lewis

    Funny how you don't spring into action when there's a problem with the little ferrari fantard, but you soon jump on the trigger for me isn't it bruce. They asked where Cav was, I answered. Ecap asked me not to post details about WHY cav was removed, not the fact that he is removed, so get off your pedestal and actually contribute something to this forum. I think it will be quiet clear to everyone after a while that he is not around, so there is no problem with stating a fact
  13. France Practice And Qualifying

    Alonso's problem was gearbox, he will start 10th
  14. Dc: I Am Driving As Well As Lewis

    No, he has been suspended, he cannot visit the site for 2 weeks. If you wish to know why contact the staff, I have been asked not to talk about it
  15. France Practice And Qualifying

    Saturday Free Practise times 1: Hamilton (1:14.843) 2: Massa (1:14.906) 3: Raikkonen (1:15.276) 4: Kovalinen (1:15.404) 5: Fisichella (1:15.489) 6: Kubica (1:15.535) 7: Rosberg (1:15.735) 8: Alonso (1:15.742) Not sure why yet, but he only completed 1 flying lap 9: Trulli (1:15.801) 10: Coulthard (1:15.802) 11: Liuzzi (1:15.872) 12: Button (1:15.902) 13: Davidson (1:15.925) 14: R.Schumacher (1:15.944) 15: Heidfeld (1:16.060) 16: Barrichello (1:16.102) 17: Wurz (1:16.104) 18: Speed (1:16.161) 19: Sato (1:16.221) 20: Webber (1:16.573) 21: Sutil (1:17.517) 22: Albers (1:17.705)
  16. Dc: I Am Driving As Well As Lewis

    Wrong Thread
  17. Dc: I Am Driving As Well As Lewis

    Well he has gained a 2 week suspension for his trouble
  18. France Practice And Qualifying

    I expect McLaren where sandagging their pace to an extent, but I believe that overall the Ferrari is the faster car around Magny Cours, and they do have a teriffic record there
  19. Dc: I Am Driving As Well As Lewis

    Your 5 year old grandson could probably do a better job of moderating as well
  20. Fia Unveils Radical Plans For 2011

    Someone needs to blow up max mosely's office
  21. Dc: I Am Driving As Well As Lewis

    If he doesn't want to receive messages, he shouldn't be a moderator Nice work as usual Bruce, you suspended me before for less than that. Guess I am gonna have to have a word with ecap
  22. Dc: I Am Driving As Well As Lewis

    Already sent a report, it will depend who decides to act first. Importance is nothing to me, not with someone like you, but rather than let you annoy me, I will let the staff deal with your behaviour, it is the only way to keep myself out of trouble
  23. Dc: I Am Driving As Well As Lewis

    Nice try cav. Unfortunately for you, I took a screenshot of the post
  24. Dc: I Am Driving As Well As Lewis

    Haha Report book time