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  1. new site design

    The car only changes on the .php pages and not on this forum which is cgi... And the censoring thing, I had that turned off as everybody seemed quite good (and not too sweary ), but I upgraded the board software again with the new site design and it must have turned on word filtering again... I will look into that.. adios
  2. new site design

    Glad you like it.
  3. I have to say, the forums looking good...

    Hi F1 Babe I know what you are saying. generates enough traffic to warrant the forum, but getting people to use it or sign up and post is another story. I guess its a bit of a catch 22, people will only join and post if it is a busy board and until then it is hard to attract regulars. Problem is because it isnt that busy, people dont join so it will take time to get busy. I guess it will take a few more very 'vocal' posters to get it moving a bit. Hope you will stick with us
  4. A question to totalF1

    #Moderation Mode Moving thread to the Cafe forum... Moved here
  5. A question to totalF1

    We have various sources for news, including official team media/press releases etc. Why do you ask?
  6. A question to totalF1

    We have various sources for news, including official team media/press releases etc. Why do you ask?
  7. test post

    Test post as threads seem to be going missing...
  8. Who is TotalF1 Jens?

    Howdy Jens is a young 'bloke' who, is also a news editor here at He is currently on holiday in Finland and will be back soon. Hope that clears it up
  9. dont be shy

    GnS If you need somewhere to keep your sig, send it to me via email ([email protected]) and I will upload it on the TF1 server. This goes for anyone who needs somewhere to upload their sig files, email them to me. cheers
  10. US GP TKTS

    Strange, seems to be working fine for me. What time did you try the site?
  11. Hello...

    Hi F1Babe Welcome to the forum, I am sure everyone will be nice to you! Take care and have fun!
  12. US GP TKTS

    Hi Wheels Welcome to the forum. You can try TotalF1's F1 ticket partner for these tickets. cheers
  13. Michael Schumacher and St George Illawarra Dragons

    yes, spooky isnt it? By the way, nice sig December!
  14. hi everyone

    Hi Rev Welcome to the forum, glad you have joined us!
  15. in car camera

    Yeah mate, I love the V8's not as much as F1, but still like watching the Falcons and Commodores battle it out. ( I see that they will be included in Gran Turismo 3 for PS2 ) Aussie V8's is pretty much the only tin top racing I can watch, although i did like the European Super Car series a few years back, but that isnt the same anymore. I am partial to the commodores, but it was good to see Craig have a win last weekend...