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  1. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    That's just... dangerous and pathetic!
  2. F1 General discussion

    Good stuff, Mclaren always builds a good chassis... they have great ppl working there
  3. F1 General discussion

    Yep, agree, with Mclaren on the rise again.. Are they on same engine spec and year as current manufacturer?
  4. Zoos

    I'm lost
  5. Zoos

    Crux of the matter... It's amazing what u see with the lions.. I love em. Numbers have dwindled to approximately 200 thousand... The problem is, becoz of losing habitat and human population grows.... we see strange behaviour. Prides losing males and territory, upsetting their way of hierachy and their nature, kingdoms destroyed and poachers killing em. They are also bred for hunting... and this is just Lions... We are our heads... Maybe this is a of way nature warning us, or from a spiritual viewpoint.. God sending a message.
  6. Which way?

    Agree fully. Merc had like a 3 year advantage pushing for these new engines rite.. 3 YEARS!!! B4 actual race implementation!. They caught everyone napping when the hybrid engines were enforced. Plus those secret tyres tests where they solved their tyre issues and got away with it... And looking at Honda's struggle, they've only come to grips with the new engines a year ago... would mean disaster. Unless a smaller team is willing to take that risk...
  7. My wife said

    Hi, Please be advise not to spam with unnecessary advertisements. It is now prevalent in 3 of your post's. Please adhere to the forum rules...
  8. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    in line with above..
  9. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    Yes, started last night..21 days
  10. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    Not a fan of hers... Unfortunately... for reasons I would rather not say on this forum. Anyway.. hope she did'nt get the virus and good luck with her efforts
  11. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    Good News indeed... 1 year vaccine..hmmm..some medic scientist's are going to work sum overtime. I think it's imperative that all of them work together across countries and nations...
  12. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    My Fav..along with lemon Cheesecake..yum yum
  13. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    You too Sakae
  14. Event 09 Canada

  15. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    Our economy was already in tatters... In 2 months our currency has risen from 14.5-15 to almost 18 Rand to the dollar now. Disastrous. Things are going to get even tougher now