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  1. from a guy on one of the forums... Sums it up for me... "Aston Martin could be a winner, but too close to call. Their medium pace was horrible at the start of the stint and when they had proper pace it was too late. A few more tenths per lap and Vettel could have finished P6 instead of P9. One positive to take was the ability of the car and the drivers to conserve their tyres while maintaining decent pace relative to the midfield. A little more qualifying pace and they would be in for that upper midfield fight with McLaren and Ferrari.'
  2. They will get there Sakae. There is some positions gained, 2-3 places. Maybe some MB guy slipped a note or 2. Do you know when the next updates are coming?
  3. They are just slow in general. Is the floor. What is it?
  4. What happened to Ferrari this race? Great MadMax drive, despite mistake AM where we thought they would be Lando, as always nowadays... Great drive too
  5. In no particlar order.... of 5 top drivers MadMax Hamilton Vettel Alonso Leclerc/Sainz/Gasly? They all on the same level I feel
  6. Hopeful we can still score some points tom. This track was supose to be suited for AMR
  7. MadMax with a .7 + gap, on a Merc track!. Sitting pretty
  8. Is'nt that what you want from a driver. I fail to understand the negativity around it. I mean... Case in point... AM. Which begs the q. What went on at Ferrari???
  9. “But his recollection of the lap is pretty remarkable. He remembers every little detail of every little corner. “It’s probably the most detail that I’ve heard from a driver so in that regard we do get a little bit more detail from Seb than we have in the past with the drivers. “Also, every little aspect of the car, the powertrain, ergonomics – all that stuff he brings up and we work on fixing it.” That's Seb for ya...
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