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  1. Here's another issue with that budget cap Sakae Horner is rubbing it in. I don't blame him. He wants to develop more
  2. It was a really great decision to recall KMag. Mick is still learning, but he is steadily improving. I've read some good things about him. He definately belongs in top-tier racing
  3. Amazing is'nt it. I find it hard to believe they did NOT bring some sort of upgrade parts
  4. Lol Yes. Teams won't manage to compete if they reach the ceiling, The answer is probably a spec series where parts are homologated while teams have free reign on aero and engine. and TESTING Pls
  5. I agree with your sentiment, but what do you mean with bolded part. How can it not be policed? I suspect teams must have an accurate logbook, which needs to be presented and reviewed. The no-testing bs can cause real harm to the drivers in the longer term, I've read. The porpoising issue goes way beyond the F1 rulebook, it's a threat to the driver's health conditions.. Surely on that basis alone, I'm just using a specific example, teams should be allowed to sort this out with their respected Visual Identities . Performance-wise, allow teams test to level the playing field, in terms of competition. The concern is, how do you prevent teams who just forges ahead, with unlimited budget...
  6. Interesting tidbit from a reader on gpblog... VeganWarrior +2048928-02-2022 17:00 We also know Mercedes development tokens.spent last season. The w12 was practically the w11, with some tweaks. Thats was the strategy then focus on the development of the w13, smart on Mercedes side.
  7. Yes, but I don't think they will be able to really produce more than that 40%. Maybe with smaller increments as time goes by.
  8. Do we even think it's possible? Air from another car will always affect the one behind. For me it's positive news. We shall see how it tranlates during a race
  9. Kimi is busy lol.. Meet the new team principal for the Kawasaki Racing Team in MXGP
  10. Agreed, and being punted off at Silverstone and where else, with no consequences for sir Hamilton. If that was Vettel...
  11. What really is going on here... How will intel be shared... I thought they are branding their engines now as RBR powertrains...
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