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  1. What about Verstappen and Hamilton. I think his feedback is not really up to their par.. the car always degenerates... backwards. He also wins against teammates because of his political nature. Yes, he does rarely make mistakes, but you can say that of Verstappen too.. and Hamilton
  2. I think. U are lost Mr Lipstick
  3. YAY, another Vettel fan, what is going on these days??? Welcome Andy!
  4. Ah, a woman after my own heart!!! And for that you get a lovely lovely, which in Brad's book mean...lovely stuff...or something like that *hope my wife don't get to read this post
  5. That basically count for almost everyone! Picture mature ladies on the beaches of Brazil, not the image they would want for tourist destination!
  6. Could'nt think of one.... eish, the memory problem I thought I have appear even worse!
  7. Hey, our Kati is back!!!! And looking as beautiful as ever!
  8. Hheeyyyy, don't put words in my mouth
  9. perfectly acceptable I think, you're like me in a way.
  10. Some have the idea that other teams use team orders albeit in an indirect way, classic example when Jenson was told to save fuel with Hammie in the lead. In that case Hamilton was ahead. I think you're gonna enjoy being around here, lot's of members with that passion around...
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