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  1. Agreed. From another English legend lol
  2. In addition to this...
  3. True, look what happened last year. I really hope it was just a blip. They don't seem to have in-season development muscle. Hope it changes under Whitmarsh and Krack
  4. AMR is quietly confident. Wonder what they know that we don't
  5. Know anything about this guy Sakae?
  6. Yes. Quite true... In a recent BBC poll, 87% said it was NOT, inluding british viewers. He's been spoiled to death. He needs to be penalised for avoiding gala event. This nonsense must stop
  7. As an aside... She's yummy tho... maybe thats why all the following
  8. He just knows the inside and outside of team environments, and how Ferrari has operated with Vettel
  9. Very Interesting. Imagine RBR teaming up Porsche, who left as undisputed champion engine supplier. It could usher in a good era from Max's perspectives. They could basically just dissect Honda intel and build accordingly.
  10. Yes, quite a joy to read I never thought of it that way. Everyone seems to be bought into this notion of close racing (wheel-to-wheel; which is nice, but even with this current formula we have been deprived of that, unless the race director keeps focussing on midfield. That's where close racing is. Means F1 has failed with regulations that does not make any sense... That's the evidence. I wonder if the token system will still be in place come 2026?
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