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  1. How did F1 get to this, where another series seems more appealing to drivers
  2. Ms Lipstick. Please be cognizant of these wisecracks you make. No one is stupid here. Pls don't insult fellow posters, in subliminal or direct ways
  3. He took the decision. Let's see what next year brings and if it suits him, hopefully AM can come up with a bullet
  4. Quite something, this new AM Factory. Fingers crossed they don't ran into the same problems Mclaren had...
  5. Hopes MadMax wins Sochi! That would be poetic justice. Perez need to step up now!
  6. Well, he was ALLOWED to get away with it, to Kimi and Vettel. I blame it on this incompetent stewards bunch
  7. Agree, I had a nasty premonition... It is after all, that Englishman
  8. However, it is rumoured that 34-year-old Vettel’s passion for Formula 1 itself is waning, prompting the renewed speculation in the Italian media. “The situation is said to be constantly evolving,” Sky Italia reported from Monza. “The decision is in the driver’s hands only. It is he who must give an answer.” Don't know how true these rumours is...
  9. Tell me why do we have sprint races again? FFS
  10. New team personnel, you think they will left go of the existing structure, introduce new? Certainly new ways about doing things...
  11. AR on the up, seems a bad time for Kimi to leave. He could have stuck it out with a year under regulations I thought would suit him
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