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  1. The 2012 British Grand Prix

    Nice to see my man Webber putting in some strong drives!
  2. The Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix 2012

    Gotta be happy for Peter Sauber, Perez and their team, Valuable points in the bag for those guys, and another mature victory for Alonso. Good on him for keeping his nose clean and taking the win.
  3. Indian Gp

    Damn! It was there for the picking, an I walked right past! How goes it Handy?
  4. Cheers mate, yeah its been a while between visits. Looks like some familiar faces are around
  5. Maybe there's something about the top teams (other than Redbull, perhaps) that Kimi doesn't like so much?
  6. Indian Gp

    Not a bad circuit that one. It'll rock next season with the dust out of the way.
  7. That'S All Folks

    This is all a bit dramatic isn't it? Cav, I'm sure you'll visit from time to time like I do. Even just to read without posting..
  8. Musically Gifted?

    Everyone should own a set of drums. Great for stress management! I bought an electronic kit a few months ago. A lot of fun! My neighbours aren't so vocal about my hobby now that I practice on that. Got a link for your electronic stuff? Would like to hear. I've been listening to Skrillex lately. Love that dirty electro
  9. Happy Birthday Andres

    Happy birthday Andres!
  10. I'm just so wrapped with Webber's performance. Reminded me of Kimi Suzuka 05.
  11. I like how mercifully short the British anthem is.
  12. Pirelli certainly ad to the drama.
  13. Schumi alert! Webber past him. Edit- Hmm illegal DRS? Didn't Alonso do that earlier too?
  14. Quite an enjoyable race so far!