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  1. what's this? we have a status thingy now? What is this place?? facebook for F1?? Call me Mr question mark.

  2. Welcome aboard to all the new folk! Just in time for an interesting new season, me thinks!
  3. Welcome to our new members!!!
  4. We'll see you after the race then. What's your name btw? Stuffed if I'm gonna call you by your member name!
  5. Welcome aboard TGLeungd Forever. Enjoy the forums!
  6. G'day Craner Curves. Stick around, whether you're Eric, Superkimi or not!
  7. Welcome aboard McGrubbin! Stick around!
  8. And that's the last we ever saw of reachnd. Thanks alot you guys! No seriously, welcome aboard reachnd, we hope you stick around! P.S good on you for making it to the Singapore GP, you must've been happy with the race result!
  9. G'day Patrick. Welcome, and enjoy. Who's your favourite team/driver?
  10. Sheesh! Another quality contribution from Eric, our resident non-F1 fan
  11. G'day Karen welcome aboard . So tell us, were you cheering for Massa or Hambone in that last round?
  12. Welcome aboard Milly, enjoy yourself
  13. Welcome aboard Wojtek, hope you post often!
  14. Welcome aboard! Too right that G'day Magus, good to have you
  15. Welcome aboard Lexie! Welcome aboard Amiee!
  16. G'day mate, enjoy ur time around here
  17. Welcome aboard Meatball. Don't worry, you'll feel like part of this wacky family soon enough. Just become a Webber supporter an you'll be right .
  18. Nice to meet you Thursday's Child! Enjoy yourself here!
  19. Welcome aboard F1worldtraveller!
  20. Welcome aboard the forums! I suppose we can't call you TF1 for short Welcome aboard Nathen! Welcome back Wez!
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