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  1. Ah! makes sense. I don't know - its a big investment and does not guarantee success.
  2. Now, in English and slowly. What are you saying?
  3. If that's the case, why are they getting rid of the better driver?
  4. That's because mercedes is in transition from Hamilton to Russell. They rather skip good result for future PR. Russell has been a mediocre driver, but Mercedes insists on making him more than he is. They started in 2019 at Williams when mercedes engineers made sure Russell had a better car and more power in engine than Kubica. Noiw, that Lewis is on his way out, they continue the same scenario. It makes me very cynical when watching F1 any more. This happened before in the F1 (in fact , it seems to happen A LOT in F1), which makes comparison of drivers ("teammates wars") meaningless. I think Ferrari is the only one that does not engage in this game... maybe.
  5. Agreed on all counts.

  6. Yes, we've had about 40 inches this year. The first time we had more snow than my little sis who lives in Maine. I wasn't hibernating, just not too much to say, so I've been lurking around the site without much posting.

    But I'm back - hopefully so will be Kubica ;)

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