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  1. Ah! makes sense. I don't know - its a big investment and does not guarantee success.
  2. Now, in English and slowly. What are you saying?
  3. If that's the case, why are they getting rid of the better driver?
  4. That's because mercedes is in transition from Hamilton to Russell. They rather skip good result for future PR. Russell has been a mediocre driver, but Mercedes insists on making him more than he is. They started in 2019 at Williams when mercedes engineers made sure Russell had a better car and more power in engine than Kubica. Noiw, that Lewis is on his way out, they continue the same scenario. It makes me very cynical when watching F1 any more. This happened before in the F1 (in fact , it seems to happen A LOT in F1), which makes comparison of drivers ("teammates wars") meaningless. I think Ferrari is the only one that does not engage in this game... maybe.
  5. I was simply responding to your statement there are plenty of drivers in F1...yes, there are plenty, but only maybe 5 that would achieve similarly high results in the "best" car on the grid.
  6. yes, but some are better than others...
  7. Interestingly, some of the ex-F1 drivers are in WEC series - Nick De Vries, Antonio Giovinazzi, Robert Kubica. They are all in the Hypercar category.
  8. Oh, no doubt. F1 is not what it used to be.
  9. He reminds of Kubica - he outdrives EVERY car he is driving, putting it 4-5 places above where it belongs. He not only wins with teammates - he leaves them FAR behind. He is smart, setting up every pass at least a lap earlier, and he plans every move ahead. He rarely makes any mistakes. It's easy to win when your car is a second faster than the rest, but fighting in the top 5 when your car really belongs in the bottom 10 is a sign of greatness. put Max and Alonso in the same car, and Alonso wins 6 times out of 10.
  10. Look up these drivers - Tymek Kucharczyk, Kacper Sztuka (now officially with the Red Bull junior team), Piotr Wiśnicki, Roman Bilinski. Sztuka did really well in F4 last year, and is competing in F3. So is Wisnicki. Chances are really good one of them will be in F1 in 4-5 years.
  11. I'm waiting for a crop of Polish drivers to arrive at F1 (right now in about 4 years...). Regardless, Sainz is showing off, Mercedes is stonewalling Hamilton to show off how great Russell is (he isn't), HAAS should give up and sell to Andretti, Alonso is Alonso (probably the best driver on the grid today, and I am NOT a fanboy). What did you do off-season?
  12. Yes, that's what I said. BUT I see both declining in the process. Mercedes is delusional if they think Russell is somebody who can be successful (what Mercedes thinks is "successful") as #1. He was propped up by Mercedes to jump into that role for the past 5 years including creating an illusion he is faster than he teammates. Now the truth comes up. By the way, is there anyone else on this forum besides the two of us?
  13. No, but Kubica would have brought a title to Ferrari - yes, he was THAT quick. Also, he was a rising star. Not so Lewis. I think this is detrimental to Mercedes and will NOT help Ferrari (but the Merc engineers going with Lewis might).
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