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  1. Ott?

    How the hell do you expect Honda to do well if Brawn didn't take a swagful of goodies from Ferrari
  2. Omg!

    The drivers, you don't honestly consider them to be drool worthy?!?!? Plus, there is only one handsome man out there and that is Kubica! I reckon grid guys are a bad idea, I mean, who are the wee men going to ride if the grid guys get the grid girls, I pity the jockeys.... errr I mean the drivers. Is anybody thinking of them?
  3. Ah, Romance....

    Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley OR Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros
  4. Favourite Sports People

    F1 - Kimi Raikkonen, Robert Kubica Tennis - Marat Safin, Novak, Janko, Ana and Jelena (or the vichs as I like to call them) Moto GP - Stoner, Rossi, Dovisioso WRC - Hirvonen Rugby League - Craig Fitzgibbon, Matt Utai and Roy Asotasi
  5. The Australian Open 2008

    Tennis is the second most important thing in the world! I will watch every moment humanly possible and then go to bed dreaming of Ana Ivanovic. BTW, Djokovic has the AO covered, he and Nadal will be in the final but Novak will have the game!
  6. Who Is The Hottest F1 Driver?

    Personally, I like Button with the beard, it hides his face somewhat but the gf has a slightly different idea. GF opinion (the only opinion that matters, apparently) 1. Jens (with beard preferrably) 2. Taku 3. Nick (but only when he talks, speech impediments! Who knew?) 4. Webber
  7. Mclarens Problems Hamilton's Fault?

    Partly and No I don't support either driver but I do reckon Ron has a paternal connection with Lewis and this was pretty obvious to the average joe so imagine what it was like for Fernando to witness this upclose. Fernie left a good team as the favourite driver and went to another formerly winning team expecting to be the revered 2X WC and was mighty shocked when he wasn't. This shock coupled with the paternal nature of the Lewis Ron relationship caused friction, this escalated and as mentioned in earlier posts poor driver/team management failed to prevent a meltdown. Fernie is better off at Renault where his ego will stroked, Hamilton is best as McLaren where 'daddy' Ron can look after him and we're all better off for the whole fiasco having happened as it added yet another titillating chapter to 'F1 '07'.
  8. 2008 Prediction Thread

    2008 will end: WDC -Raikkonen 2nd Kubica (I like the kid) 3rd Hamilton 4th Heidfeld 5th Massa 6th Alonso 7th Button or Rosberg (most probably Nico if Honda doesn't fix those cucumbers) But if reality, spying or the circus that is F1 has anything to do with it nobody will know anything until Brazil and that's how it should be. WCC - Ferrari - Y? 'Cos it has the strongest driver pairing and Massa now knows who's in charge and will do well to remember it. Every Gunner needs a wingman and it's about time Kimi had one.
  9. European Gp Qualifying

    thanks for the visual description, we poor sods in aust have to wait til 12am to see it.
  10. European Gp Qualifying

    I hope he is alright, but fingers crossed de la Rosa will be dusting off the race suit!
  11. European Gp Qualifying

    Live timing says that medics are attending to him, what exactly is happening?
  12. The Absurdaty Of Todays Points System

    Is it just me and my F1 inexperience and naivety that causes me to think that more cars on the grid in 2008 will ultimately mean that even more cars will be unable to get points or am I missing the point? Will there need to be points for more places (ie the top 10 rather than top 8) on offer? B'cos the way I see it is that even if all the cars were realiable and equally fast over half the field still wouldn't get any points.
  13. Mclaren Stealing Ferrari Secrets?

    QUOTE(Quiet One @ Jul 6 2007, 05:03 AM) Maybe email/computer use would leave a too easily traced trail? But having said that a paper trail is just as damning.
  14. Pick Up Lines

    F*ck me if I am wrong, but haven't we met before? Let's go to my place and do the things I'll tell everyone we did anyway.
  15. What Went Wrong With Kubica?