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  1. Damnit! (looks around) I am going to have to be very careful, (paranoia sets in and he contemplates editting his original post - gf bf), whilst flexing his iron hard Maori muscles.
  2. @ goferrarigo I don't have a fave. TBH, I think I like McLaren 'cos of the NZ connection(weak as it is). I certainly can't let her post now with a ravenous MW on the prowl and her being such a honey. DOWN BOY DOWN(but not on her)
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I hope he does well, it might give me some f1 cred if ppl think I picked a winner. I'm sworn to secrecy, nah she don't post. She prefers to tell me what to post/do/think.
  4. Hi all, I've been reading this forum for a while and thought it was about time I made a contribution or two. I am new to F1, the gf got me hooked mid season 2005. I am a McLaren man with ever growing Sauber leanings especially in the direction of Kubica.
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