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  1. In a finnish forum there were 2 girls who with their rough talk drove all the male members away. Me included.
  2. I'll see if I can find time for your blog but I'm sure it is the best blog around here even if I haven't read it at all.
  3. I'm already feeling like being part of something great!
  4. Of course. It was like that in the finnish forums as well. The problem was only finnish people understand finnish so it's not nice to chat with a bunch of people who all love Kimi and hate Alonso.
  5. Hello to you all! I just registered but I have been reading these forums for quite a while. I am from the land of the great and evil NEN, Finland. I support my fellow countrymen Kimi, Heikki and Nico, but my favourite driver from them all is the poor old Barrichello who I've supported since his Stewart times. I've never really supported any particular team but BMW is maybe one I like the best. I hope I find something to say in the various topics in here and that I'd be able to post often. ...Time will tell...
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