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  1. Hungarian Race Weekend: Practice

    Yamamoto only 0.5s slower than Sutil this morning...
  2. Hungarian Race Weekend: Practice

    I meant to say soft........
  3. Hungarian Race Weekend: Practice

    Here are the coplete times from session number one: Unkarin GP:n perjantain 1. harjoituksen nopeimmat kierrosajat: 1. Robert Kubica BMW 1.22,390 25 kierrosta 2. Felipe Massa Ferrari + 0,129 183. 3. Kimi R
  4. Kimi's Latest Party

    Jahas jahas...Kimi gorillapuvussa sel
  5. Yamamoto Confirmed For Rest Of Spyker Season

    Why Yamamoto? If he is taking a Sh#tload of money into the team then I understand, but.... Surely Klien and even Karthikeyan would have been better options? And why the article states he drove 11 gp:s last year when he only did 7? Are they counting Ides races in it?!
  6. Speed On His Way Out?

    Yes and Scotty is worth millions more than Ralfie is on the track as well. Only problems is that I'd like to see Sutil in Toyota but maybe he gets some other seat. The finnish press said about the Speed/Tost incident: "It looks like Toro Rosso need not a new driver or two, but a new Team Leader."
  7. European Gp Race

    I don't know if someone has already said this but according to Jean Todt it really was Kimis own decision to drive one extra lap with dry tyres. He said: "we called both Ferraris in and only Massa came, It was for Kimi to decide". Kimi has done this kind of last second mind changes in the past...
  8. Driver Of The Day - European Gp

    hmmmm... Alonso comes from northern Spain where it rains a lot. Hamilton comes from Britain where it also rains a lot. Massa comes from Brazil where I could imagine it rains a lot. And Kimi comes from Finland where it rains water, snow and old ladies. So all those four drivers must have learned how to drive in the wet. But still only Alonso has shined when it's wet.. Ok Hamilton hasn't had much of that experience in F1 but..
  9. Driver Of The Day - European Gp

    And plus for him that he didn't intentionally try to block faster cars in the second start but let them pass. I'd let him race again just because I'd like to see what he does next? Actually hits the safety car? Starts the race with water skiis and summons a snowstorm? Starts to run the track backwards and hits Philly to the nose? Parks the car sideways on the pitlane? Or could he even do such a thing that he finishes the race? Maybe that's too much for him but we will see.
  10. European Gp Race

    My view on what Alonso and Massa were saying to eachother was that Alonso said "you can't drive like that!", on which Massa replied "You should learn to behave!". They were speaking italian.
  11. Driver Of The Day - European Gp

    Althought Alonso would deserve it I say Webber because he deserves it more
  12. European Gp Race

    What a race! Even with Kimi and Nico out and Heikki only 8th I'm just too excited with this. The first race for a long time to get me laughing my eyes more wet than the track at the start of this race! I was rolling on the floor already when the commentator said "Winkelhock, first grand prix, second start, up 21 places.". I'm sure Kimi gets back those lost points in the next races but Alonso was really great today and I said to my dad when it started to rain at the end "Massa vs Alonso in the wet...murder". Heidfeld pushed Ralfie off the track before he could do the same to anyone else, is also a notable thing. And the most expensive carpark in the first corner was something special too. Lewis didn't have the best of it today but he caused one good line from the commentator when he was pulled back to race. "The wonderboy Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes Benz, Mercedes arena, Mercedes tractor, is back on the race one lap down and nothing can happen to this kid while that tractor is around it seems."
  13. European Gp Qualifying

    Won't happen. I predict fifth place after Kimi, Alonso, Mass and Heidfeld. The frontrunners just get too much free time to get quick laps as Lewis roars his way through slower cars. (and we don't know if he is good at overtaking with these cars as we haven't seen much of that happening) Kubica, Kovalainen for example are in cars that are not easy to overtake even if you are in a much faster car. Pit stops can make the difference for him but his strategy has already been decided before the accident so we'll see how they manage to overcome that obstacle (they didn't do too well with lonso in france)
  14. European Gp Qualifying

    It was. Alonso said in the pressconference that he thought he could only do like 5th or 6th and was surprised with his second place.
  15. European Gp Qualifying

    I hope Hamsy is OK, but still this is what I call justice. If he can drive tomorrow all top drivers have started from 10th or worse. I think that Mclaren are allowed to change driver but de la Rosa would need to start from last place. Webber did great but DC would surely have been better if not his teams screw up with sending him too late so he couldn't start his flying lap before the session ended. Heikki was good and beat Fisico fair and square. Alonso would have been on pole if not for his mistake. He is propably lighter than Kimi. And Massa who looked good in Q2 is propably quite heavy. Heidfeld had almost the same time as Massa and was three tenths faster than Kubica so he is also light I think.