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  1. Eurovision Song Contest

    me too.our song(the greek)was nothing special but sakis(the singer) was absolutely gorgeous and great on stage so he made it look more decent!!!! as for azerbaijan,great song!i'm sure it's going to be a summer hit(at least in greece!) plus, i really liked norway!
  2. Melbourne Gp. Practice, Quali

    fernando is the last...
  3. The Worst Music And Dance Ever

    of course he can. go to 0:35 and listen!!!
  4. The Worst Music And Dance Ever

    don't bother to translate!i know spanish!i see your point,as far as the lyrics are concerned!they are always filled with despair as if it was the end of the world...!but aventura lyrics are different...they are more modern and normal!!! p.s:guys,don't shoot me,please!they are not that bad! oh my god...oh my god...i think i'm falling off my chair!you didn't actually write that,right?something's wrong with my eyes!or something's wrong with you!do you want us to call a doctor? ok seriously,now i really understand how much you hate bachata!i won't try to change your mind again.i promise!
  5. New Points System? Starting From 12...

    i totally agree!!!!!but f1 would become a bit boring,because guys like jenson,fernando ,kimi and vettel would always get the titles!!!!
  6. The Worst Music And Dance Ever

    well,i don't like the dance.the moves are a bit exaggerated, i think.but as far the music is concerned,it's not that bad after all.i really like modern bachata mixed with R&B and other genres...the kind of music that Aventura play.they are a great band and their songs are absolutely amazing!
  7. Bmwtf??

    indeed! as for the cars,oh my god,they look awful!!!!the wings make them look horrible!bring back the normal cars,please!!!!!
  8. Braziiiiiiiil

    i agree!it's was just that your post was a bit weird...when i first read it i thought "ti muga to tsimpise to palikari!?"(a greek saying!)but anyway,no hard feelings!!!!!
  9. Braziiiiiiiil

    this is the first(and the last time, i guess) that i will have to disagree(in fact i first typed "agree"-the power of habit,you see) with you,andres!i prefer ferrari to hamilton-mclaren!no doubt about that!it's the new tactic....the anti-maclaren tactic....(until next year of course ,when we will be fighting with the ferraris again for the wdc!!!!!!)
  10. Braziiiiiiiil

    yes!this race was really unbelievable...!and no matter how weird it sounds,i was supporting massa and ferrari 100% today!i even forgot about fernando at some point(i'm so embarrased for that!)felipe really deserved it!but at least you won the constructors' championship!
  11. Braziiiiiiiil

    one of the saddest moments of the race,i think!!!!!i feel for them!!!!!especially if you look their faces after they were told that hamilton had won.....really sad!!!
  12. Braziiiiiiiil does make a huge difference,you're right....what you need is not a mercedes but a manual on how to learn good manners!
  13. Braziiiiiiiil

    in fact i thought about you...!!!!(i got so excited when i realised that there is another greek person in tf1 that i couldn't forget you!!!)but i didn't see you around so i talked only about myself!
  14. Braziiiiiiiil

    yes you're right!this conversation has no end.we have all talked so much about it but no one has reached a conclusion so we should probably stop here!i'm just looking forward to 2009!!!!
  15. Braziiiiiiiil's really stupid...i remember ron's comments before brasil when he said that their main objective was the wdc and that they were willing to sacrifice the constructors' title over lewis!how insane is this!!!!???