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  1. It was quite questionable. I think one can argue this: If Biffle was maintaining a reasonable pace, then by passing him, Bowyer, Johnson, and Mears illegally passed under the yellows, so therefore, they should receive a penalty. However, they did not, so therefore Biffle's pace was not reasonable.
  2. He'll stay. Something inside of him will make him push harder to prove he can beat Lewis in the same team. Fernando is too intense and competitive to quit like this.
  3. Whatever anyone says about the Scuderia... I admire their passion and dedication to the sport, and admire that they will do what it takes to be winners, but will not take it too far, as McLaren did.
  4. I think there needs to be room for at least one race in Pocono...the race was really fun when they were allowed to shift, and if they brought shifting back, it would make for a fun and challenging event. As for these 3 new entrants, I like Juan Pablo a little more after watching NASCAR in Primetime. Jacques Villeneuve will be interesting, but I'm not sure he can do much with Bill Davis Racing. Dario Franchitti will have success as he's done more ovals than JPM and JV, and also, I think that Ganassi will be on the rise with their new approach. Scott Speed won't do well. He wasn't committed to F1, but got away a little because he raced similar cars before. However, to learn a totally different car, he'll need to be patient and diligent, which I don't think he can be. Regardless, the road courses will be fun. It'd be really cool if they had rain for one!
  5. I'd have to say it's a tie between Lewis, Kimi, and Felipe.
  6. Erinnn

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    And why I am not a part of this big plane o' fun?
  7. Erinnn


    McLaren will win. I'll have you know that I'm P1 after 3 races in Red Bull in F1 2007. I've won 2 of the 3 and finished 6th in the third.
  8. OHH!! I hope for rain! Maybe Marky can score another podium!
  9. Women should be allowed in F1, but none are ready for F1. I'd watch out for Natacha Gachnang, she's a Swiss teenager who will be racing in the Atlantics, and shes managed by Willi Webber.
  10. Yeah, I'd pay to see Murray wearing hot pants, too! Oh, you meant his teammate...sorry... My team: Team Dreamy! Webber and Button, minus the beard.
  11. For the bed question, Kubica! Nothing against him, but looks are not his strong point!
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