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    I can't belive i'm back again.<br /><br />Unreal....
  1. Silly Season Alive And Well!

    Ferrari-Raikkonen and Massa McLaren- Hamilton and Timo Glock maybe BMW- Heidfeld and Kubica Renault- Piquet and Kovalainen Williams- Rosberg and Sutil Redbull- Alonso and Webber Toyota- Trulli and Fisichella Honda- Button Barrichello Toro Rosso- Vettel and Sebastian Bourdais Super Aguri- Sato and Nakajima Pro Drive- Paffet and Davidson Force F1 India- R. Schumacher and Andreas Zuber
  2. Kimi Wins The Wdc!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah Kimi. My favourite driver in my favourite car! Did a brillaint job and Ferrari 1-2 was excellent. Great, great day.
  3. China Gp - Race Day

    Kimi does the job once again, brilliant, brilliant drive!! He did it on merit as well, because he had overtaken and pulled away from Hamilton even before Hamilton crashed. Shame Massa couldn't complete a ferrari 1-2, now that would've been special on ferraris 200th win. So glad the championship goes onto the last round. I'm doubtful Kimi can actully win the WDC with how the track is, but after today, anything can happen. You never know, Hammy might even crack under the pressure.
  4. Driver Of The Day

    Got to be Kimi. No question about it IMO.
  5. Japanese 2007 Race Thread

    I thought it was a very good race. The first bit was boring behind the saftey car all the time, just as i was thinking about turning it off, the race got under way and i'm glad i stuck with it. Very action packed, and a lot of carnage. Great drive by Kimi from the back of the field. Shame he didn't just get 2nd. Good job by Massa as well
  6. Jokes

    Now that's a good one!
  7. Behaviour Here

    Suprise! You're all just old farts who like to bully.
  8. I'm Sorry But...

    Well you won't have to put up with me. I'm leaving. I've had enough of you all. If anyobdy want to try and persuade me otherwise, you can do. But i wouldn't, i'm sick and tired of you all
  9. I'm Sorry But...

    No, i'm not doing that. I'm not wasting my time doing that when i have better things to do. Why don't YOU do it medilloni Yes i was Not actully, most of them have jobs to do back home. If he doesn't accept the appolgy, that's his problem, not mine. Right you've taken it too far now you prat. I don't like you. I never will
  10. I'm Sorry But...

    I won't. What did Fred do anyway?
  11. I'm Sorry But...

    Yeah, but probably half of TF1 hates me now, so i don't know if i should stay or not.
  12. I'm Sorry But...

    I was hot under the collar, stressed out, angry and frustrated so that's why i would like to take this time to appologise for my behaviour earlier, i'm just fed-up of reading things like i have and people not listening to me, but i realise that i should'nt have said what i did. Sorry everybody
  13. Behaviour Here

    O really?! That's strange.... I speak english, no other language.
  14. Behaviour Here

    That you don't have. Actully no i'm not, i'm at a desk, infront of a computer screen on a chair with a group of freinds laughing at you all. No, i don't watch junk t.v No, that was the truth. Don't care, don't need help.
  15. Behaviour Here

    I'll send him a christmas card. Then again...... I have no times for bullies. I have no time for somokers. I have no time for people who swear. I have no time for people who take pleasure of the thought of sex. I already said, i don't have a horse, i have a Llama, and i am not sitting on it, it's in the stables happily eating, i'm sitting at a desk on a computer chair