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  1. Suppose you are right on most of those points, we should find out soon enough though. It is a shame scott left when he did, because I feel he never really got the chance to show his real talent but thats the follly of F1 sometimes, its a tough game and unfortunately for him he didn\'t cut it. Must be galling for you as a fan, unfortunately the world of big business is not made around fairness.
  2. I see, thats fair enough (at least I also wasn\'t the only person that thought Alonso\'s penalty was harsh lol). I cannot really comment on what I saw of scott off of the track to be honest because the British media didnt give him a lot of coverage, I only got an impression of him from what I saw, and I suppose I could be wrong about him, but I feel that, like Montoya, he will be better off in stock racing than he was in F1. I feel it is a shame that his career ended because of an argument between himself and the team, but considering he was never really likely to move up the grid anyway it may well prove to be a good move for his career.
  3. You mean you never watched it before a certain point, or have never watched any GP? It was a strange season for sure, but to say Fernando sabotaged the team is in my opinion really a bit of a gross exaggeration, the spygate situation was multi-faceted, and although Fernando is partly culpable, I think you also have to look at people like Coughlan and ask wtf they where doing. I was just glad to see the back of 2007 in all honesty, and hopefully Heikki can wipe Lewis all over the track and finally bring some success to the silver team in 2008
  4. Disliking Lewis doesn\'t mean I cannot support their other driver And although I am not thankful for what happened to nando last year, I do believe it was not all his fault, the team played a part in it as well, but ultimately I just view it as a relationship that was not going to work, I haven\'t lost respect for either party as a result of it, although I believe nando needs to clean his act up for sure
  5. Hello My name is Jack, and I live in the UK. I am 25 and have been following F1 for about 10 years now, and as you can probably tell from my signature I am a McLaren fan. I originally got a link to this place from someone at another forum, and have been hovering around for a couple of weeks now before deciding to join. My favourite drivers are Alonso, Raikkonen, and Heikki and my least favourite driver & team Hamilton and ferrari (I noticed both seem to have somewhat of a cult following around here, so we should be up for some interesting discussions ) Anyhow, nice to finally join hope to enjoy my stay here
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