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  1. Hamilton Vs Vettel, See The Video

    Blah, wrong forum. thought i\'d deleted this from my bookmarks sorry
  2. Bmw Race Tactics?

    This is not intended to be flame bait, it is a serious question. When Robert got past nick in the race, did BMW ask nick to let him go to avoid him being held up, or did Robert just overtake him? ITV did not cover the press conference so I do not know what was said after the race
  3. Kimi At Monaco Vs Lewis At Canada

    Nice to see a moderator congratulating someone for posting flamebait!
  4. Alonso Signs Deal With Ferrari?

    It means modern people do not work on outmoded principles of Fair Play (you should know, you supported one of the biggest cheats in the history of motorsport). Formula 1 is a high powered, result driven world and Fernando is well within his rights to complain if he feels that his team cost him a decent result.
  5. Alonso Signs Deal With Ferrari?

    We are living in 2008 not the 1950s
  6. Cav Would Love This...

    Funny that, I have seen Lewis take the blame when he genuinely feels he was at fault, like when he hit Alonso in Malaysia for example.
  7. Alonso Signs Deal With Ferrari?

    Yet another person using a rediculous analagy to try and make a point. Funny.
  8. Invent A Word

    Ronaldo is bad yes, but I feel Drogba is a lot worse... though Diving is something that pretty much afflicts the entire chelsea team.
  9. Political Correctness Gone Mad

    Just another example of PC bullcrap gone mad.
  10. Cav Would Love This...

    I never said that at any point, but there are some things that Drivers need warnings about. And you are an arrogant, pretentious jerk that clearly needs to get a life that does not revolve around insulting and threatening people on the internet. I would never imagine myself saying this to someone a lot older than I am, but grow the fudge up.
  11. Alonso Signs Deal With Ferrari?

    If a driver feels a strategy is wrong, he has every right to call it into question, and on this Occasion he was well within his rights to do so. Drivers are part of the strategy it is not just the team that defines it, and you evidently need to remove your I HATE ALONSO glasses for a second, see past your bias, and actually read into the issue here, which is a driver with a legitimate complaint about a strategy error.
  12. Cav Would Love This...

    I do not feel this forum is Anti Max or Anti Ferrari. The biggest majority of the users are Ferrari fans or Raikkonen fans, and I have seen just as much support for Max from the members here as I have seen against him. Most Ferrari fans dont actually hate Lewis, you will find that Ferrari fans feel it as being necessary to bitch about all of their opponents regardless of whom they are.
  13. Bmw Race Tactics?

    Indeed, I believe that Ferrari and McLaren (in particular their drivers) have made an unusual amount of mistakes this year, which has certainly helped BMW, but as I have said in defense of Alonso and Raikkonen, nobody in F1 wins by accident, and BMW are really stepping up to the plate at the moment, and they deserve massive credit for that. Although I am a McLaren fan, I am pleased to see another team enter the fray it makes life a lot more interesting.
  14. Idiot Of The Race

    Indeed, that was an interesting moment, and great to watch a bit of spirited driving. I also enjoyed the brilliantly opportunistic pass that Massa made in the hairpin. According to Fernando his strategy was such that he had no realistic chance of fighting the BMW cars, his main motive for getting past Nick was that Nick was full of fuel and he did not want to be held up. I also do not blame him for his off, he was another person caught out by the track, he only went offline by about 6 inches, and from there he was straight to the scene of the accident. Easy to say be careful, but in my opinion Fernando is not the kind of driver to tippytoe around any racetrack.
  15. Cav Would Love This...

  16. Canadian Gp - Race

    I dont know because I never claimed that, I accept that fernando did not deserve the 2007 title. I also think that Ferrari do still have an advantage in race pace over McLaren, and they where clearly a whole lot stronger in the 4 races they won, with the exception of turkey probably too strong for McLaren. I agree that McLaren have gained a bit of speed since then, and are closer, but the performance of Ferrari, minus their melbourne blip was a lot better at the start of this season. All I know for certain is that all 3 of the expected title protagonists, Lewis, Kimi, and Massa have had 3 no point scoring DNFs and neither of them can afford another. With his penalty in france, Lewis will probably only just about manage to get in the arse end of the points there, as it is not an easy track to pass on, and with the next 2 tracks historically being Ferrari dominated and probably more suitable to their car I believe he will probably slip a bit further behind.
  17. Cav Would Love This...

    I cannot remember what Ron said about Montoya, but he could have no excuse because he was the only car in the pit lane when he committed his error. If the team did warn Lewis, the only question I have was did the warning come quickly enough. The team are evidently saying it did, and if that is indeed the change I should change my assessment of it, maybe lewis did indeed deserve it (even so I still think it is hard on Rosberg because he was just caught out).
  18. Kimi At Monaco Vs Lewis At Canada

    I bet you defended kimi last time in Monaco, and I bet you would defend him if this incident had been reversed as well. What is the real point of this thread, I am sure you do not actually believe the FIA favour ferrari do you cav?
  19. Bmw Race Tactics?

    In the original broadcast they cut away to a football match :/ anyway, I was not trying to suggest he didnt deserve it, as I feel he did just wondering what was happening on the pitwall
  20. Alonso Signs Deal With Ferrari?

    in a 1999 car... wow Ferrari have been cheating for even longer than I realised
  21. I Told You So... Remember?

    If we are talking about crazy fans, I saw a post on the ITV forums once (late 2007 I believe) from an Alex Yoong fan saying he would have won 100 GPs and more titles than schumacher if he had been in a better car. That one made me laugh Also, yes we all know that Robert is good, but trying to brag after a single race win is a little childish.
  22. Alonso Signs Deal With Ferrari?

    xD How the hell could an F1 car break up like that from a low speed impact
  23. Idiot Of The Race

    No, the only funny thing is that if the incident had happened the other way round, Sutil would almost certainly have got a penalty.
  24. Idiot Of The Race

    They where going down the put lane pretty much right in front of him
  25. Idiot Of The Race

    From the ripped footage I have on my hard disk, all I see is Kubica stationary, with Massa and Fisi on their way, I cannot find a video of the whole incident, so its hard to say for sure