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    I'm beemer mechanic so all interesting are around BMW World :) <br />I'm interesting about F1, Motor-Sport , Motorbikes and Photography :) <br /><br />
  1. hi whats up .... thank u all for nice welcome My best driver RK and SAUBER ofc but I'm always looking at Ferrari with Raikonen and Massa & Renault with Alonso as driver they are just a legend Teams on F1 so they need some respect I'm also looking at Jarno Trulli on Toyota Best Drivers Ever Ayrton Senna da Silva Alain Prost Michael Schumaher i hope Robert join to that brilants drivers I dont like McLaren after last year but wll see what they do on this season to change my emotions good day all cyaaaaa
  2. hello all I'm new on these forum.My name is Wojtek and I'm from Poland. I'm Robert Kubica FAN (like most of people on Poland but i have cold head) Maybe i help Piotr with his little war with Kate hihihi j/k I read this nice forum many times and now i have the time to write my opinion about F1 Circus and I hope to have a good time! cu ps. excuse me for my English i leave High-School 10 years ago
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