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    I'm beemer mechanic so all interesting are around BMW World :) <br />I'm interesting about F1, Motor-Sport , Motorbikes and Photography :) <br /><br />
  1. Poll: Robert Kubica

    hehe TRUE :!: I'm Praud because Robert take that award and now he wll be at GREAT DRIVERS COMPANY and remmber he have only 23 Italian people just love him like we in Poland. kiss
  2. Barcelona Testing

    Thank you very much for the info and pictures. I dont have a time to have this at control 1. Barrichello Honda ( 1:18.928 77) 2. Fisichella Force India-Ferrari ( 1:19.721 79) 3. Massa Ferrari ( 1:20.283 113) 4. Coulthard Red Bull-Renault ( 1:20.392 87) 5. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes ( 1:20.452 96) 6. Alonso Renault ( 1:20.616 118) 7. Rosberg Williams-Toyota ( 1:20.800 115) 8. Glock Toyota ( 1:20.870 112) 9. Heidfeld BMW-Sauber ( 1:20.981 97) Honda have new aero "rabbit ears" maybe not nice but it must be good In Monday Massa owns everybody. Ferrari looks very nice Best Time on Track 1:18.339 just very quicky Fisichella at second hmmm, Coulthard at 4 hmm i dont know what to think about this. McLaren-Mercedes at 5 they can stay on that place for me not only on tests Alonso have the the ugliest Renault ever ... and My Team on last ... WT* but as we know some testing slick some parts to 2009 and some to this year so Times arent say what Team have better or worst parts on this Testing Days.
  3. Poll: Robert Kubica

  4. Poll: Robert Kubica

    Thx Piotr for explanation Now everybody knows especialli Elizabeth what i think I have a question for u all for how long youre watching RK? Cart?Formula Renault 3000?F1 BMW? How u think where Robert have best chances to take 1st win? ps. niezly polski Piotrze Jestem Twoim fanem, masz duza wiedze na temat f1 i RK Niestety z moim pisaniem po ang nie jest dobrze szczegolnie z gramatyka ale skonczylem szkole 10 lat temu, takze wybacz i popraw czasem jak walne jakas glupote dzieki pozdrawiam goraco
  5. Bmw Sauber

    Ye good post i cant add anything all are clearly facts and i hope BMW fix their problem... keep in tuch
  6. Poll: Robert Kubica

    Yes its true but Robert have potential he always have even when he started in carting. I know we have only three races but as we know nobody* expected they wll be 1st on WCC i know after 3 races , *I mean we who can only watched and thinkig and talking about F1 but I'm sure BMW Sauber they knew what they do with this car exacly they only dont know what car (modification) rest of F1 Teams made and now when were w8 for Barcelona they know more then we so when Mario says "were preper our car to WIN on BARCELONA" so it must be true I remmber what drivers like Alonso or Massa says after winter drive test : "BMW Sauber dont show their potential they testing with full fauel on board they are faster ..." and we have BMW Sauber on 1st poll My bad i mean Robert have new Antonio Cuquerella. I know everybody have but no one only BMW have Albert So now i think u see my point I belive in my feelings and i hope they win on BARCELONA ...ohh Im SurE !!! kiss ps. thx Piotr for explain
  7. Microprocessors And Formula 1

    Thx for post U should be praud !!! Karl just explain step by step all what they do to Formula One! I watched this movie five times and every time catch something new Its rly good looking INTEL and BMW Sauber F1. Day by day were lernig something new about F1 and people who are in F1 Circus. Thank u m8, its rly good staff !
  8. My Pics Bahrain 2008

    nice pics thank you m8 i downloading all to my comp thank u one more time have u got some pics with BMWSAUBER ? plzzzz post them kiss
  9. Poll: Robert Kubica

    No way, in my opinion in 2007 RK was second driver (he testing all what BMW made) but not now when hes a "better" then Nick. Twice on the podium, three times he have very good Qualificiation, hard work on free testing days, very good car (wll be better ) new manager who have better skill on F1 and finaly RK have more "PoweR" to win. BMW SAUBER have a two very good drivers. They know that and they have open way to win in this year doesnt meter who just win for the TEAM give them more POWER to next year. Idd TruE But he have a good car now ( that car wll better on Barcelona) i hope he win this year
  10. Poll: Robert Kubica

    my Vote : he will be the first Polish WDC .... why?? He have a bad luck at 1st GP in this year he loost his chance to take a podium i think 3rd place after this he should be 1st now at a WDC... now he have a good car F1.08, new team manager have a good luck on this year and ect ect ect so all is for his side to be the first WDC. now we have to w8 for Barcelona GP They made (BMW) a new aero staff they want to add this on Barcelona so wll see maybe this give them more speed and more chances to fight with Ferrari bc now they are beter on the corners not on the straight. On last race Quick Nick been 8 at the standigs with hight speed on race!
  11. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    hi whats up .... thank u all for nice welcome My best driver RK and SAUBER ofc but I'm always looking at Ferrari with Raikonen and Massa & Renault with Alonso as driver they are just a legend Teams on F1 so they need some respect I'm also looking at Jarno Trulli on Toyota Best Drivers Ever Ayrton Senna da Silva Alain Prost Michael Schumaher i hope Robert join to that brilants drivers I dont like McLaren after last year but wll see what they do on this season to change my emotions good day all cyaaaaa
  12. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    hello all I'm new on these forum.My name is Wojtek and I'm from Poland. I'm Robert Kubica FAN (like most of people on Poland but i have cold head) Maybe i help Piotr with his little war with Kate hihihi j/k I read this nice forum many times and now i have the time to write my opinion about F1 Circus and I hope to have a good time! cu ps. excuse me for my English i leave High-School 10 years ago