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  1. Welcome to all of those that have joined up ... I'm too lazy to type there names lol
  2. Yeah i've seen that version, its pretty funny @Jez ... call me TGL ^^ [still on holiday, but with WiFi]
  3. heh, that reminds me of the Robbie Keane Transfer to Liverpool and back speaking of, you wont get a peep out of me for the next few days, as i'm off to yorkshire for a holiday
  4. ooh Copy/Pasted stuff ... my favourite
  5. Screw friendship I've got money ... and a vast collection of Queen Albums ^^ heh thanks for the welcomes guys/gals ^^
  6. Hello, it seems that i've stumbled across this forum somehow So i thought i'd pop in and say hello I'm not very good with introduction, so ... Hello ^^
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