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  1. Happy Birthday Argento

    Happy Birthday Argento!
  2. It's (a?) Turkey!

    Brawn's 1st DNF and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy
  3. Unwanted Luggage To Be Thrown Out.

    I like KERS, especially if it's used to overtake and then defend the racing line
  4. It's (a?) Turkey!

    Sutil in Q2 I can't believe I'm gonna say this but ... if McLaren don't improve, they could be a back-row team
  5. It's (a?) Turkey!

    I predict a Barrichello Win!
  6. How Many Races Will Barrichello Win This Season?

    3 Brazil - Brawn will tell Jenson to be 2nd fiddle Germany - Win outright Turkey - Pit stops will decide it
  7. Finally Some Good News In F1

    Aswell as someone parking it near the Pit lane on purpose
  8. Finally Some Good News In F1

    San Marino to return!
  9. Indy 500

    I don't pay that much attention to the pit stops really .. except when they go horribly wrong, like in Singapore
  10. Indy 500

    Aswell as the speed and the mass pit stops ... they don't care if they nearly crash into each other, as long as they get ahead ... you don't see that in Formula One
  11. Indy 500

    I wanted Dan Wheldon win =D Ah well, nothing beats Monaco GP and then Indy 500 in the same day ... with Newcastle United getting relegated in the same day
  12. Dod Monaco

  13. Monaco Race Thread

    Jenson Button's Jog of Honor was class, who need's donuts or flags, just make the winner jog down the Start / Finish straight for the fans Brilliant race, not the most entertaining ... I was hoping Fisichella would score a point or 2, ah well, maybe next year
  14. Monaco Quali

    Force India, woo Looks like it'll be a good race with Lewis Hamilton near the back and Force India ahead of them
  15. You Heard It Here First

    I don't believe it, but alas, what can you believe nowdays