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  1. Sin duda!!! What happened to the was quite crowded, now I noticed it kinda lonely... Abrazo hermano!
  2. So its still the same old place...
  3. Hi mates... just visiting the old friends... how is this place going? greetings!
  4. Waiting for a great 2013 season!

  5. Really? can it be possible?... quieter maybe... but balder????
  6. Hello and welcome to TotalF1 Forums, please say hello in the new members thread to all the gang.

    Greetings from Mexico city

  7. Well done Robert! extraordinary race

  8. Helou eberywan! Aqui llego el mexicano to say hello a todos! AJUA!!!!! Welcome to me!
  9. Another lady joining the club, great news! We have a very good and beautiful female team around here. WELCOME ABOARD!
  10. Of course, Kay is one of the beautiful ladies that post here... welcome everybody!
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