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  1. A Mammoth is even better! Could use it as a towel too!
  2. Firstly read my post, I said and I quote: "I have no problems with you asking questions and saying you think parts of the bible is wrong etc, that is your opinion" Do not twist what I have said to make it like I am trying to stop your point of view or free speech, I am not and have never in any of my posts attacked you personally, said you are wrong, in fact read every one of my posts not once have I said God is real etc in all my posts I have only put I believe...because I know some of my atheist friends would find that bombastic and disrespectful. The things you have said that I have found very disrespectful I have put some of them in bold in the above quotes. I said "You claim to be not an ignorant person yet your posts are full of ignorant disrespectful language" as you have claimed you know the bible more than most Christians so you know more than most people that the things you wrote would be disrespectful. Either you knew you were being disrespectful but did it intentionally or you don't actually know much about the bible at all. If you think you have such a great case, why do you feel the need to mock my religion by using quotes for laughs "Jesus wept" (and that's a quote). There is simply no need for it and I called you on it. If you want to lie and say it's because I want censorship or because I don't want to hear other peoples opinions although that is down right false, you believe that but I have said and I repeat "I have no problems with you asking questions and saying you think parts of the bible is wrong etc, that is your opinion". And I have read everyone of your posts and although you say I haven't given any evidence or statistics..have you?? You make claims that more Christians have done this...Christians have done that... not once have you actually said in what country, in what year and where you found this information. You say "I would prefer you actually joined the debate about religion using evidence to support your opinions rather than simply calling me 'disrespectful' or 'ignorant' without even offering any examples" yet have given no evidence yourself. You also said "If you choose (and it is your choice) to take offence at statistics or the historical record that I am presenting, then I'll say this - I didn't make them up, so don't blame me." I'd like to know what "statistics and records" you are referring to because I can't find anything other than your opinions and statements not backed up with any documentation foundation at all. And no, stats and records that are truthful would never offend me. You said "My hypothesis: A man kills a mother of 2 sons. The first son(Blueberrymuffin) is a thiest. The second son (Napkinface) is an atheist.Napkinface thinks - I can't kill my mother'skiller because society says it's bad, everyone thinks it's bad, I would be amurderer, I would go to jail. Blueberrymuffin thinks - I can't kill my mother'skiller because society says it's bad, everyone thinks it's bad, I would be amurderer, I would go to jail BUT the bible says 'an eye for an eye', god willforgive me if I repent and I'm a sinner anyway - it's out of my hands. Blueberrymuffin goes out and kills the guy. Now - I know you will say that Blueberrymuffininterpreted the bible incorrectly. And you are correct - he did. But you see,his theism allowed him the oportunity to work around societal morality in hisown mind. Napkinface never had that option and so couldn't commit murder. Hisadherance to religion allowed Blueberrymuffin to rationalise an immoral act. Ergo - religious people commit more crimes andjustify immoral acts to themselves." As you say you know the bible well you will know Romans 13: 1-7 states, “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. For he is God's servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God's servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience. This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God's servants, who give their full time to governing. Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.” So a Christian acting biblically would not have murdered at all, if you knew the bible you would know that. (Where did you get the name Napkinface from, I seem to remember it in a film, any ideas?) The laws you state about stoning etc are from the Jewish law, from the Torah/OT. Jesus came to break the law, those laws are not part of Christianity, if you knew the bible you would know that. You say "bold part. Here's the crux of it. Why 'where religion is concerned'? I think forums should have boundaries for every subject. Why do you think religion is a special case? Why do you think discussion of religion should be more controlled than discussion of football? Is that freedom of expression? Or is it repression & censorship?" I think it is you who is calling victimisation here. And yes I do think religion is a special case because only in religion are there deities and holy people. And I say again it is nothing at all to do with censorship, it is respect for things people consider holy, not one person thinks football is holy no matter how much they claim a hand of God helped Argentina. And let me also explain why I said this: " The fact that you had to find a website to show "contradictions" not only shows your lack of imagination but also your personal knowledge" You said: MAT 1:16 And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ. LUK 3:23 And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli.So who was Joseph's dad (Jacob or Heli) and how does faith lead you to the correct way of reading these two verses so that they are not contradictory? If one is a mistake then what's to say the bible isn't full of mistakes? If you read the book of Matthew and Luke you would have noticed two things 1) Jesus was the descendant of King David but Joseph was not Jesus's biological father. So the only way Jesus is related to David would be through his mother. 2) The genealogies in Matthew and Luke are 90% different. If you had found this for yourself, or at least done a little reading beforehand you would have noticed these things and known that the second list of relatives must be the other side of the family, Mary's line, proving Jesus's kingly heritage, therefore no contradiction at all, just lack of knowledge. You said "The scientificmethod and terminology allows for an inevitable degree of error in everytheory. That's why there is no such thing as a scientific fact. Many peopledon't understand what a scientific theory is either. A theory is as close tofact as a scientific hypothesis ever gets. The theory of gravity is 'only atheory', the germ theory of disease is 'only a theory', evolutionary theory is'only a theory'. Science has found many facts about the world around us, many you'll be glad to here were by Christians. A scientific theory is a theory, a presumed answer to a phenomenon, using observations and experiments. Many theories contradict each other, many are no where near fact and no scientist would ever say so, so why you think "A theory is as close to fact as a scientific hypothesis ever gets" is beyond me. Yet you presume that just because I am a Christian I am foolishly mistaken about science. (quote: Kate - unfortunately you have a common misunderstanding of science (regularly encouraged by evangelical churches wishing to discredit it). But don't feel bad. Its a misconception that many MANY intelligent people have. Some religious people actively encourage ignorance of what the scientific method is and what scientific terminology means. It makes their own argument seem more authentic." ) Why do you presume my knowledge of science had anything to do with the church? I have only ever learned about science from the classroom or from non Christian books and websites, you try to make out that churches "actively encourage ignorance" about science, I have been to many churches over twenty odd years and I have not once experienced that, in fact quite the opposite would be true. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, maybe it does, but not anywhere I know of. I know the church has a great amount of say (or seems to) in the USA but I live in the UK, the church doesn't say much at all. You said "The ironic thing is that evoltunary theory has saved millions of lives and yet many religious people would have creationism taught in its place in the science classroom" Can you explain this please because I don't know in what way you mean the evolution theory has saved millions of lives. And what part of evolutionary theory are you talking about? And while I'm writing, for all the bad things people who are Christians have done why not think about all the people who have done good? Why not look at both sides? Why not look at all the people who have ever had an operation, the doctors came up with putting people to sleep because in the bible God put Adam into a deep sleep when he took out his rib to make Eve. Just think, if the world was without the bible, how many people would have died without an operation? All of my family would be dead for a start. There are many Christians who have saved many lives purely because of what it says in the bible. I have a few personal friends who have changed their lives drastically for the better because of the bible, I have many friends who were addicted to drugs, mainly Heroin and some were prostitutes but because the bible says they are precious and not an accident made by millions of years of macro-evolution they have felt a purpose in life. Let's say for arguments sake that there is no God, what harm has the bible done to those people? They have been able to pick themselves up and start living life away from addiction. Yes there are a lot of bad things Christian people have done but you can't forget all the good things Christians have done for mankind. Can I also say I am very sorry if you think that I meant for you not to have a say, I have not and did not mean that in anyway. I thought my post was very clear actually. I do feel you have been disrespectful, not for any "truths" or opinions but like I said in my original post, the language you have chosen to use.
  3. Just his clothes alone add a comedy value! Yeah I love his questioning technique..he asks a question then answers it! haha classic! But I do love it when he attacks random F1 guys and drags them to be interviewed. Don't get me started on Legard...
  4. Nope it's doesn't make me feel better knowing you missed it too, just more mad...stupid work how dare they make you work when F1 is on?? Sorry you missed it. Thanks, I feel much better now, you meanie! There's nothing like rubbing it in is there?! sorry you missed out too. But at least you had a good reason to miss it, hope visiting your friend was fun I love you!!!!!!!!! I didn't know it was on iplayer in full!!! I've never missed a race before so never used iplayer to watch it. I'm so happy! Thank you!!
  5. I should probably put this in the rant thread but I'm putting it here: The electricity for my whole area went out ten minutes before the start of the race. In case you didn't get the gravity of the situation "THE ELECTRICITY WENT OUT SO I COULDN'T WATCH THE RACE!!!!!!!" No TV, no recording, no internet, nothing!!! ARGH!! After trying to find my old modem that I don't have to plug in to the electrics and sulking for a bit (and boy did I sulk), my dad had the idea of listening to the car radio. So we sat in the car on the drive, listening to a really poor signal of F1 coverage. It was really hard to understand considering how hectic the race was and no picture, I found it really hard to follow and the reception was really bad particularly when they mentioned important details... Oh no! "Bzzzzzzzz" has had a bump with "bzzzzzz" Lewis Hamilton is "bzzzzz" Vettel is the fastest man on track he's in "bzzzzz" position and only "bzzzzz" seconds away from Button. I was and still am completely gutted! I've since watched the highlights but it's nothing like watching the whole race live. And trust it to be the best race of the season
  6. In addition, not one intelligent person would dispute that humans and dinosaurs co-existed. There are many pictures that show the blatant evidence. If you don't believe me... (Please don't ruin my dreams of having a dinosaur pet and dinosaur shower)
  7. Adamstrags, Firstly can I say that I find you very disrespectful. You don't have to believe or agree to be respectful of someone's religion. You claim to be not an ignorant person yet your posts are full of ignorant disrespectful language. I don't believe in Islam but I would never dream of disrespecting their beliefs by using the name of their prophet or using their holy book for jokes. What you believe and how you feel is your choice but what you write in open forums should have some boundaries where religion is concerned. I have no problems with you asking questions and saying you think parts of the bible is wrong etc, that is your opinion. The fact that you had to find a website to show "contradictions" not only shows your lack of imagination but also your personal knowledge. I believe there are no mistakes or contradictions, as the bible is the inerrant word of God. The Bible was written by approximately 40 different authors over a period of around 1500 years. Each writer wrote with a different style, from a different perspective, to a different audience, for a different purpose. We should expect some minor differences. However, a difference is not a contradiction. It is only an error if there is absolutely no conceivable way the verses or passages can be reconciled. There are some differences with translations which is obvious and yes there are some difficulties in the bible that I can not yet explain. No intelligent person would claim to have all the answers to these bibles difficulties, but it is a mistake of a critic to presume therefore that just because something has not been explained, it will never be explained. No scientist gives up just because they can't explain a certain phenomena, there were no answers for why we have earthquakes and volcanoes but the scientists didn't give up and shout "contradiction!" It's weird that you have chosen to share the Infidel website, as I have recently been reading the so called "contradictions" on that site. Firstly the guy who wrote the contradictions has very very little knowledge of the bible, and the world around him. One of the contradictions is "Snails do not melt" Now you don't have to be clever, you don't have to be religious in anyway shape or form and even school kids know snails indeed melt when in contact with salt. And any slightly educated person who has studied biblical times will also know that snails were used as a dye for the "biblical" purple described in the OT. Now the guy who wrote these contradictions doesn't really seem all that clever now does he? But if you feel some of those "contradiction" have some intelligence and relevance I will gladly try to answer why I think it is not an inconsistency. You make the mistake on making the bible guilty until proven innocent. What world do you live in? Do you presume all written things are wrong until you prove otherwise? What about road signs? Do you presume it doesn't really mean stop until you crash then you have the evidence that proves it to be correct? Do you presume all written documentations found throughout history as fake nonsense until someone can prove otherwise? I doubt that very much. The bible like all other books should be presumed to be telling us what the author said and heard until you have proof otherwise.
  8. Yeah, it's so annoying!!! Constant buzzing throughout every game!!! Grrrrr!!!! It's really horrible, I can hardly hear the commentators and I love to hear the crowds cheering for their teams but all I hear is the crappy buzzing noise. I usually like to watch every match but listening to that constant racket for 2 games a day, everyday is not exactly what I call fun.
  9. Results: Button 1:18.127 Schumacher +0.158 Hamilton +0.225 Rosberg +0.229 Vettel +0.422 Kubica +0.535 Alonso +0.599 Liuzzi +0.970 Hulkenburg +1.155 Barrichello + 1.186 Sutil +1.246 Massa +1.384 Petrov +1.422 Webber +1.482 Kobayashi +2.059 Buemi +2.193 De La Rosa +2.457 Alguersauri + 2.696 Kovalainen +3.742 Chandhok +3.650 Trulli +4.416 Senna +4.574 Glock +4.586 Di Grassi stopped on track - team unsure why.
  10. hee hee! Us girlies really didn't have any taste did we! haha! Unfortunately I've met Eddie Irvine. It was years ago when he was still in F1, he was doing a speech about how great a driver he was compared to Schumacher (you know that old speech ) and he kept talking at me in particular even though there was a group of people there, he was trying to impress everyone with his "God's gift to women" attitude, I think he expected me to faint at his brother was quietly laughing next to me saying "He keeps looking at you" "He's still looking at you""Why is he just looking at you"...not a pleasant experience...I had nightmares for a while after...
  11. Free Practice one has started..... and it's SNOWING!!!!!! WOAH! (OK exaggeration number one...)
  12. I'd help and post what's happening but I'm not sure I wouldn't just make everything up for comical effect. "Alonso has gotten out of the car and has painted what looks like a tunnel on the "champions" wall. He's even turned the sign post to point into the wall....OH NO!! Rosberg has fallen for Alonso's trick and has crashed into the wall! Meanwhile...Button can't get a clear run so has pressed the super duper go go magic legs, which spring out from the sides of the McLaren and start running over Lewis Hamilton. Martin Whitmarsh is now being interviewed and he insists that the new developments are within the regulations. Suddenly the camera stops to look at Vettel in the garage...he's appears to be putting Red Bull into Mark Webbers fuel tank!!! Cue hitchc#ck movie soundtrack...eek eek eek..."
  13. Yep and thanks it took me a while to answer that question, I like questions that get me thinking. Totally agree it is sad how Christians give God a bad name, it's also sad that many non Christians don't know enough about the bible to know that these people are acting against what God has said. What a very good post. Now I know you don't believe that, because I've seen your "beautiful girls" thread!!! Considering you have said you know the bible very well then you will know that it says that all good things come from God, therefore Christians do tend to thank or praise God when good things happen, they are following the bible teachings, there is no harm in that Now I don't know of any group or singular person who has ever done something horrific yet biblical (If one springs to mind please help me out here) so that is why when some one or group do something that is not in line with the bible they are the ones that is wrong not Christianity, it's not lack of responsibility. It's like saying Lewis Hamilton shouldn't get into trouble and be responsible for wheel spinning in Australia, because he's part of F1 and F1 is to blame because they encourage speeding etc. No where does F1 encourage that kind of behaviour. Now who's fault is it? Of course it's Lewis who has to be responsible, just like the people who do bad things although they are Christians. Now the bit I've made grey: I'm not American, I don't know what is currently happening with the school systems so I can't comment specifically on that. I'd read up on it but knowing the internet I think it would be hard to find a site that is not blindly one sided. But what I will say is this, firstly I love science, I've studied it through school, at college and I love to read about stuff on the internet anything from organisms to chemical reactions to the stars, absolutely everything. But the majority of what people say are science truths about the world around us have not been proven and maths doesn't back it up either. I'm all for searching for ideas of how, where and why but a lot of science is guess work and presumption and there are major holes in their theories that mathematics can't yet explain. So when science books drop the word "theory" or state things as fact that are not actual facts then I wouldn't class that as enlightenment, I would class that as the exact opposite. Why not say this is a thigh bone of a huge dinosaur, this is the only thing we have ever found so apart from it's guessed height and guessed weight we don't know much about it. But instead (and this is true because I came across this particular dinosaur and studied it a while recently) science tells us that this dinosaur was famous for it's neck strength, it lived on it's own and the young would stay with it's mother for 3 years before setting out on it's own. This particular dinosaur was one of the first to be omnivorous and this is a picture of its actual size next to a human...blah blah blah!! None of these are facts, and I find it incredible that this is allowed to be published in books as facts. Science that says things as facts that are not facts is to me the huge step backwards, not the allowing of different points of view in a classroom. Don't get me wrong a lot of things science says can now be proven and it's great to know how things work, but lets face it, science changes all the time, a lot of what we thought ten years ago is laughed at now so why do current scientists think they hold all the cards for teaching children? Science was originally the art of asking questions and trying to find the answers, allowing different points of view about how the world began in a science class room would only encourage children to question what they think and find facts to back it up. And the part I put in bold. A Christian might say: look at everything around you, according to the bible there is nothing that isn't a result of God's great work. That very method is what many Scientists all over the world would disregard for their own gain (chiefly monetary). It works both ways! Yep religion is wrong, it says in the bible that God hates religion too.
  14. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!
  15. Haha I was waiting for a Ralf Schumacher comment! I was young and impressionable, besides I'm a lady now so I have much better taste!
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