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  1. Shame, that can really come in handy!! Anyway we can't see your eyes so I bet you could easily pull it off on here... ...well maybe not virginal innocent but a lot more innocent than "what are sexual morals"
  2. Ha that is so true! Although let's keep this on the down low, because I like to use the " I'm a sweet innocent lady" act sometimes and don't want to completely ruin those chances
  3. Hmm...I think I'll give that a pass. I hope it wasn't a Henry Hoover with one of those cute faces on...that's just wrong! Do you think about that vacuum picture a lot? Maybe you are the most perverted!
  4. Haha! Well I realise it truly is a badge of honour but you'll have to battle that out amongst yourselves. It only takes the right amount perversion and an immoral compass to take the crown but to be honest I haven't seen anything that would make me blush yet so I'm not sure if any of you guys are up to that kind of status!
  5. Well normally I would say prove it but I think on this occasion I will say... I humbly and sincerely apologise Great Pabloh THE dirty pervert.
  6. Thanks for the welcome everyone. Pabloh, if it makes you feel better I'll consider you a dirty pervert like the rest on that list
  7. Thanks for the welcome! Argento: From now on I promise I will only think of you as adirty pervert and definitely not an old man. Quiet one: It’s funnyyou say that, because I usually dress up as barbarella when I go online...sortof a superstition... Schumikonen: Don't think I'll have a birthday if that's how you celebrate. Hold on, what do the guys have to do??
  8. lol! Sounds like you've got them all summed up and so will know their weak points I'm looking forward to the girlie assaults on the guys! Especially dribbler, chewing your toe nails is plain wrong! Eurgh!
  9. Hey Kopite Girl. Yeah I am female and available for any of your bloke bullying needs Bring it on!
  10. Hey! How you all doing? I'm new hence the post here.. so hello I've been reading for a while and thought I'd stop being lazy and start posting too. I'm glad to have found a forum where everyone sits on the fence. Sorry did I say everyone? I mean no-one. Seems like a fun place with everyone having strong views but there's a good mix of opinions which is a rare thing. Probably will chat to you all at some point so see you around.
  11. James, you're not supposed to say such a thing.

    Great name!

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