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  1. Australian Grand Prix

  2. Australian Grand Prix

    They'll need a much better engine before they can show how good the car is. Button, Alonso... They can't add HP to that Honda Civic.
  3. Australian Grand Prix

    I doubt Alonso is going to stay at home more than it's necessary to recover and the doctors recommends but what's the point on speeding the recovery if there's absolutely no chance to get even a single point?
  4. Australian Grand Prix

    Red Bull won't be able to fight against Ferrari and Williams. A driver like Ricciardo might compensate a chassis problem but HP is a different matter. Only Renault can solve that kind of problems.I'd say Toro Rosso is stronger than Red Bull ATM but it's been a good start for Sainz no doubt.
  5. Australian Grand Prix

    So now Mercedes can adjust Williams engine to balance a second-tier championship against Ferrari? For the good of the sport, and the business of course.
  6. Australian Grand Prix

    Renault engine is causing a lot of trouble to Red Bull. Merc PU is still ahead by a mile. Williams' didn't look that great though. Ferrari's really much stronger than last year. No comments about Honda's. It's all about engines. Red Bull might be the best car, or McLaren or Ferrari, but no engine no racing. I'm afraid Mercedes didn't show 80% of their real pace. Get ready for a Hamilton vs Rosberg championship, I can't see Rosberg competing against Hamilton on a 20-race season.
  7. Who's The Best In F1 Today?

    Me no understand. You mean that bit from Alonso haters and jihadists?
  8. For Those Who Think Fernando Is Average

    Yes and no. Alonso isn't widely hated anywhere in Spain. Some people from South, North, East or West simply don't like him. It's about the same for Kimi in Finland or for Vettel in Germany. Lloronso is a word that maybe knows 1% of Spanish population, most of them are 14 year old schoolboys wasting their life behind a computer.
  9. Who's The Best In F1 Today?

    Not even 1 point behind. Both Hamilton and Alonso got the same amount of points. The rest of your posts and WebRic's I agree almost 100%. Ricciardo is a refresh for F1 but not enough to turn a dull championship into a great one I'm afraid. But ok, we'll see in a few races how things are going.
  10. For Those Who Think Fernando Is Average

    Interesting thread. Good reads thankx to WebRic, Maure, Jem, DPR and good laughs with the help of some others. Thank you all! Of course I'm still an Alonso supporter. He's among the best, probably ahead of most drivers. From a country with little F1 tradition he achieved a great record and hopefully he can still fight for a third title this season or the next one. Something we say in Spain: ladran luego cabalgamos, Sancho.
  11. Official - Alonso Will Not Race In Melbourne

    There's something we simply don't know. Maybe the accident was more serious than it was said or they keep things private until the investigation is finished. Whatever, but Alonso missing Aus GP don't match the story they told us.
  12. Did Vettel Pull Off A Masterstroke????

    Sadly it will be a cakewalk for Mercedes. Of course Hamilton vs Rosberg is not enough for a great F1 season. It could help if there's a close fight for the third place between Ferrari, Lotus and Williams drivers. And let's see if McLaren-Honda can walk in Australia and then run back in Europe.
  13. Predictions

    So... no predictions for Mercedes? Well, they really don't need it. It's 80% Hamilton WDC, Rosberg 20%, and Mercedes WCC 100%.
  14. Predictions

    Maybe. I just read a piece of news about the FIA that will investigate the accident. I think we can trust them on safety, not much more though.
  15. Predictions

    Yep. On the matter I don't think there's something strange on having very little information about Alonso's condition for privacy reasons. Problem is they said everything was fine, Alonso blah, blah, and then he stays 3 days in hospital? He's going to miss last preseason tests so the accident and Alonso's condition wasn't as they said it was. It's still understandable though. But, if there was a problem in the car that made Alonso crash, I don't think the FIA and McLaren-Honda will let it go without an investigation or something much more serious could happen in a GP an then...