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  1. Posted 1 minute ago · Report post Hi all, just signed up as a new member to the forum. im a 52 yr old fella , and I'm going to watch my first ever live race this year in Abu Dhabi in November , really can't wait. Bought general admission tickets to the hill. I do have some disabilities which makes walking any distances quite difficult, I'll be taking my own chair for comfort to watch all the action, any advise on assess ability on this circuit would be much appreciated if anyone's in the know. next year I'd really like to go to Baku. I think this is going to be a great circuit and future exciting race ( a little disappointing this year and I think everyone was supprised at how the race was totally un eventfull ) but I can remember watching it on tv and being really envious of some supporters watching the race from their hotel balconies . And all the tv presenters in the uk saying how great the nightlife and restaurants in Baku were. did anyone on the forum do Baku this year? How was it? Thanks all in advance. p.s wish I'd put a bet on alonsos cheeky fasted lap on the last race ? Quote Edit
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