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  1. USA GP 2016

    Funny Lewis turns up dominates the weekend, behaves impeccably and everyone here is quiet. One foot wrong and he's a brat, immature, etc etc Not many drivers go an entire season having 100% some point surely Nico's gotta have an issue! Well I'm hoping anyway. If it came down to an abu dhabi duel on equal points you'd fancy Lewis to win it.
  2. 2016 Championship

    Although I usually think your Lewis comments a tad harsh I agree on Ricciardo, he's fast becoming my new favourite driver, the guy is just a legend in every way. With Button gone next year I may just have to become a Ricciardo fan!
  3. Lewis a prima donna and a brat

    No I forgot about the chicane, I was just replying to your comment about no other champ has had a dominant car again the following season (and lost the title)
  4. Silly Season

    No I was right about Sheckter, he never won another race after his title year in 1979
  5. Silly Season

    Ah now there's a challenge! Scheckter? K Rosberg? Hulme? I'll need to consult the history books to verify. Actually Jochen Rindt of course, but then he had a pretty good excuse.
  6. 2016 Ferrari

    Even if he has all the best ideas in the world and speaks for the fans, theres only so much you can do with the big manufacturers quite willing to block/veto anything they don't like
  7. 2016 Championship

    None of us really know how the drivers spend their spare time, I mean Lewis shares selfies with celebrities but he also shares a hell of a lot of pics of himself in the gym and training and saying how determined he is to win the next race. He's won 45-ish races and 3 titles so he's doing something right. The Melbourne burnout thing was about 5 years ago but I see your point. I started following Daniel Ricciardo on facebook this year (just cos I think he's awesome) and he seems to spend a lot of his spare time having a lot of fun but we don't judge him for it or say he's not focused. For all we know Rosberg parties it up every weekend and has an alcohol problem. I'm just glad our champ has a personality, unlike so many other drivers past and present!
  8. Lewis a prima donna and a brat

    What about Senna in 1989? He lost the title to Prost. I think history shows that Lewis's personal life doesn't affect his driving. For a few years now he's been all over social media with pics of his antics, then turns up to a race weekend and is faster than everyone. That hasn't really changed, but this year he had bad reliability in the early part of the season, has messed up too many starts, and lost 25 points in Malaysia. His speed is still there. If it weren't for Malaysia then the 2 mercs would still be neck and neck.
  9. Silly Season

    Heidfeld was solid and reliable but was never going to produce one of those all-time-great drives that make you sit up and think wow he's special. Webric do you mean all Herbert's team-mates during 1997, or since 1997? Either way I cant remember lol. In 1997 I know there was Larini for a while but cant remember the other one! I wouldn't say Frentzen was under-rated, he didn't perform at Williams when given the golden opportunity (Hill/Villeneuve would've been stronger in hindsight), but at Jordan he got the credit he rightly deserved because the 1999 season was just incredible from him, amazing consistency, a world class drive in the French GP in the wet, and 3rd in the wdc in a Jordan
  10. 2016 Championship

    Legendary f1 drivers are arrogant, so I don't know why a lot of you guys judge Ham for being the same. Senna (who no-one will dare say a bad word about) thought he was god compared with the rest of the plebs racing against him, the best drivers are usually a*seholes which is normal given how competitive and ruthless they are. Of course he thinks the best, he's a competitive racing driver. I for one hope Lewis wins the title and that's purely because I think he's the better driver, I don't care whether he whines or not, nearly all f1 drivers are whingers.
  11. 2016 Ferrari

    Don't believe it for a second but even if it were true, why?? Boullier had a good stint at Lotus but ever since has been overseeing a giant failure of a project
  12. Lewis a prima donna and a brat

    to be fair though only die hard motorsport fans in USA would have a chance of knowing who Schumi was
  13. Silly Season

    Yea I forgot Nicola Larini and Pedro Diniz too but there's a reason for that lol
  14. Kubica,Renault 2017

    He looked good against Heidfeld but then a few drivers have looked good alongside Heidfeld. If I remember rightly (which I may not be) his 1 win in Canada 2008 was largely assisted by the fact that Lewis boshed Kimi in the rear in the pit lane.
  15. Silly Season

    Question of the day: who is Sauber's best ever driver? Frentzen? Alesi? Raikkonen? Kubica?