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  1. 4 Races In

    Could I just make a note here that only three teams have won... Mclaren, Mercedes, Red Bull and Alonso. Ferrari deserve absolutely zero credit for the Alonso victory!
  2. Replacing Massa

    Ferrari's true pace is closer to where Massa currently is (behind RB, Mclaren, Merc, Renault, Williams and Sauber). King Fernando is worth a good 2 seconds a lap, and dragging that piece of Italian rubbish through the point positions, he is worth his current salary times 10!
  3. Hey Buddy, yeah thought I better pop past good old TF1:) I'm not going to hold my breath regarding the new Ferrari updates as it's going to take more than a few updates (more like a new car) to make the F2012 competitive. Perhaps the Spaniard fans and myself can blow at the same time to give the Ferrari some half decent straight line speed?
  4. Hey All, Longtime no chat, hope you are all well. So I decided to book tickets to the Spanish GP at Circuit de Catalunya next month. My question as in the topic is, who is going to this years race and has anyone been before? Cheers Wez
  5. True this, so we good for at least 24
  6. Oh Happy Day

    Nick Fry or chubby Norbert.... Im not sure who is worse?
  7. The Most Beautiful Cars!

    I think it's smoking hot but would still probably take the DBS over it. Jeremy Clarkson & Tiff Needle (who usually hates Aston Martins) both rate the DBS as the best car in the world at the moment!
  8. Happy Birthday Eduardo

    Probably one of the greatest posters the forum has ever 'seen'! Happy belated birthday mate!!!
  9. Would this include the Merc safety car???
  10. Intra Team Fights

    They really look like they hate each other here.. Just media hype.
  11. Gosh I just hate it when Formula 1 and Chinese Football League clash on TV!
  12. Jenson Button

    Ummm I fail to see the point you trying to make here? 1. Alonso hasn't actually competed in a race in a Ferrari as yet. 2. Alonso beat Schumacher to the title in both 2005 & 2006 driving a Renault! As for this topic, it's clear the author had a vendetta against Button and that's old news, the fact is that Button isn't a bad driver by any stretch of the imagination. To win the title, no matter how fast your car you need to have talent. Button had the fastest car in 2009 and took advantage of that, Massa had the fastest car in 2008 and blew it. That said Button isn't one of the top 3 drivers in the sport.
  13. Claim To Fame

    I've had dinner at the table next to Shaun Connolly in Spain, had drinks with Nelson Piquet jr in SA and attended a Manchester United training session as a VIP in the UK
  14. Intra Team Fights

    Who cares what was or wasn't said by Massa, the simple truth is that Alonso is probably the best driver in formula 1 at the moment and Massa is very much over rated. I lost all faith in Massa when he totally folded and blew it in the 2008 championship. Alonso WILL wipe the floor with the Brazilian this season!!!