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  1. Hey mate, glad you back too! And its good to see we support the same team nowadays... I still need to teach you about Alonso el grande however Ps. 4000 posts! YEEEEAAAH!!!
  2. Yeah I think so... Im +2 GMT... And please Excuse all the other kids comments.. HAHA
  3. Brad bud, Girls love the photos of Wez on the loose in the city;)
  4. DAMN, right now i cursing the fact that Greece is about 12000km away from South Africa...
  5. Welcome to TF1 Angie!!! Likewise I like you already
  6. Not to worry mate... I help fight the cause! What have I missed?
  7. Not new... BUT Im back!!!!!!!
  8. Who would ever have thought that this is infact the "welcome" thread of a formula 1 forum...
  9. Welcome to you Julie. Great to have some more females onboard. Welcome as well to our new Aussie member newredsuit. I will add that it is a pity you both support Mr personality
  10. EXACTLY... Lets pitch up Rossi & Mike Tyson in a GP bike race & a boxing match! BTW, Welcome Eric, Elgo & anyone else that I may have missed.
  11. An Alonso & Senna fan who's not afraid to argue with ignorant Alonso bashers.... good lad!!!
  12. Welcome to the forum andersonae86 & Jez! Im sure you will enjoy the fun and banter of the greatest f1 forum around! Cheers Wez
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