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The commentators sound so bored.

Yeah....half the problem was CAMS though...they got all strict, as in 1mm strict, with the F5000's last year and because of it all but three or four of the kiwi cars boycotted the event. They CAMS guys were scrutineering the cars and if the wing was 1mm too high or too long last year they told them they could not race...CAMS eventually backed down when ALL the drivers, including the Aussies said none of them would race, thus it would have left a very embarrassed CAMS and Melbourne GP officialdom if one of their support races, one that is very popular with the fans, scratched themselves from the event.

Because of their heavy handedness (CAMS), the Tasman Revival Series has died as the kiwi's are not going to go to Aussie anymore unless CAMS rethink their values when it comes to historic cars...which is all about them being out on track, not scrutineered to the nth degree.

That race had the most F5000's for the weekend - a field of 16 or 17.....NZ regularly has 30 cars on the grid....and the shipping to Aussie is free, yet they didn't want to go......:eusa_think:

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