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  1. I mentioned in the U.S. racing thread that big news was coming tomorrow in terms of sports cars. The only clue out there is that it may be at the ACO presser tomorrow, and it may be the DeltaWing (former IndyCar concept...now with a closed roof, revised bodywork, and headlights) going Le Mans racing in the near future...
  2. They make it so hard to have a favorite. Every driver I like is paired with two people I either don't like, never heard of, etc. Or they drive an Audi/Peugeot. Sometimes both. I guess of the legitimate contenders in P1 I'd prefer the 3 over the other Audis and the 7 over the other Peugeots. Tiago Monteiro's always a favorite of mine, but I don't know anything about his teammates or his team. Fernández/Primat isn't bad, Meyrick is more like Mehrick to me, and the Aston couldn't be uglier...well, I guess if it were an Audi Rwhatever, but... I have no one in P2. A few in GT. 56 has three drivers I like, 80 has Patrick Long, and 89 has Leh Keen. GT-Am has just one, and needs just one: 68. No questions there.
  3. Today In F1

    Richard Suttle in before the lock with some theatrics: http://en.espnf1.com...tory/50898.html
  4. Bahrain

    lolwut http://news.bbc.co.u...ne/13694628.stm
  5. Racing Of The United States Variety

    Grand-Am looking to expand the 2012 schedule. Could include Indy. The ISC ties deepen. Street circuits also mentioned. Big sports car news is coming Thursday from what I've been told. No specification if that refers to homegrown sports cars, or the ones that race in Eurasia, or the entire world of sports car racing. But I guess it's going to be big. Anyone have any info? I'll feel stupid if there's nothing announced.
  6. Let's see...SPEED's coverage on Saturday goes 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM, 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM, 11:00 PM to NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, and resumes 6:00 AM to finish. I'll be around for none of that. Could have sworn it was next weekend...and I'm recording the Texas Indy races so my loss.
  7. Racing Of The United States Variety

    Ever complain about commentary and TV production? Well, don't. It will never be worse than this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI2wTfHvaBM#t=04m08s Problem: when Justin Allgaier ran out of fuel, the commentators declared Trevor Bayne the winner. A car flew past and crossed the stripe and the director decided to zoom in and follow that car while the commentators celebrated Trevor Bayne's victory on return from whatever illness has sidelined him for so long. Which is great...except that the car that they thought won was Kevin Lepage, 7 laps down in the 52 car. Bayne was a long distance back in third. Allgaier won. It's bad when one commentator gets screwed up. All three had no clue what was going on. Making it worse was the director just assuming the 52 car was Bayne. Hilarious...
  8. Wait. The race is this weekend? Can't they schedule it around my schedule next time?
  9. Racing Of The United States Variety

    Dave giving some airtime to Indy...good stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLzW7ymhJ-g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToKHtVtG59A
  10. Today In F1

    21 races on the 2012 calendar...Jean Todt says it will be reduced to 20...and some Mexican fellow with an Internet connection says Charlie Whiting has given Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez the green light for a 2012 race. I figured I'd post it anyway for the hell of it. Whiting really was there, and really did approve it or something like that. My guess: they know very well that they need a backup plan for Austin, because getting that puppy done in time for June won't be easy. Mexico City would be a decent backup, since 95% of the people who would attend Austin would be Pérez fans taking a short trip north. But that might be too logical.
  11. What Did You Learn From Monaco?

    EDIT: Wrong thread.
  12. Racing Of The United States Variety

    Prelude to the Dream from the dirt track Eldora Speedway is tomorrow night! Stars of American racing will drive dirt late models for charity. Awesome event... Racing for Levine Children's Hospital: Jimmie Johnson (Sprint Cup) Denny Hamlin (Sprint Cup) Bill Elliott (retired Sprint Cup) David Reutimann (Sprint Cup) Austin Dillon (Camping World Truck) Ryan Evernham (former Sprint Cup team owner and crew chief, NASCAR on ESPN analyst) Cruz Pedregon (NHRA) Children's Healthcare of Atlanta: Ryan Newman (Sprint Cup) Carl Edwards (Sprint Cup) Clint Bowyer (Sprint Cup) Joey Logano (Sprint Cup) Ken Schrader (he's raced everything...literally) David Gilliland (Sprint Cup) Ron Capps (NHRA) St. Louis Children's Hospital: Kyle Busch (Sprint Cup) Kasey Kahne (Sprint Cup) Bobby Labonte (Sprint Cup) Justin Allgaier (Nationwide) Kenny Wallace (Nationwide) Ron Hornaday (Camping World Truck) Ricky Carmichael (Camping World Truck, formerly motocross) Children's Medical Center of Dallas: Tony Stewart (Sprint Cup) Tony Kanaan (IndyCar) Matt Kenseth (Sprint Cup) Brian Vickers (Sprint Cup) Marcos Ambrose (Sprint Cup) Aric Almirola (Nationwide) Dave Blaney (Sprint Cup)
  13. Racing Of The United States Variety

    Your entries for the Firestone Twin 275s from the Texas Motor Speedway...so plentiful, in fact, they are in rows of three! 30 cars will take to Saturday night's double-header in Fort Worth. Special considerations: Hélio Castroneves wears the AAA Insurance colors again. J.R. Hildebrand reverts to the usual camo from the different livery he had at Indy. Ryan Briscoe gets Guidepoint GPS on his sidepods. Paul Tracy is in Dragon's 8 with Motegi Racing branding. Dario Franchitti gets the Huggies sponsorship. His teammates Scott and Graham would be better fits, but after the stink about not being able to conserve fuel, well... Davey Hamilton returns in the 11 car. James Jakes' new Acorn livery from Indy sticks. Now he'll actually get to race it. Alex Lloyd in the 19 again. That's what I like to see. Mike Conway's 27 has the Hire Heroes program on it again. I assume they have no sponsor this weekend and are just trying to do anything to make up for Indy. Andretti should know better. Nothing makes up for Indy. Three SSM cars: Jay Howard (through Rahal) with Service Central, Wade Cunningham with Creatherm, and, of course, Alex Tagliani. Wade will succeed. Check out the spotters' guide: http://www.indycar.com:8080/var/assets/Texas_Spotter_Web.pdf
  14. Racing Of The United States Variety

    If it races in the United States, it's U.S. racing. V8 Supercars are looking at a round here. Or maybe in Canada. 11 of 12 Canadian provinces are U.S. states anyway. Do it with NASCAR when they run a roadie, have some drivers swap for the hell of it. The Ambrose experiment has worked out pretty well, especially when there are right turns involved, so now I'd like to see Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart wrestle with Holdens while Greg Biffle and Carl Edwards shake down the Falcons. I've always liked Allan McNish. His message to J.R. Hildebrand was pure class. He made a video on Facebook for J.R. and essentially told him to comeback and show them who's boss, and congratulated him on a great race. McNish knows about throwing away a big race. Pure class. Not like I'd expect anything less from him, or from any of the sports car crew really. Good group of guys racing them there funny-lookin things over in Yerup. Talk continues to sizzle about Simona de Silvestro driving for Penske next year. That's nothing new; when a young driver in a small team makes waves, of course he/she is going to be linked to Penske. Simona setting fastest lap in the wet on the tight street course of São Paulo, fighting even though she was laps down from an accident that was far from her fault during the aborted Sunday race...that, to me, validated all I've been saying since her FBMW days. The talent is there, the attitude is there, the fire is there (too soon?), so I definitely believe she has a good future in the sport (Renault, Sauber, and another team offered her tests this winter, so even them there Yer-a-peein snobs like our All-American Swiss Missile . On that note, though, kudos to her for knowing that direction wasn't going to be the way to go. Another driver who turned down Sauber? Dan Wheldon, who was offered the full season of Friday drives for BMW-Sauber after the 2005 season. He chose Ganassi instead. You do realize that we wouldn't have seen the rise of Robert Kubica had Dan taken the offer...) Back to where I was, all the credit in the world to Simona, but Penske? Let's break this down. She hasn't shown much on the ovals. Her equipment is awful, I get that, but she doesn't outdrive the expectations on ovals as she does on road/street circuits. Roger likes two types of drivers: champions and champions. The first kind wins the season, the second kind wins the Indy 500. I love Simona, but she's not quite at the level to be doing either of those things, at least not from what we've seen. Power's their championship guy (his oval results aren't there, but the form is), Hélio's their 500 ace. I don't think Roger's looking for a more consistent Ryan Briscoe... In fact, I don't think Penske's looking to run three cars next year. Maybe Newman/Haas get their 6 back. They'll run Power and another guy. I think Briscoe's a guaranteed goner. He's had a long time to be on weird fuel strategy to try to pull off a bizarre Indy victory, and he blew his big championship chance. Once Power came in, he fell off. Castroneves will always have three reasons to hire him, but his driving has definitely been p**s-poor this year. I don't think Roger likes this three-car thing. Spreading it too thin, and that's leading to boneheaded pit mistakes on Power's car, and botched strategies, and general un-Penske-like happenings. They'll take Power and a 500 guy. Though 500 guy won't be Castroneves if he doesn't start winning this year... There's also the Chevrolet factor. I realize de Silvestro was at the Chevrolet announcement, and she's been hanging around the Penske garage a lot, and she's been hanging out with the Penske drivers away from the track. But...if Chevrolet have a say with their "anchor team," I don't know. de Silvestro has marketing potential, but I'm not sure who Chevrolet are going after with Indy racing. Personally, I think they'll want Hildebrand (and they'll get him at Panther...I'm sure Panther will be a Chevy team again) for advertising. Young American who would be just as natural in an ad for the Volt as he would the Silverado. Captain America is his name, after all... Very interesting developments, but I'm still not convinced the Captain's looking for much of anyone. Maybe if this Hendrick/Penske/Pendrick/Henske thing is true, and the third car becomes the 25 as a satellite team, maybe...
  15. Btcc '11

    I remember being impressed with Matt Hamilton last year. And any excuse for demonstrating the superiority of the Mac keyboard with special characters works for me, so bring on the Škoda. This Josh Hurley kid...means well, I'm sure, and is probably a nice guy, and an alright driver, but...if he can't find a team's contact info on his own, and has to use Twitter, and not even a DM, and not even decent grammar...uh...best of luck, I guess, is the right way to put that.