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  1. Verstappen Tells Gpda To F Off

    He's right in so far as survey's are ever going to change anything. Other than that, he's just your average 17yo that doesn't yet know tact. Or, how to fix a car that has gone the wrong way in setup and all he can do is complain on the radio. He can drive, but he is lacking the experience needed to find solutions when it goes pear shaped.
  2. Indianapolis 500

    Bang bang...she dead... Carry on Pardners
  3. Brazil Tyre Selection

    He means they are black and round and will be put on his car and then be expected to drive a racecar which is a dangerous thing to do.
  4. V8 Supercars

    Stop stealing quotes from Wikipedia about Australia.
  5. Mgp Budget

    Well, they do throw their money around...to their employees. The two young engineers that work with me have a friend that is working for MGP in their Graduates Programme...he has pocketed around GBP500 for every race win this year, and now is going to get another 10k for the WCC...and he's an apprentice. I don't care personally if MGP spend $100 or $1billion. It has nothing to do with me; they can manage their business in whatever manner they want. They could possibly do what they have done on less, but they have chosen not to. But, as I say, I couldn't give a rats behind about it.
  6. Massa

    Massa is a bit of a dweeb in these sorts of things. Understandable since his accident, but he, along with everyone else, had the opportunity to pull into the pits and stop driving. No one has a gun to their heads. Likewise, the only person at fault with Jules crash is Jules. He didn't drive to the conditions, i.e. slow down. But these days it always has to be someone elses fault, and never any personal responsibility. Like I said in another thread recently, I smacked the armco very hard the other week in a wet weather race, wiping out the rear corner of my car. Several drivers in my class sat out the race, and they all have perfectly good, working cars. I don't. I also could have seriously hurt myself. Luckily, I only had a sore neck for a few days, and a bruise on my right hand side. Should I blame race control and the stewards for letting us race in pouring rain? No. Of course not. They didn't make me plant my right foot down the straight. They didn't make me think I could pass the guy infront of me that was going slower because of the wet. No, it was all on me. My choice, to race, to go fast, and the consequences are on me, even if Sh#t happens.
  7. V8 Supercars

    Fantastic race. Beats F1 hands down. That had to be the best 1000 that's been run in years.
  8. Closed Seaters.

    Precisely, which is why I don't think what you're saying can be true. How do these lights work then? If not spotlighting, what is the purpose? They can't aim at the lense as that would over expose the picture. And if they are not powerful enough to spotlight, then they will be doing jack.
  9. V8 Supercars

    Track breaking up is going to make this very interesting now. Having raced myself on a track breaking up, I can say it's not much fun at all, and gets exponentially worse with the more power you have. And the 'roo's strike again...without actually hitting anyone. Scheming, coniving, devlish animals....
  10. Closed Seaters.

    So you're saying they are spotlighting the track with a camera? I find this very very very very hard to believe...
  11. Closed Seaters.

    Cameras used a light? You mean the big orange firey one in the sky? No broadcast camera at an outdoor event uses a light except those used for interviews and they spot light the interviewee. What you smoking on the GC?
  12. Closed Seaters.

    Closed c#ckpits are for the future, but not for Formula 1. If they were to come about, I do believe it will be for an entirely other form of Formula racing when cars are +250mph. A cover would have done nothing for Jules unless it was something like 25mm thick, at which point vision would be so altered due to curvature change and magnifcation, impurity of the acyrlic and other manufacturing faults (ever been to an underwater tunnel aqauria?). To maintain vision purity the screen could be no thicker than what you have on your modern road car, and I bet not a single screen would survive being used as a lever for lifting a 6-tonne front end loader. Stupid knee jerk reaction from a bunch of hindsight engineers, if you ask me. In hindsight, a lot of people wouldn't have boarded the Titanic, and in hindsight neither would I have raced in pouring rain myself three weekends ago in which I spun 180-deg when in a straight line and then hit the armco at over 130kph and doing considerable damage to my orange Lola. But Sh#t happens. Some times you get to walk away like I did, albeit with a substantial repair bill, and other times you unfortunately end up like Jules.
  13. V8 Supercars

    Millimetres off the wall. The wing mirrors were almost an endangered species.
  14. V8 Supercars

    Sheez...could SVG get any closer to those walls? Great lap by the drifter boy. Courtney and Murph are my wildcard picks for the win tomorrow.
  15. Straya

    I think you just proved my point exactly...we send our dumb ones over to you, to improve Aussies IQ level, and our IQ level goes up at the same time...it's ot about us sending our smart people over to you lot