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Going through some old photos came across these oldies from when I went to a practice session courtesy of Benetton in 1995 prior to the Canadian GP. I have the video from the session if anyone is interested I can stuff it on Youtube.

post-2532-002703100 1322259294_thumb.jpg

Damon in his Williams

post-2532-090756400 1322259321_thumb.jpg

Mikey - he had very small feet...

post-2532-048628200 1322259395_thumb.jpg

Mikey - very focused

post-2532-013794100 1322259450_thumb.jpg

Mika Hakkinen

post-2532-080472300 1322259492_thumb.jpg

Changing the gearbox - 12 of them working on it, not a word spoken. Changed in 45 minutes.

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Cool pics. Why are you stuffing YouTube? Is it because it is a turkey?

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