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  1. Race 15 - F1 2018 Singapore GP

    Oh you're a charmer! Sticks and stones....
  2. Race 15 - F1 2018 Singapore GP

    Thanks Brad, I occasionally pop in and lurk ;-)
  3. Current standings

    Oh yes and the bonkers 6-wheeled FW08B
  4. Current standings

    I visited the Williams factory a few years ago. They have a museum there which is both awe-inspiring and depressing. Awe-inspiring with the cars from their golden era and footage of Mansell, Piquet, Prost, Hill. Depressing as you can see the steady decline since. Still worth a visit though. Pics attached - the brilliant topiary near the car park, view of some of the cars and one of the steering wheels - unbelievably complicated.
  5. Honda

    I'm not sure they will be around in 5 years at this rate
  6. Race 15 - F1 2018 Singapore GP

    Clickbait. Grow up.
  7. Who is the future?

    At least it wasn't a 2008 spec rear wing....
  8. Who is the future?

    Andres, I'm shocked you did not consider the comeback of Liuzzi?!!!
  9. Rosberg Retires....

    Some of the contributors to this forum should take note....
  10. Lewis a prima donna and a brat

    >>Nah, this is my thread and you didn't like it so, so long.<< I wasn't aware that you could own entire threads.... Interesting, well I'm British - I'll do what we used to when we had an empire - I'm sticking a flag in it, therefore it's mine now!
  11. Lewis a prima donna and a brat

    Oh you're such a class act.
  12. Lewis a prima donna and a brat

    Oh you going somewhere then?
  13. Lewis a prima donna and a brat

    Oh dear God not another thread going over the same old comments.... This place has really gone to the dogs. Before you say anything, I am not a Lewis fan, but I am very tired of reading the same angry rants in practically every topic. Doesn't matter what the topic is about is, it eventually degenerates into Lewis haters trying to outdo each other by slagging him off and patting each other on the back. Very, very boring. Get a life people. There was a time in this forum where there was intelligent debate, usually about more than one driver.
  14. 2016 Mercedes

    Utter bollocks. Stewards disagree with you too. In-car footage clearly shows that Rosberg did not even try to drive 'round the corner. He tried a "Schumacher" and unfortunately for him it did not pay off.
  15. Should Lewis Hamilton Start To Worry ?

    Ok so point I was trying to make is that I get bored/tired of all the hatred on forums directed at drivers. Lewis seems to garner more than most and I do understand that he does not help his case. But as I tried to show having witnessed many drivers come and go, I don't think he is unique. Misguided and flaunting it maybe. Hell, even the former FIA boss had a few high profile skeletons in his cupboard! The problem is that these guys get paid a ridiculous amount, have a jet set lifestyle, live and work in a bubble of unreality, work in a pressurised environment (when they are not fighting for points, they are doing sponsor and media gigs and risk their lives daily) and in many cases they are young and have been immersed in said bubble since teenage. This is a potent c#cktail and leads to them doing stupid things. For me rather than pouring out invective, I actually feel sorry for them. What Lewis needs is a mentor. Someone to nudge him in the right direction....