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Daytona Speedweeks

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Whats a C-post, Eric?

Behind the rear window, connects roof to quarter panel. Also called a C-pillar. The piece they're working on here:


A-post is the one before the front window, B-post is the one down the middle.

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Speaking of illegal business, four cars were disqualified from ARCA qualifying. This means Joey Coulter will not race. The other notable? Bobby Gerhart, the pole winner, who will now start from the back.

Jimmer, ARCA is on at 9:40 PM your time, Bud Shootout is scheduled for 1:29 AM.

Consensus is we'll see pack racing, with the tandem draft stuff coming into play in the final few laps.

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Bud Shootout starting lineup, determined by a random draw.

1. Truex

2. Kyle Busch

3. Keselowski

4. McMurray

5. Ragan

6. Kurt Busch

7. Biffle

8. Earnhardt

9. Allmendinger

10. Logano

11. Edwards

12. Burton

13. Newman

14. Jeff Gordon

15. Stewart

16. Hamlin

17. Bowyer

18. Johnson

19. Kahne

20. Waltrip

21. Ambrose

22. Harvick

23. Kenseth

24. Menard

25. Montoya

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Can't find a stream of the race, just want audio in the background without a picture, or displeased with the TV commentary?

Motor Racing Network will stream all of their broadcasts (Cup, NNS, and CWTS) this year live on their site:, starting with tonight's Shootout.

Note that many races are broadcast by Performance Radio Network. No word if they will be streamed, though you can always just stream a radio station affiliate that's airing their broadcast.

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Jimmer, ARCA is on at 9:40 PM your time, Bud Shootout is scheduled for 1:29 AM.

Alright, thanks. The Shootout is probably on too late (or early) for old man James, but if someone's kind enough to stream ARCA on Justin, then I may watch some of that.

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The number of wrecks you typically get in ARCA, you'll probably only see the first ten laps before it's bedtime.

Bobby Gerhart paced final practice today, now with a legal engine.

Starting lineup:

1. Sean Corr

2. Ryan Reed

3. Steve Blackburn

4. Tom Hessert (good guy)

5. Chris Windom

6. Cale Gale (CWTS driver this season)

8. Chris Buescher (Roush-Fenway driver)

11. Brandon McReynolds (son of NASCAR broadcaster and former crew chief Larry)

14. Alex Bowman (future star in stock car racing)

16. Milka Duno (right in the middle of it...eurgh)

17. Frank Kimmel (nine-time ARCA champion)

18. Max Gresham (CWTS driver this season)

22. Fain Skinner (ran NNS last year)

26. Leilani Münter (former Indy Lights competitor and environmentalist saving the planet by driving stock cars)

29. Sloan Henderson (significant because woman)

34. Mike Harmon (NNS driver)

36. Paulie Harraka (ivy league graduate, CWTS driver this season)

39. James Harvey Hylton (77 years old)

42. Bobby Gerhart (seven-time winner of this race, including the past two)

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The number of wrecks you typically get in ARCA, you'll probably only see the first ten laps before it's bedtime.

You're right about that so far... :P

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At first I was like:

This might be the worst race I've ever seen.

And then I was like:



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People laughed when Kyle Busch was going to test with Toyota and indicated that if he won a Cup championship and was still in his 20s, he'd try to go over to F1. Now I realize he'd need a long time to adapt to that style of racing and those cars, just like any of these open-wheel guys learned the hard way going straight to Cup, and I also realize Busch was just trying to be arrogant and controversial and make people mad and didn't mean what he said, all who don't think the talent's there...

First he saves it (watch it on mute...this is what I mean when I talk about why commentators need to shut up sometimes)

Then he saves it again after Jeff Gordon tries so hard to wreck him (watch it on mute...yes, Darrell, I can see Jeff's upside down, so tell me eighty-three times)

And then he won the race, which wasn't actually that impressive because let's be honest, Daytona is an exaggerated caricature of auto racing, though with all that damage on his car it actually is impressive (watch it on with any close finish, everyone feels the need to talk at once)

I don't like Kyle Busch. Guy's damn good and FFS learn to commentate I can't watch thirty-six of these races if they're going to be called like that oh my god. :P

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So I figure the Daytona 500 will be a big cluster of pack racing, and the final two laps (whether the real final two laps or some silly green-white-checkered which, let's be honest, is a total guarantee at this track) will be tandem drafting (not two-car tandem drafting, Darrell, that's redundant). I don't know how I feel about that but I'm going to complain anyway. I just don't know how to take the fact that America's biggest race is one of the least interesting on the calendar by being so offensively over-the-top. :P

But they put the Daytona name on it so I have to watch it. I guess who wins will determine how I feel about it. ;)

Qualifying (they're calling it "Pole Day," that's Indy, sorry boys, I know you like to claim you invented the SAFER Barrier and the HANS Device too, so I guess it's not the worst thing you stole) is this afternoon. As outlined, it will set the front row and nothing else.

However, it's Hockey Day in America (more stealing; Hockey Day in Canada came first). Pittsburgh at Buffalo, San Jose at Detroit, St. Louis at Chicago, Boston at Minnesota, and New Jersey at Montréal, all on national television. You know where I'll be...

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Just confused about this - so qualifying sets the front row - but how do the Gatorade duel races work? How do they even determine who starts where in those?

You Americans sure know how to draw out a sporting event and make it overly complicated and confusing. :P

/NASCARnewb (has anyone actually used the word "newb" since 2007? Well I just did)

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You act like I actually know. :P

The front row will be locked in today. The pole sitter will also start from pole in the first Duel. The outside-pole sitter will start from pole in the second Duel. The lineups for the Duels will be determined by qualifying and owner's points. Basically, if you finished in an odd-numbered owner's points position, you are in Duel 1. If you were in an even-numbered owner's points position, you are in Duel 2. Obviously they adjust the owner's points to the cars actually entered in the race so there is an even number (25 in Duel 1, 24 in Duel 2). They are lined up amongst themselves by their qualifying time today.

The Duels will largely set the starting lineup 3-43, but not entirely (Duel 1 the inside row, Duel 2 the outside row). The top 35 cars from last year's owner's points are guaranteed to start the race.

The other eight are filled:

1) The top two finishers in each Duel who were not top 35 last year will start according to where they placed in the Duel.

2) Then the top four fastest cars in today's qualifying not already in the field will make it.

3) If there is a past champion (would either be Terry Labonte or Bill Elliott) not already in the field, the most recent past champion (if both, it would be Labonte over Elliott) will start forty-third, bumping the slowest of the four locked in in step two.

If a driver not in the top 35 qualifies front row today, that driver will be locked in, and I assume they would then only take three cars in step two (or two if there is a past champion).

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The Shootout returns to the original rules...pole winners from 2012 and any past Shootout winner who entered a race in 2012 will be eligible for the 2013 race.

Likely means the race will no longer be called the Bud Shootout. Budweiser changed the rules once Coors Light replaced them as the sponsor of the Pole Award.

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I think they're supposed to unveil the 2013 Toyota Camry racing car this week...not sure.

Carl Edwards and teammate Greg Biffle will lead the field to green at Daytona.

The rest of the lineup is completely meaningless, which is too bad, because two of the guys I really like in this series, Ambrose and Mears, got fourth and fifth. Hopefully they gain a little confidence and drive with some swagger this week, not to imply anything prior to the final two or three laps of the 500 is going to matter because let me tell you, it won't.

Ford's really fast in single-car running. But it's all about the pack and the draft so I wouldn't be giving this one to the blue oval yet.

Only other thing of relevance? How about the guys not in the top 35. Here they are:

9. Trevor Bayne

26. Tony Raines

30. Kenny Wallace

31. Terry Labonte

32. Dave Blaney

35. Michael Waltrip

36. Joe Nemechek

39. Michael McDowell

43. Bill Elliott

44. Mike Wallace

45. David Stremme

47. Robert Richardson

48. Robby Gordon

49. J.J. Yeley

What does that mean? Elliott, Mike Wallace, Stremme, Richardson, Gordon, and Yeley must transfer in through the Duel races because there is no possible scenario in which they would be among the fastest four cars not already in. The exception is that Elliott has a past champion's provisional...because Terry Labonte is guaranteed in (see below), Elliott will also make be locked in.

It also means that Bayne, Raines, Wallace, and Labonte will start the Daytona 500. There is no possibility that they can't be among the four fastest not locked in, no matter what happens in the Duel races. Because Labonte will not need to use his past champ's provisional, Elliott is eligible to use his.

Keep score at home on Thursday.

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Past champion takes precedence over the fourth fastest car; if Terry doesn't make it based on top two and is the fourth fastest car he will be charged with the past champ's provisional and if Bill Elliott is not one of the top two he is gone gone gone.

HOWEVER, if Labonte makes it as a top two driver, or one of the three fastest drivers, Bill is in.

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Look what I found...




2013 Dodge Charger Sprint Cup vehicle. Figure that snout isn't cut out for this drafting stuff, eh?

Gotta give it up for little old NASCAR. It looks like a Dodge Charger.

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The results I had from qualifying were incorrect.

9. Bayne

25. Raines

26. Stremme

30. Kenny Wallace

31. Terry Labonte

32. Blaney

35. Waltrip

36. Nemechek

39. McDowell

43. Elliott

44. Mike Wallace

46. Richardson

47. Robby Gordon

48. Yeley

Nemechek on back need to transfer in via the Duel races, with the exception of Elliott, who can use a provisional if and only if Terry Labonte does not use his. Bayne, Raines, Stremme, and Wallace will race the Daytona 500. Stremme only has eight people on his team: himself, his crew chief, and the six pit crew members.

The Gatorade Duels have lineups:

1. Edwards

2. Earnhardt

3. Ambrose

4. Stenhouse

5. Bayne

6. Stewart

7. Almirola

8. Menard

9. Ragan

10. Allmendinger

11. Keselowski

12. Harvick

13. Burton

14. Montoya

15. Stremme

16. McMurray

17. Patrick

18. Terry Labonte

19. Waltrip

20. Hamlin

21. McDowell

22. Cassill

23. Gilliland

24. Mike Wallace

25. Robby Gordon

Duel 2

1. Biffle

2. Mears

3. Jeff Gordon

4. Truex

5. Martin

6. Johnson

7. Kenseth

8. Newman

9. Logano

10. Kahne

11. Raines

12. Kyle Busch

13. Kenny Wallace

14. Blaney

15. Kurt Busch

16. Sadler

17. Nemechek

18. Smith

19. Bobby Labonte

20. Elliott

21. Reutimann

22. Richardson

23. Yeley

24. Bowyer

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Fifty cars will go for the forty-three spots in Saturday's Nationwide race. Traditional qualifying for that one.


Kurt Busch in the #1 Chevrolet for Phoenix Racing.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in the #5 Chevrolet for JR Motorsports.

Timmy Hill in the #15 Poynt Ford for Rick Ware Racing.

Benny Gordon in the #24 Kentucky Antler Co. Toyota for whatever the Cope twins call their team.

David Ragan in the #27 CertainTeed Ford for Go Canada Racing.

J.J. Yeley in the #28 Chevrolet for Jay Robinson Racing.

Tony Stewart in the #33 Oreo/Ritz Chevrolet for Richard Childress Racing.

Ryan Truex in the #36 Chevrolet for Tommy Baldwin Racing.

Reed Sorenson in the #52 Chevrolet for Jimmy Means Racing.

Trevor Bayne in the #60 Ford for Roush-Fenway Racing.

Donnie Neuenberger in the #76 Eagle Convenience Ford for Ray Hackett Racig.

Johnny Sauter in the #97 Toyota for NEMCO Motorsports.

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CWTS has forty-four to go for thirty-six. Traditional qualifying.

The entire CWTS is an irregularity so here are some drivers of interest:

Brendan Gaughan (#2 South Point Chevrolet)

Ty Dillon (#3 Bass Pro Shops Chevrolet)

Travis Kvapil (#09 RAB Racing Toyota)

Todd Bodine (#11 Good Sam Toyota)

Dusty Davis (#15 Thunderexhaust Toyota)

Jason Leffler (#18 Dollar General Toyota)

Brad Keselowski (#19 REESE Towpower Dodge)

Ward Burton (#27 State Water Heaters Chevrolet)

Nelson Piquet, Jr. (#30 Qualcomm Chevrolet)

David Reutimann (#92 fleetHQ Chevrolet)

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Kasey Kahne wrecked in practice today. I'll give you one guess as to which Juan Pablo Montoya was the cause.

1. Kenseth

2. Bayne

3. Stenhouse

4. Ambrose

5. Martin

6. Bowyer

All over 200. Front four Fords.

Best 10 consecutive lap averages:

1. Biffle

2. Bayne

3. Patrick

4. Gilliland

5. Stewart

6. T. Labonte

7. J. Gordon

8. Martin

9. Stenhouse

10. Montoya

Only 30 drivers actually ran 10 consecutive laps, which is important to note.

Practice teams mean nothing at Daytona, by the way. And not like "oh F1 testing means nothing" when it actually does mean something, Daytona practice literally has no correlation whatsoever to anything that will ever happen. Even if Kenseth wins over Bayne, it still meant nothing. They'll run 500 miles, no doubt get a guaranteed green-white-checkered, and none of anything that has ever happened will ever connect with the final lap and the race winner.

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Nobody could contain Bill Elliott's Ford Thunderbirds, much faster than today's cars; here's the more interesting of his two wins...

A great moment for the Allison family, who lost two sons, Clifford and Davey, soon after...

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